Invitation (Bloggers and Readers): Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderon Read-Along

Welcome back, folks!

I’m here to invite each and every one of you once again to join me on an epic journey! Brandon Sanderson is one of my favorite fantasy authors. I’ve read almost all of his books and loved each and every one of them, but I’ve yet to devour this title for a variety of reasons, the main one its being so humongous (1000+ pages, hah!). Despite its thickness, however, many have loved it and have compared it to one of the best fantasy books of the decade (and I believe that even before reading it!), and I would like to invite you all to read this book with me!

Behold, the poster:


The details:

  • The Read Along will compose of a reading schedule from May 16 to June 16, each day comprising of 3-4 chapters, depending on their length.
  • Since the book is divided into 5 parts, there will be a Twitter discussion after every part using the hashtag #WayOfKingsRA.
  • Every Twitter discussion will conclude with a giveaway. Those who participate will automatically get entries and will get the chance to win prizes. (The participants must also be officially a part of the RA linky list).
  • After every discussion, I will make a post recounting what has been discussed for those who missed it. Beware, if you’re not finished yet, there may be spoilers in these posts. (you are free to make your own posts, btw.)
  • While there are no discussions, the hashtag #WayOfKingsRA can be used for mini reactions while reading. Example: OMG, this guy is super annoying. Die, all you evil douchebags. #WayOfKingsRA
  • This is meant to have fun and to have an interactive discussion about what we read along the way.

This is the schedule:

Are you ready? Do you want to join us? Link up now!

Here is the thumbnail you can put in your sidebars signifying you are a part of this awesome Read Along:


See you guys on May 16!!

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  1. Kyle Pinpin says

    Hi. I signed up but I changed my twitter name…so could you delete the previous one or something? xD Sorry for the inconvenience if ever and thanks. Signing up again but with the new twitter…