Monday Marathon: Mischievous Kiss, Episode 5

Every Monday, the people here at The Social Potato will be doing a recap of one episode of Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo! Right now, we’re doing episode 5!

Basically, what happened was this:

– Our cast of characters are finally graduating! Class-F is going to throw a teacher-appreciation party, but it seems like Kin-chan didn’t make the cut for Tonan University. Kotoko and Kin-chan talk about their dreams, and how one does not need to go to university to be successful.

– Come graduation day! The Irie household takes a picture of Kotoko and Irie together. asdfghjkl; IRIE SMILESSSS. Lots of crying in the ceremony itself.

– Kotoko asks for Naoki’s second button after the ceremony (which you usually give to someone special to you). Naoki flat-out refuses.

– Kin-chan prepares the teacher-appreciation party, cooking the food himself. Unfortunately, the other half of the room is to be used by Class A – Naoki and his classmates. Eventually, even the two teachers start sending “vague” messages to each other. – Naoki sees Kin-chan and Kotoko talking in the hallway , and then later starts dissing her in front of everyone. GRRRR.

– Kotoko takes out Naoki’s baby picture, making him the laughing stock of the party. He drags her out of the room. Kin-chan then sings his love song to Kotoko, only to find her gone.

– Close to tears, Kotoko tells him she’s tired of her feelings being mocked. She says that she will stop loving him. Naoki gives her a smirk and dares her to try, and then kisses her.

What did I think?

I liked this episode a lot. I’m usually annoyed by Kin-chan and his exaggerated theatrics, but in this episode, we got to see a little bit more depth to him which I really appreciated. Apparently, he wasn’t able to make the cut for Tonan University, and therefore cannot enter the local college, and he was very depressed by this. We got to see that behind his overly cheerful self, there were also doubts and bottled-up frustrations. He wanted to be the best. He wanted to be the best person there was for Kotoko, but he couldn’t even pass the exam.

With that said, I loved his interaction with Kotoko today – that you don’t really need to go to university to be successful and happy, that there are other paths you can take that will lead you to the same destination. I think everyone can relate to this as I’m certain there were points in our lives where we were at our most vulnerable, and instead of wallowing in self-pity, we stood up and tried again. Kin-chan did just that and went back to his happy self. At this point, I was finally able to understand him a little bit more. You can really see his sincerity for Kotoko and his wanting to be the best for her. I mean, wouldn’t you want to be the same for this cute face?

Freaking. Adorable.

In any case, there were some cute moments and bad moments, too. For the former, we have this awesome picture of Naoki and Kotoko posing for the camera. But since Naoki was in a jesting mood, he had to make a dumb joke about her hair having breadcrums, leading to this picture (but hey, not complaining! We got to see Naoki smile genuinely!!)

Juuust kidding!

CUTIE PIE!!!!!!!!!

But just when I was thinking Naoki was changing for the better, though, he just had to make fun of her and her feelings for him right in front of Class A and F in the Teacher-Appreciation party. Like seriously, dude, what the fuck?! It was really annoying hearing him ridicule her genuine feelings for him, and having his classmates laugh alongside him. I just don’t understand why they have to be so mean, not only to Kotoko but to the rest of Class F, too. Is being up there in your ivory towers really mean you have to belittle those you deem “beneath” you? (whoops, this sounds familiar).

I really felt sorry for Kin-chan when he was singing his love for Kotoko, and Kotoko wasn’t even there because she was with Naoki who dragged her out after she showed his baby picture. He seemed to be really frustrated and sad that here he was, pouring his love out, but the person he wanted the most to be there was off to another place with his heart’s rival. Le sigh…

Naoki continued to be an ass though, because when Kotoko told him she was going to quit loving him as she was tired of being constantly ridiculed for her feelings, he dared her and kissed her. I’m sure somewhere out there in his cold heart he’s feeling something but why do that if your heart is not in it D: BASTARD!

(It still made me giggly though)

What do the others think?

Zoe from Infinite To-Read Shelf says:

WOW! This is a completely fascinating series, and I’m loving how Kotoko and Naoki’s romance continues to grow, even if it is a bit subtle. I’m interested in seeing where everything goes from here, because each episode continues to surprise me! I’m still interested in seeing a bit more of Naoki’s perspective, but Kotoko is a great and realistic protagonist nonetheless.

Anah from Turtles in My Soup says:

The more I get into this series, the more I start to dislike it. I hate being that guy, but Kotoko is so annoying. I wish she’d have a little more self-respect instead of flip flopping around over Naoki. Speaking of him, there wasn’t much of him this episode, and a whole lot more of Kin and Kotoko’s annoying friends. . . I think that’s what made me dislike it, because I liked episode four and that had minimal Kin and friends.

The best scene was definitely the party with Class A and F. The teachers’ rivalry was cute and I was waiting for someone to throw fists. Sadly that didn’t happen. And what’s up with everyone being so mean? The way everyone was trash talking Kotoko to her face was just rude. . . The kiss scene we’ve all been waiting for wasn’t so much a kiss scene as Naoki’s face kind of grazed Kotoko, but I guess I’ll take it.

I also want to see more things from Naoki’s perspective because, so far, his character is as dynamic as a potato. I cute potato, but still. 

Stuti from Books Behind Da{m}ns says:

Episode 5 was cute as can be expected but nowhere near what I felt for the fourth episode, except maybe those last few moments….(FYI, this is space for dreamy sigh *sighhhhhhh*) It all starts with their last day, talking about graduation and school legends and secret kisses from Naoki. Kotoko and her friends’ actions, reactions and everything in between and beyond were enthusiastic and goofy enough to make relatable and I was soon caught up in them and their fantasies. I especially liked that Kin wasn’t as big of an annoying, meddling prick as he usually is. In fact, he plays a feature role in this episode and the first third especially concentrates on him. We get to hear about his past and dreams, and what troubles him. Since he couldn’t get into the Tonan University, he feels like a failure and adding fuel to the fire is that Naoki leaves his chances at the prestigious Tokyo U to follow Kotoko in Tonan. Overall, his character still bugs me the wrong way but only slightly, in the way houseflies buzz around, as opposed to a monkey that steal your Popsicle every bloody time and thinks that will endear it to you. No, it won’t. I like my popsicles. Naoki’s jealousy provided for such evil grin moments that I can’t even rage at him for relapsing, for a few short whiles, back to his douchebaggery.

Dre from Sporadic Reads says:

There is a legend in their school that if a couple kisses on the day of graduation, they will stay together forever. Kotoko, along with her friends, were excited by the possibility that she could get Naoki to kiss her. Kin was also looking forward to confessing to Kotoko by singing a love song, and possibly kissing her. In the end, only one wish came true. This episode is one of my favorites. Even though Naoki was a huge jerk for stealing a kiss from Kotoko, he still gave her a lasting memory, her first kiss. 

Aimee from Deadly Darlings says:

And this is where it all begins, right? Everything about this episode was so endearing, cute and touching. Kinnosuke was his usual annoying-but-funny self, and I felt so bad for him after his hard work had gone to waste. Of course, Naoki was attractive in this one. I loved how he was playful and serious all at once. Kotoko’s reactions to everything that happened were hilarious–really, I’d love to be her friend. And that kiss! My feels are all over the place.

Jules from Jules’ Bookshelf says:

First of all, Ikezawa is growing on me. I know that I tend to like bad guys or the mysterious guy (Irie is a sure perfect example here) but lately, I am appreciating how Ikezawa is genuinely trying, really really hard to impress Kotoko and woo her. Not all guys like him would give that much effort to woo a girl, but even tho Ikezawa looks like a delinquent, his still a real softie. ;) But at the same time, I’m seeing bits and bits of Irie change in this episode. Unlike before where he is completely poker faced when he’s with Kotoko, I’m now seeing him comforting her in a way. Joking around with her, smiling at her (and he’s really really cute when he smiles :D). I think these two guys are finally realizing what they are feeling and what they need to do. I’m excited to see what Kotoko will do.

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