Potato Awards 2013

Good evening everyone. We hope everyone has had a great start to their New Year. We thought it would be a fitting time to host the Potato Awards 2013! These awards encompass our best and worst reads of the year 2013. They include books they were published in the year and books that weren’t.

We decided to enlist the help of fellow bloggers this year so for each category, aside from our own nominees, one blogger will add in their own nominee as well. Please feel free to share your own ‘nominees’ in the comments.

Please welcome your hosts, Faye, the Potato Boss, Rashika, the Awkward Potato and finally Christie, the Zombie Potato.

Let the award show BEGIN.

Our first category is for the best female leads of 2013.

i wish i were her

Mary Sue she is not. Perfect she is. That female lead you might have a girl crush on. Or that female lead you wished you were. The one who is kind of like your role model.  Here are the girls we wish we were:

13411546 Faye says…

I don’t really wish to be Anne Dowling of Prep School Confidential, as I love the way I am already, but she is one of the heroines I really liked. She was feisty, spunky, sarcastic, funny, brave – all in one package. She gave a mystery whodunit novel a breath of fresh air with her outgoing persona. She’s the kind of person I wouldn’t mind being in another life.



Rashika says…

Nikki from Criminal. Well technically I don’t WISH I was her, it’s just that she is one of the best female leads I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. She is weak and needy and makes bad decisions but she grows. She realizes the mistakes she has made. She is one of the best representations of a teenager. She isn’t overly perfect. Hell she isn’t nearly perfect. She doesn’t have much of a backbone to begin with but she learns from her mistakes and that is why I love her so much. She became my role model.

Poison Study

Christie says…

Yelena Zaltana from Maria V. Snyder’s Poison Study definitely earned my respect as a tough heroine. She was strong, stealt and faced against a lot of odds that were against her.

What do other bloggers think

The Fiery HeartKhanh from Bookistry says…

Sydney from Bloodlines. I loved watching her grow throughout this series, her character development is among the best I’ve ever read in a series. Sydney went from a perfectionist, morally rigid person into a caring, compassionate, understanding person who is stronger for her ability to be flexible. I’ve known her since the Vampire Academy series, and she has truly transformed so much.

Our second category is for the worst female leads of 2013.

too stupid to live

And then there are also the female leads that are a no no. The ones you most definitely do NOT want to be. The ones who probably need help. The ones who are TSTL. So here are our nominees:

112750Faye says…

This one was not hard at all. I hated Mac with an unwavering passion, to the point that I felt this book could have gone way better if she disappeared from the very first page. She was whiny as hell, weak as hell, and fucking reckless as hell. I can still vividly remember how she would be warned not to go outside for there were a lot of dangers lurking in the shadows (which she herself personally experienced many times) but despite everything, she would go on and go out anyway, and THEN whine about being attacked. GOODNESS!!! I swear if she didn’t die from the fucking Unseelies, she would be by my hands. That is how much I abhorred her.


Rashika says…

Hands down What’s her Face (Ebony) from Hidden. I am sure there were other TSTL female leads I encountered this year but I don’t think I can think of one that filled me with this much despair. I wanted to cry but I drudged on and finished the damn book despite wanting to strangle the female lead and myself. You can read my heartbreaking review for this book here

of poseidonChristie says…

Ohmysweetgoodness (didn’t get the reference? Check here) it’ll have to be Emma from Anna Bank’s Of Poseidon. She had an annoying, stupid personality that I just couldn’t connect with. A close second would be Anna from Wendy Higgin’s Sweet Evil. Both heroines were actually pretty similar and I just couldn’t stand them!

What do other bloggers think

the dollhouse asylum

Khanh from Bookistry says…

Another difficult choice, but Cheyenne was the topper to one of the worst books I’ve read this year. Not only does she not question a single thing (including her own kidnapping), but she goes along with everything her teacher/lover tells her. She doesn’t question that the apocalypse has pretty much happened. She doesn’t question the fact that her lover is batshit crazy. She doesn’t question the fact that—in a post-apocalyptic world—why the hell do they hold themed dances every night. I’d tell you what I want to do to her, but I’m trying to keep it clean.

13423346Sab from Sab The Book Eater says…

Katie spent most of the time stalking the hot Japanese guy. Climbing trees, following him around everywhere… oh brother. At some point she even convinced herself he’s out to get her when she’s the one who’s always in his business. Boy crazy and obnoxious heroine? Nope. No, no, no, no and no.

Our third category is for the best male leads of 2013.

Can I Buy Him Off eBay

You know that guy you encountered in a book and then cried yourself to sleep over because he wasn’t real? It’s okay. We understand too. We all wish we could simply buy perfect men off of eBay and live happy lives. Sadly it isn’t possible. But here are our nominees for the best men ever:

13138635Faye says…

There is no doubt in my mind that Tarver Merendsen is my man of the year. Not only is he a man worthy of my panties, he’s also intelligent, sarcastic, witty, and streetsmart. I’d willingly put my life in his hands and rely on him if ever we get stuck in a lonely planet, or even in the middle of a battlefield (he’s a war hero, didn’t you know?). Hopefully, there will be figurines of him in the future… I mean, that’s totally feasible than buying him on eBay, yeah?

17332564Rashika says…

This one was kind of hard since well I am a girl. We tend to have a lot of book boyfriends so to choose one is damn hard but I think I know just the guy for me. Sawyer LeGrande from How To Love. It’s his imperfectness that attracts me to him. He has made so many mistakes but he isn’t a bad boy. He isn’t an annoying douche bag. Even when he makes those mistakes, he is just this young kid. It kind of just breaks my heart to see him in the before but to see him come such long ways from the before and into the after, it’s beautiful. HE is beautiful. He is kind, loving, caring and funny and is also not a fucking douche bag. What else can a girl want?

halfway to the graveChristie says…

Bones from Jeaniene Frost’s Night Huntress novels is definitely swoon-worthy. He was hilarious and hot, but also very loving and protective. I mean, who doesn’t love him? A close second would be Sam Henry from Miranda Kenneally’s Catching Jordan. He’s so sweet and charming–I just wanted to hug him!

What do other bloggers think

The Fiery Heart

Khanh from Bookistry says…

Adrian from Bloodlines. Like his love interest, Sydney, I feel like I watched Adrian mature. I hate bad boys. I hate assholes, and Adrian’s transformation through the Vampire Academy series and the Bloodlines series was a joy to behold. I don’t often have “book boyfriends,” but damn, Adrian is just such a swoon-worthy character.

ScarletAlyssa from Diary of a Book Maniac says…

Kai from the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer should be the one to get this title. He’s unlike other male leads I’ve read in other books before. He’s not the typical I-act-like-a-bastard-but-deep-inside-I’m-softie male leads (which is the description of most YA books out there). He doesn’t sound cheesy whenever he says something sweet to Cinder. So if there is someone I would like to buy on eBay, it would be him!

Our fourth category is for the worst male leads/love interests of 2013.

male Lead I want to kill

We’ve all encountered that male that bothered the hell out of us haven’t we? The male who did things to offend you but the author tried to show those offenses as something to swoon over? Yeah that male. We hate him and here are our nominees.

17332969Faye says…

Pretty much every guy in this book (Wells and Bellamy). Here you are, in a lonely planet with other delinquents, your very lives in danger, and all you think about is how to make that speshul girl fall in love with you. Your food rations are decreasing, the people in your group is fighting over the pettiest of things, and instead of thinking with your brains and about your survival, you wanna figure out who kissed who and where. Not only did we get to have a stalker as a sorry excuse of a love interest, but we also just had to get an angry loner jerk, too. *Roll eyes*

13571953Rashika says…

This is actually a hard one because after a lot of hit and misses last year I became better at stalking books before I made the big leap to read them so I made some wiser choices this year. But a male lead I’d still want to kill would be Jackson Tate from Rush. I despised him with the intensity of a thousand suns and just want him to die.

immortal cityChristie says…

Jackson from Immortal City by Scott Speer was one of the most boring male leads I have ever come across. He was also a creep. Despite only meeting the heroine once, he immediately couldn’t stop thinking about her and watched her sleep from the window.

What do other bloggers think

Poison Princess

Khanh from Bookistry says…

One of the rare books this year that I DNFed. I have an entire shelf dedicated to assholes, so there is no shortage of them, but the one that made my blood boil so much that I couldn’t bear to read on is Jack from Poison Princess.


17290266Hazel from Stay Bookish says…

I don’t like killing but this one I could sacrifice. He wasn’t that hateful, but looking back he wasn’t much either.


Our fifth category is for the most swoon worthy romance of 2013.

I will sink with this ship

Have you ever loved a couple so much that you would ship them no matter the odds? Like that time we all shipped Snape and Remus (or I did)? Well this category is all about shipping that one couple that you love so much. Here are our beloved ships:

15711341Faye says…

Goodness. Romance was more of a sidedish here than anything else but boy! did it make me swoon hard. Meg and Simon were opposites, and not only because the former was human and the latter a werewolf, but their personalities clashed as well. The heroine was quiet, reserved, patient, and kind, while the wolf was aggressive, brash, brave, and reckless. But their development throughout the book was so endearing to read that I every time they’d have a scene together, I’d be screaming for them to just get it ON already! 2013 wouldn’t be the same without this baby.


Rashika says…

This one was a rather hard question and it came down to two couples for me. I chose Kai and Cinder *turns around to look at Faye* *winks*.  All I have to say with regard to my feelings about this ship is “If you so much as touch a hair on Prince Kai, Levena, I WILL KILL YOU AND FEED YOU TO THE WOLVES.

I swear to god.
You stay away from him”

ChampionChristie says…

Day and June from Marie Lu’s Legend trilogy is my favorite pairing of the year! They bring out the best and the worst in each other, but they just have so much chemistry and I can’t not love them!

What do other bloggers think

Fifth Grave Past the Light

Khanh from Bookistry says…

Reyes and Charley from Darynda Jones’ Reaper series. They just sizzle together; I love their fierceness and their love, and when they fight, you can be damned sure it’s going to end in steam.


7896527Hazel from Stay Bookish says…

ARE THEY NOT PERFECT TOGETHER I swear I fell so madly in love with this ship! I will happily sail infinite seas with Chaolena! *sighs dreamily*

Our sixth category is for the best villain of 2013.

Villain That Made Me See Red

Oh don’t you love it when you come across a Villain that is actually hateable? Who isn’t a poor misled puppy in need of love? Someone complex and maybe not totally “BWAHAHAHA” evil?  We all do, and luckily we encountered some Villains that really pissed us off (and made us love them at the same time). Here are our nominees:

13638125Faye says…

Vicious was such an amazing read for me. Not only did it convince me of Schwab’s writing prowess, it also introduced me to one of the most complex villains I’ve ever read. Eli started out as a good person, and later on in the novel we come to see how much he changed, and man, the development was done so beautifully that I empathized with him while also hating him at the same time. Definitely the best villain of 2013 for me.

 ScarletRashika says…

Must I really say this? Levena from Scarlet without a question. I hated her. As you can obviously tell from my earlier comment referring to her.



The eternity cure

Christie says…

Sarren from Julie Kagawa’s Blood of Eden series… need I say more? Could he just jump off a cliff and die? (That probably won’t be enough to kill him.)

What do other bloggers think


Khanh from Bookistry says…

Pioneer from Gated, he’s the leader of the doomsday cult community, and his method of manipulating the people within are simply chilling.


Our seventh category is for the books that made us cry.

Cry Me a River

These are the books that you need to make sure you have plenty of boxes of kleenex available as soon as you’re finished. Perhaps chocolate too. And pink fluffy toys. Worry not, we’ve all been there. Here are the books that made us cry rivers this year:

17182421Faye says…

Many books made me cry this year. There was Tiger Lily, This Song Will Save Your Life, Charm & Strange, The Golem and the Jinni, etc. etc. BUT the book that made me cry the most and made my eyes a puffy wreck was definitely The Returned by Jason Mott. It was just a beautiful story about life and death and everything in between, that I felt the life lessons and values in it were speaking to me. This is definitely a masterpiece and I hope it would move others as well.

The Mad Scientist's Daughter Rashika says…

I don’t cry. I am probably a robot and/or have lost my heart but it’s really hard for me to actually tear up. But being the kind of person I am, I just bottle up my feels until they overwhelm me. Giving the Cry Me a River award is really easy for me. The Mad Scientist’s Daughter left me speechless and made me wish I could cry because I felt myself breaking inside and even thinking about the book hurts. It wasn’t that it had a sad ending or anything, it was just a heartbreaking book. You can read my review for it here.

The Book of Broken Hearts

Christie says…

Of course, books with sick parents/relatives make me cry a lot more than if it were the hero/heroine/their friends that were sick. I guess this is why The Book of Broken Hearts by Sarah Ockler made me tear up like crazy!

What do other bloggers think


Khanh from Bookistry says…

The only book that has consistently turned me into a sobbing mess; I don’t recall ever reading a book that made me cry this hard.



13372690Kim from Divergent Gryffindor says…

Slammed made me go into a roller coaster ride, and I carried a bucket of tears along the way. The novel was relatable, so it was easier to trigger emotions.



12368123Brittany from Brittany’s Book Reviews says…

Ashes on the Waves is a beautifully dark novel that had me crying my eyes out.  Based off of an Edgar Allen Poe poem, it was a perfect, and amazingly written, interpretation.  I chose this novel because the ending was not a happy ending.  It was, however, beautiful in its sadness.  It brought me to tears, which isn’t easy to do.  Mary Lindsey had me so engrossed by the novel that it was almost real. This is definitely a novel that I recommend everyone to read!

Our eight category is rather special :) It’s for books we wish Disney would turn into a movie musical.

Books I Wish Disney Would Turn into a Movie Musical

We potatoes have been fangirling over Frozen lately so we thought it would be appropriate to have this category. There is always that story you’d kill to see the movie version for and then there is that story you KNOW would rock disney’s world. Here are our nominees:

16248113Faye says…

The School for Good and Evil is just the perfect recipe for a Disney movie. Aside from its awesome plot about friendship, there are princesses, princes, potions and cauldrons, moles and cackling witches, castles and everything else that you can find in fairy tales. If you add music to the mix, I’m pretty certain the result would be happiness in epic proportions.

 ImpossibleRashika says…

Impossible by Nancy Werlin. Holy shit. That book needs to be made into a disney movie. It’s a fairy tale with a twist of sorts, not the kind of twist in the Lunar Chronicles but the ‘TEENAGE’ Pregnancy twist. I’d LOVE to see how they’d do that. (you can read my review for the book here)



Christie says…

I would love to see Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles books as movies! They have interesting plots, action and romance! I am a sucker for these kinds of movies. And if this were in 3D? I think I’d die from all the excitement.

What do other bloggers think

Dealing with Dragons

Khanh from Bookistry says…

I don’t know why this book  hasn’t been turned into a musical yet. It’s got an awesome atypical princess, it’s got dragons, it’s got wizards and witches, and it’s so completely age-appropriate. It was one of my favorite books when I was younger, and I still loved it when I reread it this year.

Our ninth category is for the best debut authors of 2013.

Pretty New Author I Need to Stalk

Many authors also made their debut this year and some shocked us with their originality and awesomeness. This category is devoted to those awesome new authors who are now on our auto buy lists. Our Nominees are:

13569581Faye says…

Actually, Blood Song was self-pubbed in 2012, but it was traditionally published in 2013, and for good reason, too! Anthony Ryan is one of the best writers I’ve ever had the pleasure to read. His prose is amazing and intricate and excellent, that I just couldn’t get enough of it! I’m actually kind of afraid and excited to read more of his works, because I know he will continue to surprise me.

Another Little PieceRashika says…

The answer to this is ridiculously easy. Kate Kayrus Quinn. Another Little Piece was one of the most original novels I have ever read. With her unique writing style and creepy imagination, I am really excited to see what else she has in store for us.


Pivot Point Christie says…

Kasie West debuted this year, publishing two books–Pivot Point and The Distance Between Us–which I have both read and enjoyed. The synopses for her upcoming books all  seem very interesting and I can’t wait to get my hands on them!

What do other bloggers think


Khanh from Bookistry says…

I may be biased, since I read this so very recently and it’s fresh in my mind, but I do love Rosamund Hodge’s writing style. I’ll be keeping an eye out for her other books in the future.



12558285Sab from Sab The Book Eater says…

A very talented author. Her creative and creepy retelling of Alice in Wonderland kept me hooked from start to finish. I can’t wait to see what else this author comes up with.

11973377Alyssa from Diary of a Book Maniac says…

Among all the debut authors whose books I’ve read, there’s one that stood out. It’s Natalie Whipple, who wrote Transparent. She really is an author that we need to stalk. I loved her book (you should read it if you haven’t read it yet). I heard there’s a sequel in the works, and I am so looking forward to reading it.

Our 10th category is for the best series starters of 2013.

Awesome New Thang

Many series kicked off in the year 2013 with their first books. We all read tons. Our nominees for the series’ that shined out to us are:

15839976Faye says…

I know this is set to be released in 2014, but I read this in 2013, so let’s pretend that counts (and honestly, it’s because the rest of the series I started this year were just not THIS good). I loved this one to death. I think it’s the book that made me excited again for the dystopia genre, as it has started to saturate. I have a lot to thank this book for, but most of all, I thank it for being AWESOME.

The nightmare affairRashika says…

Like any year, many new series were introduced and one that really grabbed my attention was The Arkwell Academy Series by Mindee Arnett. The author uses the minimum amount of tropes to give us the maximum amount of awesomeness.


All our yesterdays

Christie says…

I would have to say Antigoddess by Kendare Blake or All Our Yesterdays by Cristin Terrill. Both, although from different genres, were highly enjoyable. The thing they had in common was that they were both very thrilling and had me turning pages as fast as my eyes and fingers could go!

What do other bloggers think


Khanh from Bookistry says…

I hesitate to judge a single book in a series, but I really enjoyed Cracked. It may be that I identify a lot with the main character’s personality, but this book was just really enjoyable, and it had a lot of the elements about an YA PNR that I love. The characters were well written, I love the growing trust between the female characters, there’s no girl-girl hatred here, it was also so refreshingly light on the romance.

18459932Brittany from Brittany’s Book Reviews says…

Angelbound was released December 17,2013.  I was lucky enough to receive a ARC from NetGalley.  I would of bought this novel regardless!  It was amazing!  Christina Bauer was able to create such an in-depth world filled with well described characters, creatures and history.  If you like an awesome heroine who has an kick-ass attitude, who is also a demon.  I highly recommend you pick this one up!

Our 11th and final category is for the best series ender of 2013. Rashika, unfortunately, could not find a book that measured up to the mark.

big bang finale

Similarly, the year 2013 brought many beloved series to an end. It’s always hard for the last book to live up to it’s predecessors and provide you with an ending that satisfies and soothes your soul. Here are our nominees:

10345937 Faye says…

Shades of Earth was a spectacular finale to a beautiful series. It was everything I wanted to be and more. It had action, romance, politics, and of course, deadly aliens! I was terribly sad when it ended, because that meant I wouldn’t be seeing the characters anymore, but I can’t see it ending in any other way.

ChampionChristie says…

I even mentioned in my review of Champion by Marie Lu that it was the book that made me cry the most this year (but I didn’t use it in one of the above categories because it’ll be really redundant). The book just had so much angst (I love myself some angst) and scenes that ripped my heart out. It was, hands down, one of my favorite series enders of all time.

What do other bloggers think

The bitter Kingdom

Khanh from Bookistry says…

The Fire & Thorns series. I was happy because it ended at 3 books—don’t get me wrong, I love a series, but sometimes, a book just needs to end gracefully. While it wasn’t perfect, this series has been entirely satisfying, and the ending delivered satisfactorily.

Note: Rashika tried to limit her choices to YA so as to help her. She wouldn’t have been able to make a choice otherwise. It’s damn hard to narrow down choices.

Thank you to all the authors, publishers, blogger friends who made 2013 a very fruitful year for us. And best of all, we thank our readers for staying with us and making us who we are. Yes, we had our ups and downs but ultimately, it was a fulfilling experience and we totally hope 2014 will be as good, or, if not, better.
To start 2014 off, how about a giveaway? Open INTERNATIONALLY, where the winner gets to pick ONE book mentioned in this post. You know the rules!
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Happy New Year to ALL of you!

We would like to thank the following for their contributions:

Khanh from Bookistry
Hazel from Stay Bookish
Brittany from Brittany’s Book Reviews
Sab from Sab The Book Eater
Alyssa from Diary of a Book Maniac
Kim from Divergent Gryffindor

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  1. Katrina says

    I seriously love Parallel by Lauren Miller. It was one of the best debuts I’ve read this year. Great choices, btw girls!

    • FayeFaye says

      Oooh, Parallel was a good read, I agree. I loved how it made alternate dimensions feel so real and actually possible. I wish we added a category for Best Sci-Chic books as that would have have won for me :P

  2. Zaira Fernando says

    The book that made me cry a river in 2013 is Four Seconds to Lose by K.A. Tucker. Charlie’s story alone made me sad; just the fact that she’s so grounded and she couldn’t do much in life. But with everything else that happened… ahhh!

  3. says

    The Book Thief made me cry a lot last year. I can’t even. And I shipped Liesel and Rudy so much. Caleb + Olivia is the ship I will freakin go down with okay? And I can’t choose between Finn and Kai on who’s the best male so either of them haha

    • FayeFaye says

      I keep hearing so much about The Book Thief! That’s being turned into a movie, yes? Ugh, my TBR list keeps getting bigger :P

  4. says

    For the most swoon worthy romance I’m surprised Xander and Caymen of The Distance Between Us aren’t there :(
    Or Lilac and Tarver from These Broken Stars? Serious swoon!

  5. says

    Thank you so much for including CRIMINAL among this great list of reads. I am shocked and honored that Nikki made such an esteemed list. Thank you for reading, and for giving her a chance!

  6. says

    Cinder from the Lunar Chronicles should also be on the I Wish I Were Her category. She’s really a bad ass heroine. She took head on all of the problems that the world throw at her. She’s really an inspiring character. I’d also like to add United We Spy by Ally Carter in the Big Bang Finale category. It’s a beautiful end to a kickass series that I’ve cherish and love throughout the years.
    Alyssa L. recently posted…{Blog Tour} Author Interview + Giveaway: Merch Girl by Rebecca LewisMy Profile

    • Aimee says

      Cinder was a pretty cool character. I’ve read one of Ally Carter’s books (I’d Tell You I Love You But Then I’d Have to Kill You) and didn’t really enjoy it. I might try out her other books though! :)

    • Rashika says

      I’ll read The Book Thief someday when I feel like I am strong enough. It made almost everyone cry. I am not sure I could handle that kind of emotion.

      … I always thought I was the only person who hated Jackson. No one really seemed to mind him. I couldn’t stand him. I forgot the other guy’s name, her friend person, and I thought it would have been so much better if she got together with him.

      HAHA thanks Mel. The banners were the hardest to make :P Faye worked hard on making them awesome and I came up with silly stuff :’)

  7. says

    the book that made me cry the most was the fault in our stars, allegiant, 13 reasons why and the book thief. i think i would not recover from these broken heart <///////////////3 and the best male lead for me was NOAH SHAW OMY EFFIN GAAAAHD THE ARROGANT BOY WITH A PANTY DROPPING SMILE NOAH SHAW =)))))))))))

  8. says

    These probably aren’t definitive responses but I’ll say the first one that pops out of my head.

    Heroine: Devi from Fortune’s Pawn
    TSTL: Violet from Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (though I completely agree with Christie. UGH that book)
    Best Male Lead: Ignifex from Cruel Beauty. *swoons*
    Worst Male Lead: Patch/River/Mal from Hush, Hush/Between the Devil/Siege & Storm
    I WILL SINK WITH THIS SHIP: Ignifex/Nyx from Cruel Beauty
    Villain: The Darkling
    Cry Me a River: Rose Under Fire
    Book I Wish Disney Would Turn Into a Movie Musical: ummmm, no idea. Fail.
    Author to Stalk: Kasie West all the way
    Best Series Start: Fortune’s Pawn
    Best Series Ender: The Bitter Kingdom
    Christina (A Reader of Fictions) recently posted…Audiobook Review: The Boy on the PorchMy Profile

    • Rashika says

      IGNIFEX AND NYX!!! Ignifex was one damn smooth male. Totally swoon worthy. Nyx was pretty damn awesome too but the two together? holy shit they were great. :’) I wish I could get rid of Shade somehow.

    • Rashika says

      THANKS JEANN! :) I could probably spend ages fangirling over the awesomeness of Cinder :P I probably SHOULD read Champion and These Broken Stars soon :P
      Happy Belated New Year to you too!! :)

    • Rashika says

      Friday Brown. On my to-read list. Has been for a while. Too scared to read it because… it probably will make me want to cry a river. It sounds so amazing though! I need to dig out those big girl pants…

  9. says

    First of all, I love you for putting “Impossible” by Nancy Werlin in the disney category! I feel like that book is much too under-appreciated.
    For the “I will sink with this ship” cateogory, I would like to nominate “The Fiery Heart” from the Bloodlines series. Because Adrian and Sydney are just so wonderful and NOW SOMETHING BAD HAS HAPPENED AND I NEED THEM TO BE TOGETHER AGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH

    • Rashika says

      I love you for recognizing the book. I totally agree, it is WAY TOO under-appreciated. More people should know about it. It should be more loved

      That’s exactly how I feel about Cinder and Kai. I NEED THEM TO BE TOGETHER ALRIGHT? LIKE WHY CANNOT THEY JUST BE HAPPY?

  10. _Sandra_ says

    Awesome post and some great book choices! :) I personally always have a problem with picking just one book per category, but I’ve given my best. LOL! Thanks for a giveaway!
    * I wish I were her – Alina Starkov (Grisha series)
    * Can I buy him of ebay – Tucker Avery (Unearthly trilogy by Cynthia Hand)
    * I will sink with this ship – Ruby and Liam (The Darkest Minds) & Aria and Perry (Under the Never Sky)
    * Cry me a river – If I Lie by Corrine Jackson
    * Pretty new author I need to stalk – Kasie West
    * Awesome new thang – Pivot Point by Kasie West
    * Big bang finale – Unearthly trilogy by Cynthia Hand

    • Rashika says

      It took us all an impossibly long time to choose :P I just narrowed my choices down to YA so I didn’t completely lose it :P :P

      I really really really need to read Seige and Storm :P
      I’ve heard great things about If I Lie but I haven’t completely made up my mind yet… :)