Monday Marathon: Mischievous Kiss, Episode 6

Every Monday, the people here at The Social Potato will be doing a recap of one episode of Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo! Right now, we’re doing episode 6!

Basically, what happened was this:

– Kotoko is still thinking about the grazed kiss that happened between her and Naoki. They both end up going to the same university (Tonan), with Naoki being in the science department and Kotoko in the Literature department.

– She later sees Naoki with a beautiful girl named Yuko Matsumoto, who we later learn is also fighting for Naoki’s heart. Dun dun duun.

– The Irie family goes to Kotoko’s dad’s restaurant for dinner, only to realize that Kin-chan is working there, too, as her dad’s apprentice! He’s been working hard, that Kin-chan.

– Naoki and Kotoko eat lunch in their school cafeteria, only to find out (again) that Kin-chan works there! He obviously gives Kotoko more food. Apparently he works at the cafeteria by day, and at her dad’s restaurant by night.

– Kotoko attempts to join the same club as Naoki (the Tennis Club). Naoki’s face: (-_-)

– Tennis practice turns out to be… eventful. Sudo turns into a monster when he holds a tennis racket, and Yuko proves to be a masterful player. Kotoko proves to be… useless… and gets hit on the face.

– Kotoko’s dad sees his daughter pushing so hard only for a guy she likes. He attempts a heart-to-heart conversation with her, telling her that perhaps they’ve depended on the Irie household for too long, and it’s now time to move out. He says he hoped she would get together with Naoki, but he’s also tired of how cruel he is treating her, especially with him having no interest in his daughter at all.

– Kotoko tells Naoki about her dad finding a new home for both of them.

What did I think?

First of all, can I just say that Jinko and Satomi now take the cake for the most exaggerated acting ever. It’s safe to say that their acting was even more forced than Kinnosuke. They would gasp! And then widen their eyes! And then fidget and laugh! It’s like they’re trying hard to be anime characters. @[email protected] Also, Satomi’s wig is kinda obvious… Not sure why they had to put some fake hair there.

Also, we finally have the very first serious rival for Naoki’s heart. Meet Yuko Matsumoto:

Obviously, this is a girl who is extremely smart and talented and as cool as Naoki Irie, so Kotoko is evidently insecure. It doesn’t help that Yuko is the kind who finds amusement in sending vague messages whenever she feels the need to showw off her “superiority”. I still don’t know what to make of her yet… I mean, yeah, she is kinda mean and snobbish, but knowing Naoki who is just indifferent to everything and everyone, I’m not too worried for Kotoko.

We see a lot of Kin-chan here, and I actually didn’t mind. Okay, there was that one bit where he tried to threaten Naoki with his love for Kotoko which I find really old already, but other than that, he has shown a very determined and hard-working character. I love how he’s trying so hard to polish his strengths without being ashamed of his weaknesses, seeing as how he’s not really academic-smart. That’s not a bad thing, Kinnosuke! We all know the way to a person’s heart is through his stomach, right? Plus, he actually looks cool with his chef outfit…

(And oooh, did I just see Naoki look at Kotoko in his weird-meaningful way after Kin-chan promised to win her heart (again)? Yes, yes, I did. Uh-huh. Such things don’t escape my eyes, mah dearest!)

As for Naoki, he made me smile here at the beginning, and made me fume at the end. His teasing of Kotoko was so cute that it made me smile. It was funny how she was asking about Yuko and he was all, “Oh? Are you jealous? I thought you were going to forget about me (reference: episode 5)?” I mean, I would tease Kotoko, too, just to see her pout like this:


And look! Naoki-kun smiling when Kotoko made a fool of herself during Tennis club!

Another “awwww”. Yuko looks like she can’t believe a clumsy girl joined the club! XD

In any case, Naoki was pretty annoying at the end of the episode, when he was confronted with the likelihood of Kotoko moving out (I’ll get to this in a bit). She asked him, “Would you miss me?” and he answered, “Finally, I can go back to the way it used to be.” And I’m like, “Fuck you, Naoki. Fuck you and your heartless heart. I can’t wait for you to eat your damn words.”

I mean, why would you want Kotoko to go like this:



In any case, I think the highlight of this episode was Kotoko’s dad, surely. You can really see how much he loves his daughter because even though he wanted to have her end up with Naoki, he didn’t push it when he could clearly see how much she kept getting hurt by him. He told her that perhaps it was high time to stop depending on the Irie household, and that he found a new house for them to live in.

Overall, this was merely an introduction to the college life Naoki and Kotoko will have, as well as an introduction to Kin-chan’s career as a chef. Hopefully more happens next episode and that Naoki stops being a heartless ass.

What do the others think?

Zoe from Infinite To-Read Shelf says:

After the semi-cliffhanger Episode 5 left viewers on, I was anxious to watch Episode 6 to see what would happen next. Unfortunately, this is probably my least favorite episode so far as nothing very monumental happened. It felt like a place-holder to me, which was a disappointment.  In this episode, we’re introduced to some new characters, and have some new realizations about some old characters. Kotoko is still an adorable protagonist, and I admire her for all she does in hopes of impressing Naoki (who, not surprisingly, is still a bit of a cold-hearted jerk).
I’m interested in seeing what Episode 7 has in store as this episode leaves us on somewhat of a cliffhanger as well – Kotoko’s father announcing their move.

Anah from Turtles in My Soup says:

I know I’ve been a hater for, like, the past two episodes, but I take that all back because this episode was so good. The introduction of the “other woman”, the comedy, and Kotoko’s dad were good. The comedy was great, especially the tennis scenes with Sudo. Naoki was actually more charismatic than his usual potato-self, so props to his actor for stepping up. I even liked Kin, and I’m the biggest Kin hater.

Okay, enough gushing and time for some actual criticism. I still feel like Kotoko us regressing with every episode, what Naoki said about a man changing everything for one woman was pretty true and could be reversed for Kotoko. I don’t know, her determination is admirable, but if someone says no repeatedly why keep bothering them? I don’t consider that an endearing trait.

Stuti from Books Behind Da{m}ns says:

Anyways, I’m not sure if I should attribute my lingering annoyance to *that* or maybe it was the episode. To begin with, it was the usual. New girl enters- the only girl in the engineering department with Naoki who also happens to be extremely beautiful, athletic and shares a platonic history with Naoki. So of COURSE she’s after Naoki. Lots of other things. She’s a professional at tennis, just like Naoki. She plays no actual role beyond making one pointed remark, making posh faces(you gotta see it to know it) and flipping her hair.But I’m derailing. When Kotoko follows Naoki, it looks like it’s raining!!! I’m a sucker for rains. But then they go out to try out for Tennis and it’s the perfect weather.And now KinKinKin, last episode I decided to give you another chance. But no, it seems you are set in your ways. This time around he’s decided he’s going to protect Kotoko from Naoki. Go away!

Lastly, Kotoko’s friends sure have got some weird notions. I would like to see more actual college stuff to make it more realistic. Naoki is an ass because of the last few moments of the show. ASS, I tell you.

Dre from Sporadic Reads says:

There is a legend in their school that if a couple kisses on the day of graduation, they will stay together forever. Kotoko, along with her friends, were excited by the possibility that she could get Naoki to kiss her. Kin was also looking forward to confessing to Kotoko by singing a love song, and possibly kissing her. In the end, only one wish came true. This episode is one of my favorites. Even though Naoki was a huge jerk for stealing a kiss from Kotoko, he still gave her a lasting memory, her first kiss. 

Aimee from Deadly Darlings says:

Kotoko is still hopelessly in love with Naoki. The first day of college finally came, and there’s a new girl in the picture. How is Kotoko going to compete with that? Ugh.

Kin is now working as a trainee at the restaurant of Kotoko’s father. He wants to become a professional chef.

Kotoko joined the Tennis club, which is a bad idea for now. We’ll see what happens during training. She’s not very athelic, and have never played tennis! Her determination to spend time with Naoki is admirable, but sometimes it’s irrational!

Then Naoki decides to move out, but he won’t admit that he’ll be sad. After telling Kotoko that he doesn’t hate her, he leaves. Boys!

Jules from Jules’ Bookshelf says:

I think things are getting better for both Naoki and Kotoko. Honestly, Kotoko’s… perseverance is kinda annoying me now. But at the same time, I still like her as a character, but she’s getting a tad too desperate for me, I don’t want to say that its necessarily a bad thing, but what her father said made sense, it was only natural for her father to worry and to make decisions on what he thinks is right for Kotoko. On the other hand, tho I am bothered by Kotoko’s unwavering perseverance for Naoki, I still adore her for being so determined and strong, not all people will be as hard working as she was, most of them would even quit and complain, but I never seen that from Kotoko.

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  1. says

    KOTOKO’S FATHER ROCKS!!! I was actually glad for a moment or two there that yes! actual parents who act parent-like exist in this series. He made me love him so much.

    And I knowwwwwww- Kotoko’s determination is soooooo annoying and irrational. I mean, I don’t want her to stop but were she a friend of mine in actuality, I would whup her a thousand times. Or maybe not; it certainly provides for good entertainment and sometimes, my friends lack in that compartment. :P BUT KOTOKO. YES/NO decide already. Stop saying you’re giving up on Naoki every other dayyyyyy. That is just ugh.
    Stuti recently posted…Mischievous Kiss: Love In Tokyo Ep #7My Profile

  2. says

    I LIKE KINCHAN IN CHEF UNIFORM XD Maybe because his casual clothes were weird and when I saw him like a chef he looked cool! In this version I like Kin-chan more than Naoki. If I were Kotoko, I would marry Kin-chan lol.
    It was so funny whenever Kotoko got jealous because of Yuko! I adore Yuko in some way, I can’t hate her (although I hate her character in other versions).
    Anyway, I like Kotoko’s college dresses, so cute <3