Invitation: Mischievous Kiss, Love in Tokyo Monday Marathon

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Hi, friends! Faye here! So, I was watching a local channel the other day, and I saw this really intriguing commercial for a local broadcast of the hit Japanese romantic-comedy TV series called Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo. If you’re an avid manga reader, then this might sound pretty familiar, and it probably is! It’s a live action adaptation of the series Itazura na Kiss, a very cute and emotional shoujo manga that I loved years ago. There’s already a Taiwanese and Korean version of it, and I haven’t watched them yet, but when I found out there was actually a Japanese one, I instantly decided to host a Monday Marathon on the blog, and I’m inviting all of you to watch with me.

Yes, you. No, you don’t have to be a book blogger. Anyone can watch with me. All you need to do is watch an episode a week starting next week, then e-mail me your insights/opinions/reaction.

So how will we do this? Every Monday starting next week, I’ll be posting a review/reaction of an episode starting from episode 1. I will also include the reactions/opinions of everyone else  (in 3-8 sentences each) in the same post, and you will be linked back. You’re free to post your own complete reaction on your blog (and please link back as well if you do so!)

What are you waiting for? Are you in?

Do you want to feel young again? Do you want to feel once more how it is to be in love for the first time?

Watch Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo with us!

Spread the word! Put this thumbnail into your sidebars and link back to this post. The more people watching, the merrier!

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You can find the episodes legally on Viki, Crunchyroll, and Dramafever.

Place your links to officially join:

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  1. laila BC says

    I have actually seen the Korean version of this and I LOVE IT SO MUCH! it is so “kilig” hehehe! So i am curious how this Japanese version would be like. I wish I could join in but lately i don’t always have time to watch stuff. If I do, it will be at my own pace. But i will still check this out :) tv series/ movie Marathons are great. I do this to bond with my sis.

  2. Ann says

    I love this series. We used to watch the Taiwanese version which was also shown in the same local network years ago. I really like Kotoko’s fashion sense though. Miki Honka is a very kind person and she even replies to some of her followers in Twitter! I heard they will film the second season and I can’t wait. :)