Discussion: Anime, One Piece (Episodes 1-55)

Rashika: So now you’ve brought me over to the dark side and made me somewhat obsessed with anime. WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO SAY FOR YOURSELF (or One Piece.. whatever floats your boat).

Faye: All I have to say is… I REGRET NOTHING. You know you loved it, too.

Rashika: I know. I didn’t think I would love it this much. When I saw the first episode I wasn’t taken with Luffy, I thought he was annoying, when we met Nami I did NOT like her and Usopp wasn’t all that fun either but now, 55 episodes in. I LOVE ALL OF THEM. My favorite is a tie b/w Zoro and Luffy (luffy and I have come long ways in our one-sided relationship).

Faye: Yeah, because you know that Luffy loves meat more than anything else :P You know, there’s a reason why One Piece is still the favorite manga/anime of Japan for more than a decade. It’s because it’s really that good. There are smaller stories that contribute to a larger one (you think it’s deep now? Wait till you get to where the story is now :P) THAT and the characters are all so lovely and fun.

Rashika: Dude it is wonderful and way better than some of the other shows out there. I love how it’s more about the relationship between these odd bunch of people instead of well, ROMANCE. I love how they are all loyal to each other. I love how they all have separate goals that will lead them to the same place and I just love everything about this show.

Faye: You described it perfectly <3 <3 Separate goals leading to the same place. How I love that! So, tell me – which scene in the episodes you’ve watched so far is your favorite?

Rashika: You keep on spoiling stuff for me and it doesn’t even matter ya know? (random though) but my favorite scene was.. when Old man Jeff and Sanji got past their difference and admitted in a subtle way that they cared for one another. Such heart warm. Much happy. WHAT was yours? even if you’re re-watching it.

Faye: So hard, you know. There are so many scenes that were just plain epic. Although out of all the 55 episodes so far, my favorite for now would have to be when Nami asked for Luffy for help, even when Luffy really didn’t know the reason what she needed help for. I loved the message that to aid those in need, you don’t really need a reason to justify it. You just do. That scene made me love Luffy and Nami so much (I don’t ship them, though hahaha). Do you still hate Nami at this point??

Rashika: This series if full of tons of message and even subtle hints and certain ‘tales’ (from what I noticed). I think it’s just a powerful series altogether because it has the one thing everyone craves. Adventure. A good old pirate adventure about treasure hunting. What else can a girl want? Hell, what else can anyone want? Also I do NOT hate Nami anymore. I cannot. No one can after getting to know her story. I thought Sanji had a sad story, it’s Nami who has a heartbreaking one though. I like her.. but I hate.. I don’t know, some of the instances where her clothing is all.. kind of inappropriate for the whole thing, you want comfortable clothes not pencil skirts and what is up with Sanji giving special preference to her? Technically those aren’t thing about Nami I don’t like but the way the writers of the show chose to do things.

Faye: Yes, it starts with such a simple goal, and it gradually transforms into something more. This is why my brothers and I keep on raving about it (and where the conspiracy theories abound). Well, it’s not the writers of the show’s fault :P They only follow what the manga shows (shout-out to Oda here, who drew the comics). That’s just the way they are, they have quirks. Luffy loves meat and can be an idiot, Zoro doesn’t know north to south, Usopp can be a scaredy-cat and a liar, Nami can be money-greedy, and Sanji can be… erm, “weird” (although that’s putting it mildly) among women. That’s what I like about them strangely :D How about bad guys? How do you find them as a whole? There were so many of them in the 55 episodes we watched!

Rashika: Transforms into something more. DUN DUN DUN DUN. Lol it’s kind of cute that you and your brothers watch it together or ‘rave about it’ together :) CONSPIRACY THEORIES? TELL ME. Oh so it was a manga first and then became a show. Okay. I’ll get over my mild annoyance eventually because at this point I don’t care about it anymore, I just love the show. Sanji is STUPID around women :P He’ll probably get himself killed one day ;) The villains are complicated. There has been one for each story arc and well sometimes I just don’t like them. Like not even as villains, they can be so annoying and so cliched but hey, I love watching them defeat the bad guy. It’s the best.

Hey on an unrelated note.. how old are they?

Faye: Yeah, the villains we have right now are small fry. And they’re the only ones in the East Blue! And there are three more seas, not counting the Grand Line. Unfortunately, you haven’t seen the last of Buggy… lol. I’m not sure how old they are, Oda didn’t really specify that. I can’t tell you the conspiracy theories; they would be SPOILERS! We’ll discuss them though when you catch up :P And all animes have been manga first! If a manga is well-received, they usually turn it into an anime.

Rashika: WE’RE GOING TO SEE THE REMAINING 3 SEAS? What about the Grand Line?? When will we go there??? and the other line? I don’t like Buggy. He is annoying and so is Aldiva. I am just stupid when it comes to anime/manga.

Faye: Nah, they won’t bother with the remaining seas. They already crossed it, but I only meant that the world is very very very vast, and if there are bad guys in East Blue, there are more of them in the other three. Haha. Not sure what other line you mean… There’s only the four Blues, the Grand Line, the Calm Seas (that surround the Grand Line… basically here there is no wind. So if you find yourself in the Calm Seas, you’re fucked LOL), and the other half of the Grand Line which is the New World, but that’s for another day ;P

Rashika: Oh. *whew* I don’t think I could take the suspense anymore. I need to know more about The Grand Line. But seriously, I am looking forward to the more interesting villains and watching Luffy and the Gang kick their pathetic asses ;) I cannot wait till we get to the new world though, Shanks.. SHANKS SHANKS SHANKS (I have developed a mild obsession)

Faye: I KNOOOOW. Shanks is love <3 <3 It’s just sucky he won’t be really relevant until later on. What did you think of the Marines? I think they have good intentions and some of them are really good people but they have so many corrupt officials. Sometimes I wonder who is the real bad guy here – the pirates or the Marines?

Rashika: Hey we do get snippets of him ;) I hate the corrupt officials.. and I think we’ve met only one decent marine up till now. Captain Smoker. Seriously. YES exactly. Why are all these marines bad? Luffy is obviously not a ‘bad’ pirate so cannot there be good marines too? :/

Faye: Yeah, Captain Smoker is one of the good ones, just sucks he’s still so biased :P Hopefully he’ll become an ally later on when he finally sees who’s the real enemy :) Okay, let’s wrap this up with a question: If you were to eat a Devil Fruit, ANY devil fruit (you can make your own), what would it be? (To those who don’t know, a Devil Fruit is a treasure of the sea that can grant you special abilities but at a cost: you become a dead weight in water. This thing is very vital in the One Piece world.)

Rashika: If I could eat any devil fruit, I would eat the one that lets me turn my body into smoke at any point. Not creative enough to think of one on my own but I REALLY liked that super power. How about you? :)

Faye: As for me, I think I’d take one that would make me a water-person. I’d basically be invincible. Pretty much anything goes through water: swords, bullets, punches. Muwahahaha!

Rashika: And we all know Faye will use her powers for evil and not for good.

So for those of you who haven’t watched the show, what are you waiting for? COME OVER TO THE DARK SIDE. WE HAVE COOKIES (And anime). Plus if you’re not sure about anime (like me) this would be the best place to start. If you want to join our watch-a-long, you’re welcome to join our discussions, too. Just e-mail us at [email protected] if you want to be in the fun! We’ll be starting at episode 56 now, so you have time to catch up!

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