Thursday Blurbs #1: The Cosette Hate

Since I’ve seen the Les Misérables movie already, I might as well get this off my chest. I love Eponine. Seriously, I do. But I detest all the Cosette hate simply because she got the guy. Cosette suffered just as much as Eponine and she deserves her happy ending (which isn’t that happy of an ending to be honest since her father did die soon after her wedding) just as much as anyone. She’s lucky enough to get a bourgeois upbringing, sure, but as children, it was Cosette who had nothing and Ponine who had everything and despite their roles switching later on, Cosette remains charitable and humble. Eponine as an adult is not the martyred saint the whole world insists on believing her to be. She’s pitiful, she’s relatable, but because of who her parents are she’s seriously screwed-up. If you read the book (or paid close attention to the film), you’d know that her jealousy is the cause of Marius almost dying! Also, if you just read the book and look past “On My Own,” you’d know that there really is no other option but Marius and Cosette and only Marius and Cosette makes sense because their union is essential to the story’s culmination. Eponine’s love for Marius is completely unrequited and if you read the book, you’d just accept that fact.

I’m sorry, it’s just an opinion but I can’t help but feel that those who hate Cosette simply becuase she, and not Eponine, is the love of Marius’ life have either never bothered to read the book or do not understand the essence of the entire story. #CosetteLove

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    I don’t dislike Cosette, but judging only by the musical, I hated the love-at-first-sight. It was ridiculous. I do grant that I haven’t read the book yet (it’s next on my to-read pile) so hopefully there is a bit more substance to the romantic story.

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    Well, the novel was not-exactly-love-at-first-sight-but-is (I’ll let you discover what that means) and although I have to admit that the love story moved a little too fast (especially for the sceptical people of the 21st century), it is very well written. As for the musical, I have to admit I honestly love the love story, but maybe that’s just me having read the book talking, even if I find it very unrealistic but nonetheless, love-at-first-sight or not, I still do not find the Cosette hate justified simply because Marius loves her and not Eponine.

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