Recaps, Rants, Raves: The 100, Episode 5 – “Love/Hate Relationships”

Recaps, Rants, Raves is a new feature here at The Social Potato where we’ll share a recap as well as a rant/rave of a few TV shows every Saturday! For now, we have the first season of The 100!

Disclaimer: Ahead are recaps, reactions, and rants about the CW show The 100. If you haven’t watched the episode or the series, and you plan to do so, it is advised not to proceed due to inevitable spoilers. Otherwise, enjoy!

Hello, Potato-lovers! Well, last week I was such a klutz and totally forgot to watch The 100, so I’ll be doing the recaps for episodes 5 and 6. Thanks Faye for covering up for my idiocy!


All sorts of plots, plans and ideas come out in this episode, and various characters will do what they must to get what they want. And survival. Survival is important. And there are actual twists! *Gasp*


Like Faye, I’m starting to think that The 100 wasn’t as bad as I’d assumed. I’m still unimpressed, but things aren’t as horrible and stupid as they were in the first two episodes (no seriously, those were shit). But to be honest, I have so many mixed feelings about this episode.


1.) RAVEN, DAHLING. Lol, when Clarke found her on the pod she was like, “Hey. I made it?” And her facial expression just screamed badass. I also love her determination and how she really worked hard to make sure everyone was alive. And she was freaking INTELLIGENT. Awesome, awesome, awesome.

2.) Bellamy & Octavia were really okay here. I used to hate Octavia with a burning passion, but in this one she was actually a bit badass and I really liked her change of heart. She didn’t take shit from her brother. And Bellamy was protective and a reasonable leader. I respect him. Maybe.

3.) All those people who were willing to sacrifice themselves to save the other people in the Ark…. I was sad. It was really endearing and I’m glad they included that. And when they all took their final breaths… *wave of sadness*



1.) The beginning. Heavens above, that was the weirdest, cheesiest and most disturbing post-sex scene ever. It was so unrelated to everything that was happening and I was just rolling my eyes every time Finn made a stupid flirtatious line.

2.) The plan (it didn’t work) to kill people without their knowing. I mean, if you just freaking TOLD PEOPLE that they were RUNNING OUT OF OXYGEN, you would have some help and advice from the EXPERTS ON BOARD THE ARK, and maybe you can even SAVE YOURSELVES. And the Chancellor (the leader of the Ark) is joining the people who will unknowingly die, since he didn’t want others to “make a sacrifice he wouldn’t make himself.” WTF, DUDE? You’ll be leaving the rest of the people with a fucking asshole as a leader!

3.) For heaven’s sake, Finn, just die! When he saw Raven again, they kissed (well, she kissed him since she didn’t know about his relationship with Clarke) and he was just all, “Sorry. We’ve known each other our whole lives,” to Clarke. Really, asshole? THAT IS NOT HOW IT SHOULD HAPPEN.

4.) Bellamy sucked! Lol, I’m contradicting myself. Earlier I said he was respectable, but he also sucked. He was stupid, and selfish, and irresponsible. Annnnnd he destroyed the only thing they could’ve used to contact the Ark! Smart, Bellamy.

Like Faye said, we’re getting there. Hopefully, by the end of the series, this’ll turn into an awesome and unforgettable TV program.

Rating Report
Overall: 2.6
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  1. laila BC says

    Well thanks for the update…it seems this Finn fella is a douchebag…so he has a gf but he was getting it on w/ this Clarke girl while Raven hasn’t arrive yet…that’s what i understand from the last recap…drama! how exactly Clarke reacted to Finn being a cheater? did she had prior knowledge about Raven? thanks again :)

    • Aimee says

      LOL, I’m already on episode 9 and I STILL think Finn is a douche. Clarke’s kind of on the safe zone. She didn’t react a lot and just let Finn and Raven get back together. Nope, she didn’t know about Raven before. :)

  2. says

    Even though this wasn’t your favorite episode of the series, I’m SO glad that it’s not as bad as you originally thought it would be! It’s always nice to be surprised like that – be it with books or TV. Although I can absolutely see where you’re coming from… Finn definitely sounds like an unlikeable character, and Bellamy sounds kind of “meh”. And what? You tell people that everyone’s running out of oxygen, and you don’t get on the spaceship yourself? That’s just really confusing!

    Anyway, thanks for sharing Aimee and, as always, BRILLIANT recap! These are always so entertaining! <3
    Zoe @ The Infinite To-Read Shelf recently posted…Something RealMy Profile

  3. says

    Great, great recap! I tweeted this but the end really reminded me of Ironic by Alanis Morisette. It was really sad and heroic what everyone did…but it was such a waste. A waste of honorable people. And yes! I agree with Raven! She’s going to make Earth waaay better now!

    I don’t know if this going to happen but I’m kind of feeling a Clarke and Bellamy vibe, which I hope would happen cause Finn was an absolute dick in this episode.
    But hey, it does have a good cliffhanger..I did like it overall. Next episode is promising too :)
    Amir recently posted…Audiobook Review: Written in Red by Anne BishopMy Profile

  4. says

    I still haven’t read past episode 2 of this but it seems like it’s marginally better at least. I am curious about the twists and are they actually ones you don’t see coming? The show was so cliché and predictable in those first episodes! Bellamy does suck I hate him so hard!! I’ll see if I can at least like ep 3 and if I do I’ll keep going >.<
    Giselle recently posted…Review: The Treatment by Suzanne YoungMy Profile

    • Aimee says

      Not much for me. I kind of expect the bad things to happen, so when they do, I’m not all that surprised.

      Bellamy’s grown on me (episode 9 now!), but FINN. He should go die.

  5. says

    I don’t think I’d ever enjoy an episode of this series as much as your reviews xD Just so you know we could jump in a kill Finn. I’m all in! That was not what he was supposed to say and do and we need to end him. Great review as always Aimee :)
    Tanja recently posted…Waiting on Wedensday (#92)My Profile

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