Recaps, Rants, Raves: The 100, Episode 11 – “In Which All My Ships Are Destroyed”

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Disclaimer: Ahead are recaps, reactions, and rants about the CW show The 100. If you haven’t watched the episode or the series, and you plan to do so, it is advised not to proceed due to inevitable spoilers. Otherwise, enjoy!


Faye here. Unfortunately, I will not be giving you a recap. Siiri from Little Pieces of Imagination will, as she was able to finish and endure this episode when I wasn’t able to stomach it. Why? You’ll see why soon. So please give it to our guest recapper, Siiri, and for her ultra-amazing-and-accurate-and-so-true insights.


I recently watched the instant restaurant rounds of My Kitchen Rules season 5 and there was this teacher who did a compliment sandwich. Don’t know what it is? It follows a simple rule: you give a positive compliment, a negative one and a positive one again. You basically try to hide the negative parts. I’m going to try my best to end on a positive note.

Ok, so lately we’ve had some great episodes. I actually wasn’t really on board with this show and we had a pretty rocky start in our relationship. Then, out of the blue, I had all these wonderful ships and the plot started to get really good. Every episode was better than the last until.. *shudders* until the mess that was 1×11.

Let’s start with the recap. The 100 manage to burn down all their food (rookie mistake, they obviously haven’t seen the Survivor *eyeroll*) so Clarke agrees to go hunting. Of course Finn (the up-runner to Emma Swan’s savior title) joins her along with another kid. Finn and Clarke are taken hostage by the Grounders who want Clarke to save a girl who got hurt in the bridge explosion. If the girl dies, so does Finn. Now Clarke has to save her. Surprise, surprise, she can’t. Finn is taken away (please let him die already, he is boooooring *yawns*) and wow! Clarke makes her first intentional kill. In the meantime, Raven was too busy getting it on with Bellamy. Up in the Ark, turns out, there were survivors and trying to get to the ground. They’re low on oxygen and barely surviving. Oh, and Clarke’s mom is alive. (Puhleease! We all knew it anyway. It would have been a total waste of a storyline if she wasn’t.)

So positive, negative, positive, yeah? Ok, let’s try this. Positive is that for once, I loved the Ark storyline A LOT!!! It was so much more interesting than the 100 storyline since the Ark needs to find a way to build that ship to land on Earth and how in the world will they manage to do it? I have no idea, but I’m eager to find out and see them land on the ground.

Um, negatives? Can I skip this? PLEASE? I don’t want to think about all of it. *takes a deep breath* Ok, I can do this. So basically.. my shipper heart was stabbed multiple times, twisted until it almost broke and it’s barely breathing. You see, I’m a Clarke and Bellamy shipper. WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE THE WRITERS TRYING TO DO TO ME? They’re shoving Finn and Clarke down my throat *gags* and now we have this thing with Raven and Bellamy to deal with? NO. I AM NOT OKAY. I REFUSE THIS PLOT TWIST THAT ISN’T ACTUALLY A PLOT TWIST. CAN WE NOT, PLEASE?

You already killed Lincoln and Octavia (which I’m pretty sure is not over yet), no reason to demolish all my ships. I kind of like the idea of Raven and Monty so this Raven-Bellamy hook up really wasn’t necessary in my mind >.< Also, RAVEN? It’s not even that she was with Bellamy, it’s that she did this in the first place. I thought she was better and smarter than this! FFS! I guess we all have our breaking points -.- I may or may have not laughed an evil laugh at her face when she found out what had actually happened. The relationship drama is driving me insane and I have nothing to be happy about since my ships are sinking. Worst. Case. Scenario.

Moreover, this episode led us nowhere regarding The 100. We know nothing about the dangerous Mountain Monster or whoever this creature is. The whole episode was completely pointless until the ending. WHAT DID MONTY DISCOVER? WHERE IS HE? HE BETTER BE OKAY OR ELSE. YOU CANNOT KILL ONE OF MY FAV CHARACTERS OKAY?!!

So the ending note has to be positive, right? Let’s think… There’s only room to go up from here so that’s a positive. That’s basically it. Sorry guys, this was not one of my favorite episodes *ahem* basically the least favorite sooo… Here’s to hoping the next episode will redeem this soap opera drama that was 1×11! Cheers!

I tried.

Rating Report
Overall: 1.7

Thank you so much Siiri for doing this for me! I wasn’t able to finish the episode and deleted it after the Raven x Bellamy scene x_x I know, what a chicken I am, right?! Next recap, you’ll be seeing Aimee again, and we’ll be closing the first RRR series with The 100’s episode 13.

Once again, thank you, Siiri!! You can find her on her blog HERE and her tweets HERE.

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  1. says

    LOL! So many times I want to start this series again for your recaps only. Just so I can see how horrific or even good they were but…I won’t because I just don’t’ think I can handle the wishy washy way of it.
    kindlemom1 recently posted…The Sunday PostMy Profile

  2. says

    There, there Faye! I know it wasn’t a good one but I feel like Bellarke will still happen, it will just take awhile. As for Raven, it’s frustrating what she did but coming from experience, you can do a lot of regretful thing when your heart is broken. Thank you Siiri, awesome recap and thoughts! It will happen, I’m being positive :D
    Amir recently posted…Convo Review: Inked Armor by Helena HuntingMy Profile

  3. says

    We went from 4 stars last week to…1.7? Oh god! I can definitely see where you’re coming from though…it’s always difficult when a romance you don’t like is almost forced upon you. And the fact that it doesn’t progress the story whatsoever? Bleh! Hopefully next episode it gets back on track! Thanks for sharing Faye, and lovely recap Siiri! Thanks for stepping in! :D
    Zoe @ The Infinite To-Read Shelf recently posted…After the EndMy Profile

  4. says

    It is so good to read something from Siiri again, I can’t wait for her blog to start up! I enjoyed the recap, I think it’s hilarious how they’ve dissolved into teenage drama and relationships instead of focusing on The 100! Sounds pretty typical :P

  5. laila campos says

    why is it that Finn has the audacity to survive longer than the others? Ugh! and enough with all these relationship dramas and leaving us confused. i do hope it will be better again in the next episode. thanks for the recap again.