Recaps, Rants, Raves: The 100, Episode 4 – “Double Standard Much?”

Recaps, Rants, Raves is a new feature here at The Social Potato where we’ll share a recap as well as a rant/rave of a few TV shows every Saturday! For now, we have the first season of The 100!

Disclaimer: Ahead are recaps, reactions, and rants about the CW show The 100. If you haven’t watched the episode or the series, and you plan to do so, it is advised not to proceed due to inevitable spoilers. Otherwise, enjoy!

Hi, guys! Faye here again. Bet you were expecting sweet Aimee to give you the recap, huh? Unfortunately  for you, you’ll have to endure my rants and raves again, as Aimee wasn’t able to watch the past 2 episodes yet (awww…). Don’t worry! She’ll be doing 5 and 6! For now, here we go.


Like episode 3, this is way better than the first two combined. I watched episode 4 expecting its quality plot-wise to go down, but it actually stayed consistent, to the point that I am left wondering if episodes 1 and 2 were simply an advanced April Fool’s joke, considering how god-awful they were. Compared to this episode and last week’s, those sucked rat balls. Seriously.


The 100 continues to surprise me, with its becoming riskier and riskier after each episode. I know, we’re still only at the fourth, but it’s way, way, WAY better than the first two (I keep repeating that, huh? I just really want to emphasize that despite what you’ve seen at the start of the series, it does become decent later on, so hang in there!), and the show is heading towards a more focused direction.


1.) FINALLY! CHAOS! Okay, before you accuse me of being a lunatic who takes great amusement from the misery of others, hear me out. So far, every delinquent in this show has only acknowledged ONE threat – the grounders, the “people” who remained on Earth after the Cataclysm who may or may not be mutated humans (we don’t know yet, because they are so conveniently masked). When our cast of characters found Wells killed (this actually happens out of the episode, as it starts with Clarke looking at his grave), they immediately assumed it was the fault of those people, whose lands, mind you, were taken by these very delinquents for their own (so that you know these masked people have a very valid reason for wanting to eradicate them), that they’ve forgotten one other threat.



I mean, come on, they’re all delinquents. Some of them were jailed for petty reasons, but many of them were imprisoned for murder, too. You bunch of peeps really don’t think someone’s capable of that, especially now that there’s a lack of real authority? Who are y’all kidding? We ain’t playing house, yo. Like Bellamy said, there are no rules. When they found Wells’ amputated fingers beside a knife that has Murphy’s initials on it, that’s when bells in their head went full alert, and they’ve come to an awful, terrible conclusion…


And that’s when all hell broke loose. Suddenly, everyone went against Murphy, someone they didn’t mind punishing since he has always been on a horrible power trip from the very beginning (maybe next time you don’t try to pee on someone wanting a water break just because you can? Yeah, one act of kindness could’ve saved your ass). And man, it was brutal. Imagine being on the ground with probably 90 angry men and women coming at you, screaming loudly for your blood. They roll your limp body on the mud, pull you up, then try to hang you under a tree. All because of an accusation that presented circumstantial evidence, but for those people you treated cruelly, that was already a good opportunity for them to get even. And by even, I meant your life.

Moral of the story: don’t be an ass. Because karma.

2.) Double Standard Much? Of course, seeing someone else was being fried for her own doing, Charlotte ‘fessed up and immediately stated that it wasn’t Murphy who killed Wells, it was her! Innocent, petite, small Charlotte? Capable of killing someone twice, no, thrice her size?! Who would’ve thought?!

Who would’ve thought indeed. The moment people realized they were punishing the wrong guy, they were stunned to silence, and suddenly all that blind rage they had ebbed away, and they couldn’t find it within themselves to beat up the girl the very same way they beat up Murphy. And the innocent man was furious at the double standard.

I loved seeing this here because I think it posed a great question that everyone could ask themselves for discourse. Even in society we see this so much, where minors who do the same grave crime are often given more lenient sentences, or how people are disbelieving they are capable of doing such heavy wrongdoings. I’m not going to present my own opinion here because woo boy, that could lead to many complicated discussions and debates and I AM NOT PREPARED FOR THAT, but yeah, it was here, and I liked it.

3.) Charlotte’s suicide. Man, that took me by surprise. I knew that she was guilty of what she did, and I admit that I haven’t quite forgiven her yet because Wells was the most decent character in this show and I wanted more of him, but after her talk with Bellamy, I thought she would at least (wo)man up and accept the consequences. But then again, if the punishment meant 90 boots stomping on you consecutively, even I would choose a quick death.

Also, I loved that Clarke stood her ground and scolded her. Charlotte killed Wells because she kept getting nightmares of her own parents’ deaths, and the only way (for her) to silence the demons was to kill the Chancellor’s son, who totally didn’t have any role in the death of her parents. Like Clarke said, you can’t just kill somebody because of your feelings (which I think needs to be told to her as well, given the fact that before she found out Wells’ true intentions, she wanted him to go fuck himself and die in the ash fog because of her BITTER FEELINGS).

4.) Realizations. Realizations everywhere. After the incident with Murphy and Charlotte, everyone realized that anarchy wasn’t really the best idea after all (duh?! Common sense, use it), and they’ve all agreed to enforce rules to ensure their own peace of mind and their own survival. That means the drama now must come from somewhere else!

5.) Raven. Or Finn’s girlfriend up in the Ark. She’s a sexy mechanic who’s absolutely kick-ass. She and Clarke’s mother planned to escape the Ark and go down to the ground, but because of untrustworthy people, their plan was botched and she was forced to go by her lonesome. That scene of her going down in the podship from the space settlement was mad cool.


Of course, this episode had its share of bad scenes… or scenes that I deemed bad enough to include here.

1.) One black character dead, another one appeared. Seriously? That was just low, bro. Why can’t two people of color be in the same episode together? After Wells was killed, one black character we’ve never seen before in the previous episodes was introduced, and just like Wells, he got picked on every time he appeared. I try not to read too much into it, but it’s just a little upsetting to me. Everyone else is White/Caucasian, except for that one Asian dude and one Black dude, who was replaced by another black dude when he got killed off. Ugh.

2.) Clarke’s easy acceptance of Wells’ death. He was her best friend. All this time, while she was imprisoned, she hated him so much because she believed it was his fault her father was sentenced to die. Before Wells was murdered, she humbly realized that he was in fact protecting her from hating her mother, who was the real one to blame. You would’ve thought that after his death, she would be more, I dunno, hysterical. That it would take her days to accept his passing, considering she was wrong about him all along. That there would not only be grief, but regret as well. But nope! By the end of the episode she was busy sexing it up with Finn, who, may I remind you ladies and gents has a GIRLFRIEND, who’s on her way from the Ark to the ground, inevitably going to provide a much-scorned love triangle.

Le sigh.

3.) FINN YOU CHEATER. Yes, Finn actually has a girlfriend called Raven who has more balls of steel and personality than blondie here. Look, I don’t mind the flirting glances you send Clarke’s way. You’re away from your GF who’s millions of miles up there in space, and you’re simply looking for a friend to rely on. To an extent, that’s understandable. But the moment you kiss each other, take off your clothes, because of a “spur of the moment”? That’s when I say FUCK YOU, YOUR COWS, YOUR PIGS, AND YOUR BALLS. You get no brownie points from me, pal. At this point, even Bellamy’s decent.

4.) Clarke continues to be hypocritical.

Clarke: You can’t take off your bracelets, because they’ll think you’re dead! We need their help to survive here!
(5 minutes later)
Clarke: I hate my mother. She betrayed me and my dad. I’ll take off this bracelet as revenge, hah! Let her feel what I felt!
(5 minutes later)
Clarke: We must communicate with base! You better get that communication thing fixed, dude.



We’re getting there. To have maximum enjoyment, forget the existence of episodes 1 and 2. You’re better off not knowing those two were a part of this.

Rating Report
Overall: 3.1
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  1. says

    I hate to admit this but I’m already addicted to this show. haha I can’t help myself when it comes to CW shows. And I’m already shipping Bellamy and Clarke.

    I do agree with you about Clarke being hypocritical. While I was watching the episode where most of the kids took off their bracelets I wondered when will Clarke do the same. xD It’s CW after all and they’re not known for their logically written characters.
    Zemira recently posted…Stacking the ShelvesMy Profile

    • FayeFaye says

      Which is really a shame! Because I really hoped there would be more character in her. And honestly, Bellamy and Clarke is looking to be more interesting than Finn and Clarke.

  2. says

    I finally watched the latest episode today and honestly, I still don’t know about this series. Is it getting better? Sort of but..not really at the same time. I don’t find any of the characters lovable yet which is disappointing. The plot is getting better but like you mentioned above there are so many nuisances, I just don’t know if it is worth my time. I want to give it a couple more tries and see how it goes. I do like that Raven is on her way, it might spice things up a little.
    kindlemom1 recently posted…Review: Forbidden by Lori AdamsMy Profile

    • FayeFaye says

      Yeah, it’s not really phenomenal. It’s gotten better, but not that much that I would consider epic. No one’s that likeable yet, I agree. It’s like they could get injured and even die from a wound and I wouldn’t even care (unlike Wells.. Wells was awesome.. RIP dude). Hopefully the rest of the episodes would live up to the mark.

    • FayeFaye says

      Awwww, do you have Netflix? I’m pretty certain they are there as my friend watches through that manner. I’m glad you enjoyed!

  3. laila BC says

    LOL! again thanks for this entertaining recap Faye…i really feel that i am more updated and insightful of this tv series than those who’ve actually watched the series. No pressure but i hope to see my fix of The 100 recap on my email regularly now…teheee! be kind to my request now coz you know karma…kidding…but seriously though rant to me ;)

  4. says

    Wow, who would have known that this would get better after that shocker of a start? Thoroughly enjoy your recaps Faye, double standards indeed. And YES what is with only having one black character at any one time? Sigh.

    • FayeFaye says

      I know! I was expecting it to not get better at all. Does that make me sound so mean? LOL the start was so bad and sometimes that bad-ness stays consistent. Thankfully, this managed to surprise me! And also, no to stuff like that D:<

  5. says

    LOL, the Elle gif, haha. LOL, Faye! One one had, I was like.. wtf, girl? You just murdered someone (in cold blood basically) and people don’t want to see her meeting the same fate while they were so eager to kill another of their own? Why? Cause she’s a kid? On the other hand, she IS a kid. Well, at the end of the day she decided her own fate. I LOVE Rave. Honestly, she could have Finn for all I care, I love me my own ship haha. I hated the hook up scene. Wtf, can you not wait for a while? *makes a face* For Clarke’s defence though, she wasn’t aware of the girlfriend thing and fuck you to Finn. Such a douche. Clarke annoys me to no end on a weekly basis lol. This was about 2.5-ish for me, but I’m glad this show is finally growing on you.
    Siiri recently posted…Review: Before Jamaica Lane by Samantha YoungMy Profile

  6. says

    I’m glad to see this series is finally picking up for you Faye, I remember reading your first post on the first episode and not being impressed at all, I was even convinced that I would not be watching this show, but now that you seem to enjoying it, I actually want to give this series ago, hence my reason for briefly reading this post and wanting to avoid spoilers. Hopefully I can catch up with this show before your next post is out and we can compare notes :)
    Jasprit recently posted…Showcase Sunday #50My Profile

  7. says

    You know Faye, while some people are eagerly waiting to see the new episode I’m waiting every week for your recap cause I laugh as a madman over here!! I love this post! Well firstly lemme tell ya girl, but I’d go all crazy about the chaos!! I love chaos and let them kill themselves! Oh yeah! Clarke sounds like a pain in a butt though. Anyhow I’m glad you’re staring to enjoy this. You’ll give it 5 start at the end :D Amazing review :)
    Tanja recently posted…Sunday Post (#2)My Profile

  8. says

    I didn’t really understand why Wells fingers were cut off to begin with… I mean, didn’t he just bleed out from being stabbed in his neck artery? Why did she cut off his fingers? Seemed like they were really reaching for some way to tie his death to the camp.

    I really want Clarke to be just a bit more interesting too… And, like another commenter, I’m totally shipping her with Bellamy. I think his character has the potential to be really awesome. As far as Finn cheating, I guess they do, at this point, think that the people in space are as good as dead/will never be seen again. And being sent to Earth to possibly die kind of gives the guy a free pass in my opinion. If I were in his position and developed feelings for someone else – and really thought I wouldn’t see my previous partner ever again – I’d probably act on it. I mean, ya gotta move on.
    Sara @ The Hiding Spot recently posted…Weekly Wrap Up (12)My Profile

  9. Laura says

    Clark took her bracelet off so Monty could contact the Ark, not just for the fun of being rebellious. Yes she made her decision after learning the truth about her mother, but the fact remains that she wasn’t being hypocritical at all.

    Also, after reading the book and watching the show, I have to say that I think you’re not fully honest. You’re telling facts that are true, but you just put them out there without explaining what lies behind those. It’s like you’re not even trying to go farther than what’s right under your nose.

    And as for the book, they’re teenagers, not robots. Of course, they care about their romance drama. Don’t act as if it’s all they’re doing though. That’s just a lie.

    Sorry all my comments are together but I didn’t see the point in putting one of the book’s review and another one on the tv show’s review.

    Keep up the good work! Even if I don’t agree with you mostly, I still think it’s great of you to do it.

    • FayeFaye says

      I’m glad you have your own opinions and interpretations of the show. Good work.

      I’m free to have my own opinions myself. And look – people who agree with me! That’s the beauty of opinions. Agreeing to disagree, agree to agree, whatever. Without putting words in another’s mouth.

      (This is me telling you to please stop being condescending. And no, I’m not telling you your opinions are wrong. Please continue thinking what you will of the show.)

      ANd yes, I’m going to put an emphasis on the romance especially if it overshadows the plot. If my life is in danger, I could not care less about the boys around me. I have myself to take care of. Of course, that’s my own opinion, too.

      And I don’t see why why it’s not good? I reviewed the book MONTHS ago way before it even released, and way before the show. Since I read the book, I decided to watch the show and share my opinions of it to the world.

      • ian says

        okay I will respect your opinion but I highly doubt that if you truly loved someone you would think about yourself otherwise your A. a very horribly selfish ass or B. idk?… but ya I do agree the romance is a bit ugh.
        p.s not saying you are a horribly shellfish ass just saying that if you really did love someone (like wells did to Clarke) and you thought about yourself only then that’s what you are sorry no other better way to put that

  10. says

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