Monday Marathon: Mischievous Kiss, Episode 2

Every Monday, the people here at The Social Potato will be doing a recap of one episode of Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo! Right now, we’re doing episode 1!

Basically, what happened was this:

– Kotoko is currently living in the Irie household. Naoki ignores her existence, Yuki is a little brat, and the mother is totally all over her. She has always wanted a daughter, and she pretty much identifies Kotoko as one already.

– Naoki’s mom shows her baby pictures of Naoki. Apparently, she really wanted a baby girl so the mother bought girl clothes, and when it turned out to be a boy, she pushed through with it anyway. Kotoko is ecstatic to receive a baby picture of Naoki, looking adorably like a girl.

– Midterms are coming soon and Kotoko wants to be in the top 100, which is near next to impossible considering she’s in Class F. She blackmails Naoki into tutoring her, using his baby picture as bait.

– They end up studying a lot together.

– While studying, they fell asleep. Naoki’s mom snaps a picture of them, and puts it in a Charm Pocket. She gives it to Kotoko on the day of her exams, telling her to open it when she has seen the results.

– After a week, results are out. Kotoko sees that she’s the 100th placer! Hooray! Naoki congratulates her and demands his baby picture back.

– While rummaging through her stuff, the Charm falls to the floor. Inside is the picture of her and Naoki sleeping! GASP! Everyone is surprised and confused!

– The next day, the picture of her and Naoki sleeping are being distributed by her best friends to the rest of the students. Naoki is very angry, and reminds her to stay out of his life.

– Kotoko is very sad. =(

What did I think?

I really liked this episode better than the pilot. Kotoko remains to be adorable and cute, with her acting efficiently capturing the character in the manga (positive, lively, clumsy). It looks highly natural and it doesn’t feel cringe-inducing at all, which I sometimes feel towards similar characters but are acted exaggeratedly. And come on, look at that smile!

What really made this episode better was Naoki’s character. In the pilot, we saw him as aloof, cold, calculating. A force to reckon with. A brick wall. Someone with a closed door who refuses it to be opened. And yet, that door opened just a little bit when he saw Kotoko carrying an embarrassing picture of his girly baby self. Here we see that whoa, there is something that can rattle him after all! When Kotoko asks him to tutor her for the midterms, he at first thought it was ridiculous. How can someone in Class F even dream of getting into the top 100 when it’s usually taken by the students in Class A and B? Impossible, impossible! But that picture… that picture… the whole school looking at his picture… for the cool and cold Naoki to be associated with such a picture…

He, in the end, relents.

And the moments soon after, of his tutoring her, were so cute and fun. Naoki really grew on me here. Even though he was so unwilling, he still went through it, and even prepared tests, activities, timetables for her to do. Kotoko truly imbued the struggling student here, to the point of even foregoing pursuing Naoki in order to study properly (Awww, go, Kotoko!!!). Plus, that moment where they’re studying English? Eeek! I loved Naoki’s English accent and diction. He doesn’t do Engrish at all, and it’s so understandable. I’m in luuurve. Plus, plus, plus — feast your eyes on this:

He still looks young, I mean, younger than 26 at least, but still! He has that refreshing vibe going on, and it makes me wish I spent my youth in Japan… ahhhh, young love. (Okay, I’m still 21, so don’t go thinking I’m a middle-aged woman now. I STILL HAVE TIME!! WAHAHAHA!)

The most lovable character has to go to Naoki’s mom, though. She is so frigging cute. She loves all her children and Kotoko just as much. She prepares snacks for them, asks how they are doing, and when she sees a moment folding, she gets all giddy and happy and…and sketchy? Yes, she takes secret photos of them. That may be stalker-ish in the greater scheme of things but she makes it super funny.

Here she is, secretly going out of the room after discovering the duo sleeping, in order to get her camera:

Oh, gawd. My tummy. I’m laughing so much just looking at this.

I really hated the friends, though. I know they’re looking out for Kotoko and stuff, but they’re making the situation worse by printing their sleeping picture without permission and disturbing it without permission, and I ‘m like… why? Why are you doing this? Why are you doing such dumb shit? You just can’t do this without thinking of the consequences! D:

Naoki’s getting mad about it was absolutely justified. I would be mad, too! I don’t want a bunch of people spreading photos of me, photos that I didn’t know existed! And while I do feel sorry for Kotoko that she got brushed off by Naoki, she shouldn’t be blaming him for that and should instead blame her friends. Good intentions, I guess, but definitely bad execution. And tasteless. >.>

Overall, though, a very funny and cute episode. I loved Naoki and Kotoko’s interactions here. Looking forward to the rest!

What do the others think?

Zoe from Infinite To-Read Shelf says:

I absolutely love Irie’s mom and how she spotted right away that Kotoko was in love with Irie. Shes absolutely hilarious! My favorite scene was – without a doubt – the scene where Irie comes to visit Kotoko in class. So hilarious!

Anah from Turtles in My Soup says:

I really loved this episode! I just couldn’t stop laughing when Kotoko blackmailed Naoki in tutoring her. The girl’s got sass. As for Naoki, I’m starting to warm up to him. This episode we saw a little more life in him, though I wanted to punch his face when he was mean to Kotoko. How can anyone be mean to her? She’s so cute. 

I was wondering how long their secret would last, and i looks like it couldn’t make it past the second episode. I can’t wait to see how they deal with the whole school knowing. 

Irish from Nocturnal Reader / I’m Socially Awkward says:

Words cannot convey how much I am enjoying this. I really like this adaptation of the series. I feel like everything is happening smoothly and cheesy in a very cute way.

I’m starting to feel their chemistry and I like how they made Kotoko to be stupid but not too dumb. She’s looks so cute and childish. Also, I absolutely adore the mother! Her hilarious expression when she noticed that Kotoko might have a crush on Naoki was priceless and when she was taking pictures of the sleeping Naoki and Kotoko. Gosh! She shipped them so hard like I do!

Stuti from Books Behind Da{m}ns says:

And so it gets better, it does! This week’s designated episode induced a variety of emotions- including rage. My favorite part is that Naoki has become more real now. Ruffled feathers and all that. I now truly appreciate the actor playing Naoki. His reactions seem plausible- even though they’re very subtle. Kin’s acting still leaves a lot to be desired, and is so very forced. I get that he and his friends are trying to translate the manga into a drama, but the cuteness and inanity and all that kawaii-ness requires a different approach altogether.

Let’s discuss what’s bothering me the most: Kotoko’s best friends’ actions. They were horrid and out-of-line. You violated two people’s privacy for the most stupid of reasons when you expressly promised to keep a secret. Even before that I had trouble understanding these two characters.

I can’t believe I’m team Naoki this week while earlier I heatedly hated him and endorsed Kotoko and her friends. I wonder if the next week will have me rooting for Naoki’s mom and her penchant for selfies…

Jules from Jules’ Bookshelf says:

So far, I am loving and loving Kotoko more. I am seeing her more than just optimistic. She’s also determined and patient for her to pass the top 100. I’m getting used to the FX on this. But I got to say that those FX and background music kinda grows on you :D

I am even liking Naoki. Sure he’s still pretty douchey but he’s getting more likable now. Though the ending sucked. I kinda blame Kotoko’s friends for doing something like that. But I’m not one to judge, I like them because they care about Kotoko enough to help with her love life.

I am getting addicted with this series. Dang, I’d love to see more of Naoki and Kotoko. I didn’t know that this series could be adicting.

Dre from Sporadic Reads says:

Kotoko is still so kawaii in this episode. A lot has happened in Kotoko’s life that were both good and bad. First, she got Naoki to tutor her, and his mother is just so adorable! She was grooming Kotoko to be her daughter-in-law! She even took a photo of them, Kotoko and Naoki, sleeping. (They fell asleep while studying, okay?! Dirty little minds.) So adorable!

At school, her friends, Jinko and Satomi, whom she trusted, did something that made Naoki mad at Kotoko. I thought to myself that if they were my friends, I’d have told their ear off. But Kotoko was too kind, and took the brunt of Naoki’s anger. He made her cry, which made me want to smack him in the face. Just when I thought things were looking up between Naoki and Kotoko, then those things happened. Poor Kotoko

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