Potato Podcast #3: The Art of Commenting

Hey, again! Welcome to our third episode of the Potato Podcast, in which we finally have our cute co-blogger, Aimee, in the mix! The last time we had our podcast, only Rashika and I were present, so I’m so excited to let you guys hear Aimee’s voice AND opinions. And not just her, but we also have Larissa @ YA Midnight Reads present, too! I shit you not that this was such an enlightening and awesome episode for all four of us, so we hope you enjoy it, too.

So what did we tackle today? Our topic, as the title of this post suggests, is about commenting back. We all know that the blogging is composed of so many individuals, and we believe that it is through continuous interaction with each other that we experience the most out of it. And not just that, we also discuss what makes a meaningful comment? How do we handle generic ones? Is Goodreads a place we should be active in, too, as book bloggers? What are our tips to people who are struggling with commenting? We cover all of these in this 20 minute episode, so listen and share your opinions with us!

Is it not appearing? Listen to it HERE.

What do you think about commenting back?Do you agree with our views? Do you also believe it’s something one should invest in when it comes to blogging? Do you have any tips and other feedback to share?

Thanks to:
Larissa @ YA Midnight Reads
HappyCrab for the music “Alternative”

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  1. says

    Yeah, commenting has not only made me feel like a part of the community, but it’s straight-up how I’ve made most of my blogger friends. All of my friendships started with comments, and then escalated into tweets and emails, etc. Tabitha from Not Yet Read is flying out from California at the end of August to go to Dragon Con with me in Atlanta, and Cristina from Cristina’s Book Reviews and I are already planning going to the RT Convention in TX together next year. And those friendships started with comments.

    And I completely agree with Larissa about generic comments. Of course it makes me feel good when I can tell that someone really read and enjoyed one of my posts, but I appreciate someone taking the time to say something less heartfelt as well. But I’d rather have a generic comment than a comment that makes it clear that the person did not read the post at all. That they maybe read one sentence, ran with it, and leave a comment that completely contradicts what the post was about. I’m also not a fan of people who are overly enthusiastic in every, single comment they leave on every, single blog they comment on. *shrugs* Insincere is not my favorite.

    That’s where I’m going to stop, ladies. Otherwise you’d end up with an entire novel as a comment, LOL. Great discussion topic ;)
    Jessica @ Rabid Reads recently posted…Review: Half a King by Joe AbercrombieMy Profile

    • FayeFaye says

      And that’s pretty much how we met each other, too, right, Jessica?! Haha. Seriously, so many friendships can be blossomed by commenting back on other people’s blogs and being open to newer blogs out there. I don’t really get the mentality that you should only comment on those blogs you love. What if you miss out a newer one who has such a radiant personality behind it because of this thinking? Oh, well, to each their own I guess, but I do think it’s a waste.

      It’s so cool that you’ll be getting to meet these awesome ladies in these conventions. I wish I could join you guys :( We’d be a riot for sure!

      As for generic comments, they don’t annoy me as much, yeah. Better than those who wrote a novella but were clearly talking about something that wasn’t what I was talking about in my post lol!

  2. says

    Cool podcast! I might look into doin this for days where I’m too lazy to write but would rather talk about the darn book, beats having to spend time formatting shit. So thanks for the inspiration, I’m camera shy so video blogging is out!

    As for the topic, amen to everything! I’ve come to realize that this is a tit for tat kinda thing so if you want comments and viewership, one has to learn to do it first. It takes time but it’s worth it.

    I try to visit back blogs who stops by mine plus I have about 20 blogs I visit almost daily. I do it throughout the day, would sneak a minute or two here and there to read and leave comments.
    Braine recently posted…NA Quickie: Sweet Filthy Boy by Christina Lauren, Tangled by Emma Chase & Virgin by Radhika SanghaniMy Profile

    • FayeFaye says

      YAAASS! We should get you for an episode, Braine ;) And yes, it’s the very best thing to get yourself out there especially if you’re a newbie.

  3. says

    Funny coincidence? While I was listening to you guys, Faye left two comments on my blog! ;)

    I agree that commenting back on other blogs and reading and being part of the community is essential to really enjoy the experience of blogging. We might start because we want to share our opinions about what we’re reading and it might be a bit of a solitary thing, but this is a great community and once you start checking other people’s posts and interacting with them is when you actually enjoy things more!

    I usually comment on less than 10 blogs daily, those are what I call my must-have. These are blogs that I love reading, with bloggers that I feel the most afinity and their opinions and reviews I connect better with. Then when I have days off work (and even more when I’m procastinating writing a ton of reviews, how does it always happen like that??) I go to my Bloglovin feed and go on a commenting spree on other blogs.

    As far as commenting back on the comments on my blog, I feel like I am very good at that cause it feels like keeping up a converstation, even if it’s only to say thank you to someone for taking the time to visit your blog!
    Pili recently posted…First Chapter, First Paragraph #4: Forecast by Rinda Elliott!!My Profile

    • FayeFaye says


      And yes, I don’t think I’d be able to enjoy the book blogging atsmohpere at all if it weren’t for the relationships started by commenting and commenting back. You definitely have a good routine going over there, Pili!

  4. says

    Amazing podcast girls. First Aimee it’s nice to hear your voice ;) And Larissa you too ;) I totally agree with you about this. Especially with Faye when she said that I’ve got some general comments but when I go to their blog and comment, they do comment with meaningful comment back :) Which is amazing. I guess they see you care or something. Also I agree that blogging is really personal so I prefer it over Goodreads :) But Rashika is also right which so much drama on Goodreads it’s not as friendly as blogging :) Great tips on commenting! You rock, girls! :)
    Tanja recently posted…Reclaiming the Sand by A. Meredith WaltersMy Profile

    • FayeFaye says

      Thank you so much, Tanja! Aimee’s voice is definitely uber, uber cute ;) You only really need to show them that hey, posting meaningful comments is so much more fulfilling and sparks even legit conversation.

  5. says

    Ya all know I love interacting, and commenting back and visiting is a huge part of my daily life and blog. Personally I comment back whether the comment is generic or not. Not everyone knows what to say and has different personalities. To me if they left any comment, then they want to communicate and a simple thank you I hope you try it helps breaks the ice. I think the more I comment back, the more they open up. I loved hearing all of your voices! Ya all are so enthusiastic and made my morning coffee fun!
    kimbacaffeinate recently posted…Through His Eyes by Deborah CampMy Profile

    • FayeFaye says

      Same here as well! I don’t have as much time as I used to, but I always make sure that I give at least an hour or two every two days to visit blogs and comment back! And that’s true – I’m not a fan of generic comments, but it’s not like I vehemently hate them. Some people certainly just don’t know how to interact at first, and it’s through constant conversation that they learn to improve! ;)

    • FayeFaye says

      Thank you so much, Carmel! It really is such a big part of blogging and I wish more people see it that way. There is such a negative stigma about it now. I heard one blogger call it “disgusting” which boggles the mind, really.

  6. says

    I’ve been commenting a lot since it’s the summer, and I have time, but I definitely know I won’t be keeping this up throughout the school year. But I really like commenting. I think generic comments are okay, and when I receive them I don’t mind, but it’s just really hard to comment back. I mean, all I can say is just “Thanks!”. Whenever I comment (especially on TTTs and STSs), I tend to pick one or two things that were focused on in the book, and comment about that. On actual book reviews, and discussions, my comments are much more longer because I have more to say. But nevertheless, I still love looking at TTTs and STSs.

    Commenting can sometimes be a chore, but then again, if it’s something I’m REALLY interested in, then I’ll definitely comment. But I think definitely going back on blogs and commenting back on TTTs and STSs are kind of a chore. It’s kind of half and half, the way I feel about it.

    And I do like Goodreads. I haven’t seen any drama yet, and I have most of my bloggy friends that are friends with me on Goodreads. Actually, it’s really annoying to like a review. First you have to click “see review”, and then go to the actual review rather than stay on your updates feed in order to like it. I do comment sometimes when I really want to. Or I just go to the review on the blog.

    Awesome POTATO PODCAST as usual! :D
    Valerie recently posted…Review: The Iron DaughterMy Profile

    • FayeFaye says

      I’m glad to know that you like commenting too, Valerie! I like it a lot to and I feel happy when I visit other blogs and let them feel how much supportive we are of new and old bloggers alike. One way to make it less of a chore is to comment back immediately after you get a comment ;) That way it isn’t as overwehlming!

    • FayeFaye says

      Definitely. Blogging is about also reaching out to your readers and fellow book bloggers. It wouldn’t be the same without that network of friends and support!

  7. says

    This episode it brilliant! It’s improved so much since your first Potato Cast.
    Couldn’t agree more. There’s commenting, then there’s the written equivilant of active listening. I get so many copy and paste blanket comments on posts, something I never do myself but I still try to reach out. If it’s someone that simply posts the same comment once a week on a meme post with their link, not so much. I comment on posts that interest me, so generally if I have to go back a few pages on a blog to find something I can discuss, I prefer that than to just leave a random comment that no one really appreciates.

    I shit you not… That’s such an Aussie term, I use it all the time too.
    Kelly recently posted…We Were Liars by E. LockhartMy Profile

    • FayeFaye says

      Thanks so much, Kelly! I didn’t realize it has been a year since we released a Potato podcast! And I definitely agree with you; I still reach out to those generic comments, too. Maybe once they see what a genuine comment looks lik,e maybe they’ll try to adopt it, too, you know what I mean, seeing how fulfilled it made them feel and they would be pushed to forward the same way?

  8. Larissa says

    Eeeep <33 It's here! Listened to this again and it reminded me of how fun it was. No awkward pauses either, so great editing Faye [; Lol it's so odd to hear your own voice on a recording, don't think I'll ever get over this.

    Can't wait to do this again with y'all (:

    • FayeFaye says

      Yes! The reason why I do it as often as I can is because I get to feel closer to the community as a whole. I get to meet new amazing blogs and bloggers, too~

  9. says

    Wonderful podcast girls! <3 I agree – commenting is such an important aspect of blogging because it really helps you connect to the community and helps you make so many great friends.

    And I love your tips about how to deal with commenting when it begins to feel like a chore. You shouldn't comment when it feels like a chore, because then your comments won't be as genuine.

    Thanks for sharing! <3 I love these podcasts! <33
    Zoe @ The Infinite To-Read Shelf recently posted…Falling Into PlaceMy Profile

  10. says

    Could not agree more. It’s not like I keep a spreadsheet about who returns my comments, but if I leave lots of comments on a blog and I never get a visit back, I will probably stop commenting.
    I can’t promise that all my comments are meaningful — sometimes I go on a comment returning spree and after a few dozen I can barely type — but I try. Mostly.
    And it’s funny: thinking about returning comments feels tedious sometimes but as soon as I start doing it I have a smile on my face…
    Jen @ YA Romantics
    Jen @ YA Romantics recently posted…Silver Shadows Giveaway and Trivia — Day TwoMy Profile

  11. says

    I actually receive the most generic comments on Goodreads. I think it’s disappointing because sometimes (almost always actually) I can feel like they didn’t necessarily read my reviews. The most disappointing thing is that I rarely just write ”Great review, _____” to someone because I feel cheap about it… I don’t do what I don’t whant eople to do to me but there are people that don’t care and like those generic comments coz they want comments (on GR) so I’m like okay whatever and carry on coz they are people I do have respect for don’t want to just… end whatever ”friendship” we have.
    I agree. I do feel a lot more connected to people that blog and that I comment on their blog and them on mine. I feel like the comments I get on my blog are more meaningful and they’re the ones that bring the more smiles on my face (YES–I do smile when I read people’s comments on my blog xd) It all started with Goodreads though so I guess I still have a bit of a preference (just a bit) to receive comments on my GR reviews.
    Sometimes, there are posts I’d like to comment on but I feel like there is nothing interesting I can truly say! I agree with Larissa that there are some days when we don’t feel like commenting or that we just don’t have time for it–but I try because I know it means a lot to some people. To be honest…I prefer commenting on blogs that look ”friendly” and ”welcoming” to visitors since I’d like my comments to be appreciated and, yes, will make another comment on that blog only if they commented back because I don’t like one-sided things. It’s like when you email someone and they don’t reply back saying at least ”ok” you know? You can understand it but you’d feel a bit annoyed becaue it isn’t hard to do and you’d like to be fully acknowledged. Maybe even make a friend…

    I never commented on 60 (or was it 16??) blogs a day. 0.O
    I also agree with commenting on older posts though I prefer people to comment on my latest post since I prefer reactions on thoses ones so I try to usually not do that when I don’t feel mentally pushed too. Comments do support, yes. True, they also give warm feelings. ^^ Beautiful thing to say indeed, Larissa.
    I did go through a slump as well :( I think I still have it…Is it summer or something? Great Podcast idea, Faye and you girls were cute to listen to.
    PS.I bought Dangerous Girls and received it on Monday!! Can’t wait to read your review, Faye!

  12. Celine says

    I was so tempted to just say, “thanks for sharing” haha. In all seriousness though, I loved the podcast and the topic! (Larissa, you did great, so you’re not banned from YA Midnight Reads haha.)

    Commenting always has two sides to it for me. While I love getting comments, replying to them and commenting on other people’s blogs, I don’t have a lot of time for it. It’s why I’m a bit of a “sporadic commenter”, as I call it. I do read every post of most blogs I like (I follow them via Feedly/Bloglovin and read all posts every morning and evening), but I only comment on a few. That doesn’t mean I only liek those posts or something, but those are the only times I actually have time to leave a (meaningful) comment. It’s something I regret a bit, actually, not having more time for commenting, because it always makes me feel a bit “out of it”. I agree that commenting is one of the best ways to connect with others, so not being able to frequently leave comments saddens me. It’s also why I really enjoy Twitter. I only comment via my computer (I hate doing that on my phone), but Tweeting I can do quickly in those in-between moments when you don’t have time to turn on the computer but can check your Twitter quickly.

    I also really agree with your thoughts on generic comments. Generally, I love all comments because they mean someone took the time to actually read and comment on your post. However, sometimes I feel that the really generic one-sentence comments are just there because the commenter hopes you’ll comment back. I don’t mind short comments, as long as it’s clear that the writer is… genuine, I guess? Hard to explain. But sometimes I really feel people are just stopping by so you’ll comment back (especially back in the day when I did Top Ten Tuesdays… Some people literally just copy + pasted a comment on everyone’s posts. That’s not commenting to me, and I really disliked that). However, I do agree in that a comment can be short but not generic. I personally always like the long comments most, though, but that’s a bit hypocritical because I generally don’t leave very long comments either :P (Due to a lack of time, mostly.) However, I always appreciate it when people comment on my posts and it always makes me happy to see that people actually have something to say about something I’ve written, haha.

    Great podcast, ladies! <33

    • Rashika says

      BAHAHAHAHAHHA. Thanks, Celine! And I am glad Lars wasn’t banned!

      I have to say, I LOVE reading comments I get and I love commenting on other people’s blogs (even if it can be draining from time to time) but yeah.. I know what you mean. I’ve been on vacation for the past three months so I found a lot more time to comment but once I am back to school (or go off to college! YIKES) I think I am going to slack off some just because I won’t have enough time. ME TOO. I subscribe to a lot of blogs via email so I do end up reading quite a few posts but I cannot comment on every single one just because it takes so much time. I also cannot comment via phone or anything else. I NEED to be on a computer. I actually cannot do much on a phone tbh. I love typing on my computer and I love the ease and speed with which I can type :P

      EXACTLY. I don’t mind them either as long as the writer is being genuine but.. if.. all there is to their comment is great review.. it’s kind of obvious that they didn’t even bother to skim through what you had to say never mind read .-. You know, with a lot of those memes, it’s quite common to get those sort of generic comments… .-. I used to get a lot of them back when I did them on my old blog. HAHAHA. I know what you mean! Mine aren’t always that long either but I try my best to at the very least sound genuine and say as much as I can say (which isn’t always a lot.. EEK).

      Thanks once again, Celine <3

  13. says

    I believe I am addicted to these podcasts! I love them so much! I completely agree with you. After you start commenting, you start to feel more and more apart of the community. BUT. Sometimes, I do feel like commenting is a chore. Not commenting on other blogs but replying to my own comments. I feel like I’m just repeating myself at times. When it comes to Goodreads, I think I prefer the blogging community. I’ve never really felt tempted to become active on Goodreads because I feel like there are just so many different people.
    Laura Plus Books recently posted…Discussion: Topic RepetitionMy Profile

    • Rashika says

      Awwww shucks, Laura *blushes* That’s nice! OMG. EXACTLY. You always know what I am thinking, Laura :P When reading comments on my own posts, I’ll always initially come up with responses but when I sit down to reply, things can become repetitive and it can seem like a chore. HA. I used to be kind of involved with GR but the more I became a part of the blogging community, the more GR just seemed overwhelming. I like the diversity of the blogging community but I also feel a lot closer to them then I do to people on GR.

  14. says

    I think commenting is something a blogger should invest in especially those that are just starting out. But it’s always important to have fun while doing so because if it becomes a dreadful task then I really think that would defeat the purpose of connecting to others. I understand generic comments may not seem genuine but it still makes me feel good that someone would leave one because it’s not even required to do so. I always make it a point to return comments from those who leave comments on my blog. The most I can do in a commenting spree is 20 and after that I can’t even manage to string a sentence or two. Haha. Great podcast episode, guys! :)
    Sarah P. recently posted…Review: Something Strange and Deadly by Susan DennardMy Profile

    • Rashika says

      I think, commenting is something that would especially be beneficial to newbies because it helps bring an audience and it helps make you become known to the rest of the community! Right? If commenting on other blogs becomes a chore.. it kind of defeats the whole purpose *sigh* I try to do the same, although I cannot say I am as good at it as I used to be. I think I do appreciate generic comments too but at the same time.. they do make me feel bad especially if I put a lot of effort into a specific post. HA. once I am done with my spree.. I aien’t gonna be commenting no more :P I usually go watch tv to soothe my overworked break :P

      Thanks, Sarah!! :)

  15. says

    YAY COMMENTS! I am all about commenting back, I think it makes the blog far more interactive, and I just like knowing that I’m not simply putting my opinion out there on the internet, I’m inviting feedback. What did everyone else think of the book? Agree or disagree with my thoughts? That’s what makes the blog fun for me:)

    Yes, commenting on a large number of blogs everyday is time consuming, but that’s how I’ve “met” so many amazing people, and I keep finding new blogs all the time. Love it:)
    Jenny @ Supernatural Snark recently posted…Take a Walk on the Wilds Side Blog Tour: Interview with Kat KrugerMy Profile

    • Rashika says

      :D *high fives* Exactly! I mean, isn’t the best part about putting your opinion out on the internet seeing what other people think??? :D

      I think we all have met amazing people through, blogging! :) I know I wouldn’t have met quite a no. of my blogging friends if I hadn’t had the courage to go comment on their blogs!

  16. says

    Love this episode! I’m also a big supporter of commenting and like you guys, I believe that it definitely makes you feel more part of the community because you interact with other bloggers. I’ve also made a lot of friends doing commenting rounds. It started off as commenting on their posts but soon we were talking on twitter, hangouts, etc. I do agree with Larissa that it’s important to take the day off when you don’t feel like commenting so it won’t burn you out because it is a lot of work to read everyone’s post and comment on each of them. That’s why even if I get generic comments, I still comment back. They still took the time to leave one so I still appreciate it. But meaningful comments are the best. That’s how friendships start, I think. When you leave meaningful comments on each other’s blogs that’s the best way to get to know one another. :)

    So yes, to what all you guys said and commenting is awesome! It helps in making our community more interactive with everyone <3
    Amir recently posted…Gushings and Ravings #3: K-Dramas You Might Want To TryMy Profile

    • Rashika says

      THANKS AMIR <3

      HA. That's funny, because something similar happened to me. I commented on les blogs, talked on twitter, and suddenly, we were all 'hanging out' on hangouts (pun intended) ;)

      I try to take days off too because a while ago I started to realize that if I don't take the occasional break, I WILL burn out.

      I think that's what also bums me out a little about generic comments because it makes it harder for me to get to know the person on the other end better. I mean when you see someone leave a comment full of their own excitedness/opinions you feel this sort of connection to the commenter and you want to get to know them better and perhaps even become their friends! :D

      COMMENTING IS AWESOME *high fives* *pops party poppers*

  17. says

    I think commenting back is important, or at least replying to comments.
    I’ll be honest and admit that I didn’t start replying back to comments (or really commenting back) until I moved to WP. I always felt stupid commenting back on blogger because I got my own email and I don’t think the person I replied to even knew I commented back. It felt like such a waste of time!
    With comment reply and comment luv, it’s made it so much easier.
    But commenting takes up soooo much time! Probably longer than blogging. I sucked at it until a few months ago. My feed was all clogged up and it would take me forever to go through it and there just wasn’t enough time. I finally cleaned up my feed and try my best to go through it every day. If I can’t make it through my feed, then I at least like replying back to comments. Kind of like a way to say ‘hey, I read your comments and I appreciate it!’
    Nereyda @Mostly YA Book Obsessed recently posted…Review: Ruthless People by JJ McAvoy!My Profile

    • Rashika says

      Same here and ditto on the blogger thing. My old blog was on blogger and tbh, I never really put much effort into commenting back (even if I did reply to comments) until I moved over to The Social Potato…

      It has made it a lot easier, hasn’t it? You get notifications if people replied and idk… it just seems easier to comment too :P

      IT DOES. OMG YES. I think a lot of the time I spent blogging each week is actually spent commenting! I think I should do things your way though :P I spend so much energy commenting that commenting back just kind of takes a back seat :/

  18. says

    Great podcast, ladies! What about a full a video next time? :D I agree with a lot of your points and what Faye said in 4:50-5:00 ish greatly resonated with me. It also happened with me when I just discovered that commenting is the key to gain more bloggy friends; I usually comment on more than 20 blogs a day (when life wasn’t that busy yet). Some of them would return the love and leave super long comments while others would just leave half-assed comments but I really didn’t mind because I appreciated the fact they took the time to visit my blog. So I would still visit them and leave meaningful comments. And over time, these same people gradually realized that I am really passionate about commenting so the next time they return to leave a comment, the quality has significantly improved.

    To answer your other questions…

    What do you think about commenting back?

    As I’ve said earlier, this is the key to blogging success. If you want to make friends, want to spread the word about your blog, etc. etc., you have to go out of your way to interact with other bloggers. If Moses won’t come to the mountain then the mountain must come to Moses. Commenting might be challenging but it’s fun and totally worth it. Like you guys, I’ve made a lot of friends through it. And it also helped me to slowly overcome my shyness although I am still having a hard time interacting on Twitter.

    Do you agree with our views?


    Do you also believe it’s something one should invest in when it comes to blogging?

    As mentioned earlier, it is. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to blogging or old enough to be considered as a pillar of the book blogging community. This is just an observation but what I noticed is that even if your posts are really excellent, people would still not flock to your blog if you don’t find time to bond with them. I am not saying that quality content is not important. What I’m saying is that commenting is equally important to churning quality blog posts.

    Do you have any tips and other feedback to share?

    I have nothing more to add. I think that you’ve already covered all the essential points of commenting.

    Good job ladies! Looking forward to your future podcasts.

    • Rashika says

      All three of us are too camera shy for that :P But we did get to see Larissa’s pretty face while recording this one :D Which was great for us but probably not so great for her because for all she knew, she was talking to 60 year old men :P :P :P Commenting is DEFINITELY the key to gaining bloggy friends because I think nothing shows love like leaving meaningful comments :)

      YES. Love the quote :D People usually don’t magically appear and comment, one must seek them out and wave their hands and yell ‘I AM HERE. CAN YOU SEE ME. HI. CAN WE BE FWIENDS?’. It also helped me overcome my shyness some and helped me become more active on twitter although I’ve been retreating back into the hole lately :P I hope it’s a temporary thing though since I really like it there!

      Uh huh *nods head*. It doesn’t matter if you’re new/old, super popular/not as popular. Yup. I think it all comes down to.. if you’re willing to invest your time into the community. If you’re not.. people won’t flock over no matter how great your posts. Exactly! If you’re not taking your time.. then.. quite frankly, why should anyone else?

      Thanks so much, Charlotte!!! :)

  19. says

    Sometimes I hate it when I really want to comment on a blog but have no idea what to say. I feel kind of ashamed to leave a general comment because I want the blogger to know that I care. LOL xD

    I love commenting because it opens the door for discussions and general fangirling over the books you love which is awesome! Also because you get to make new friends and such which is a bonus! ;)

    You’ve raised some awesome points in this podcast, girls. It was lovely hearing all your voices :)
    Marianne @ Boricuan Bookworms recently posted…Do You Need a Happily Ever After in Books?My Profile

    • Rashika says

      OMG. YES. I usually just look for an older post in that case because when all I can think of to say is great review.. my brain goes.. EH :P

      RIGHT? I mean how else is one to have insightful discussions and fangirling sessions if one does not communicate :P YES for friends though, I’ve made quite a few this way :)

      Thanks Marianne!! :)

  20. says

    Listened to this while commenting back ;) Definitely agree about generic comments and commenting becoming a chore. For some reason I find it so much easier to reply to comments on my own blog than visiting other blogs to return comments though. And good tip about finding a post you like or can relate to, not just the most recent. I do that a lot so commenting isn’t so tedious and so it doesn’t feel forced :/ I’ve gotten pretty lazy about commenting now though, I only comment back to those who comment on my blog, I’ve kind of stopped seeking blogs out on my own because of time :c And YES about reviews with no comments-that makes me so sad to see awesome well thought out reviews on newer blogs and they have no comments. I almost always comment on those and mention something about how well written the review was. Another great podcast!
    Alise recently posted…Review: The Assassin’s Blade by Sarah J. MaasMy Profile

    • Rashika says


      HA! Teach me your ways, master. I find both a little hard and I find commenting in general a whole lot easier :P I just go all over the place.

      Yeah… trying to comment on a post you aren’t really interesting it can feel really tedious so in cases like that, I choose not to comment at all or find an older post that interests me more.

      I can TOTALLY understand that, once I am off vacations, that’s pretty much going to be me. I mean, I am still going to try to comment but I imagine I won’t have a whole lot of time.

      RIGHT?!?! :( It makes me sad too.

      Thanks Alise!! :))

  21. says

    Wow. This was such a nice topic for a discussion. It just shows how little I know in the world of blogging. Well, there is always room for improvement, I supposed. :D

    I actually posts my reviews on my Tumblr account just for the sake of having a place to post my reviews besides Goodreads. I posts stuffs just for myself and yes, I agree that it could get lonely. Humans need interactions hihi..

    I treat my Goodreads account like a blog and I can say that it is beneficial for bloggers to be active there as well.
    Margarita recently posted…Review: Flat-Out Celeste by Jessica ParkMy Profile

    • Rashika says

      Hey, we all gotta start somewhere ;)

      Right? I mean if you just keep on posting stuff and get no responses, it’s a little disheartening.. which is why commenting is so important in my opinion. It also helps you gain courage to put yourself out there more! :)

      It IS! Goodreads can be extremely beneficial!

  22. says

    Ladies, this is just brilliant! A helpful and informative discussion.

    First of all, love all your voices! I don’t care if that’s creepy. Second, like I said in Dre’s post (which is about commenting too) I love it! :) It’s like I’m offering a friendship. But I think the best way to leave a comment is by being honest or by not leaving any comment at all if it doesn’t interests you. You can go back to the other posts.. I pretty much agree with everything you girls talked about. When it comes to goodreads, Oh man, I might need to work on that. I’m like a ghost on GR, I don’t think anyone there knows me :( Hahaha!

    Brilliant topic, Ladies! Until the next podcast!
    Paula M. @ Her Book Thoughts! recently posted…The Bookish Bucketlist!My Profile

    • Rashika says

      YAY! I am glad you liked it Paula! :D

      YOU DO?? DEFINITELY NOT CREEPY. I am glad you love my voice. I thought I sounded funny. That’s reassuring. Unless you mean only everyone elses but mine.. that would make me feel bad *hides*

      YUP! I do that. If I read a post and just cannot think of anything meaningful to say, I am not going to. I just feel like I am being fake and I don’t like that. .-. Plus if I cannot think of anything to say, like you said, I just go back to older posts that I feel like I can contribute something to! :)

      LOL! :P I do too.. I seriously do :P I don’t think anyone knows me either :P

      Thanks once again, Paulaaaa

  23. says

    Commenting is such a beautiful way to connect with people. Due to time restraints, I seldom comment on Goodreads nowadays. I guess just like what you gals shared, we all have days when we don’t feel like commenting and then we’ll focus on commenting on days that we can. I like to scan the posts on the home page of the blogs that I visit – so depends on what I find interesting, I may choose not to comment on the most recent post but pick something older.
    Henrietta recently posted…The Julian Chapter: A Wonder Story – R J PalacioMy Profile

    • Rashika says

      It is, isn’t it? I mean it really does help you to get to know other people better. I think with me.. not commenting on GR started as a result of time restraints and it’s just a pattern now :P

      I think forcing yourself to comment on a day when you are just not up would just not be worth it because you wouldn’t be able to leave as meaningful comments.

      I’ve actually been doing that lately too. If I am not sure about what to say on a recent post then I find an older post so I can say something meaningful! :)

  24. says

    I started like you, Faye. I only blogged for myself. I didn’t really take time to comment or interact with other people. In fact, there were some really nice people out there who bothered to comment on my blog first, and that really made me feel good. So I started commenting on other blogs as well. I must admit though that it can be quite daunting sometimes with the huge number of bloggers out there. Moving yo NSLH was certainly a shock because of all the people on there. I find it hard to keep up sometimes so I only really comment on those I can relate with in a way. Or those that I find interesting. I think what I find most challenging is replying to comments on the blog because I find a lot of similar ones and I’m afraid to sound repetitive. Even harder ones to reply to are the generic comments. I do like putting my two cents in on other blog posts though. Sometimes I would leave comments that are kinda long too. I think it’s best to do the commenting thing when you actually have time for it. And I find it easier to do it on one go because starting is hard, but when you’re rolling with it already then you can go on for a while. Of course I get tired too and that’s usually when I take a break and come back again for more when I next have the time.

    This was wonderful by the way. I enjoyed listening to you guys. :)
    Francine Soleil recently posted…Music Monday! (I guess.)

    Somebody Out There by A Rocket to the…My Profile

    • Rashika says

      OMG RIGHT? Like whenever I discover new blogs, I’ll just be so.. surprised because it just makes me realize how vast the blogging community really is. Hmpph.. that’s an interesting way to do things… I may just start copying you :P It’s just that when I get down and start replying, I always feel like I am being repetitive and that just makes me feel like I have nothing interesting to say. RIGHT? Making myself start is hard but once I am rolling, I am ROLLING.

      Thanks, Francine! :D

  25. says

    So great to hear Aimee & Larissa’s voices too! Another great podcast ladies, I totally agree that commenting really shows that blogger that people out there are reading their blog, plus meaningful vs generic comments helps you to get to know that person better.

    RE. the Goodreads debate, I spend a lot of time on there but not so much in interacting with my friends list because I have so many and it’s hard to keep up with. I do interact back if others leave a comment though and interact in the groups a lot.

    Does commenting feel like a chore sometimes? honestly, it does when I am forcing myself to do it when I am stressed or just need to relax or have other things I need to focus on.
    Jeann @ Happy Indulgence recently posted…We’re looking for co-bloggers/reviewers!My Profile

    • Rashika says

      Yesss. If there were no comments on any of my posts..I’d definitely feel bad.. even if the statistics showed the post was getting attention .-. They do!! They really do!

      That’s what I do too.. except the groups part. I find groups too hard to keep up with .-. I always reply to comments (well the ones I get notifications off because GR eats my comments).

      I know what you mean :( If I am commenting and there is something more pressing on my mind (whether something worrisome or something that is exciting the hell out of me) I am going to dwindle and end up not commenting as much because I simply cannot bring myself to :P

  26. says

    Great discussion girls! I finally found the time to stalk your podcasts yay! Commenting has become such a natural part of blogging that I don’t really think about it anymore. I’ve already decided at the beginning that I was going to be a social bloggers, and to return the love because if someone was going to take the time to read and post on my blog, the least I could do is return that love. Of course, I don’t always find the time to comment back immediately, and I don’t write as meaningful comments as Larissa, but I try my hardest! I think every blogger should get into the habit of socialising, afterall, we are a community! :P

    Great to put a voice to the names ladies, hope to hear you guys again soon! x
    Joy @ Thoughts By J recently posted…ARC Review: Sand by Hugh HoweyMy Profile

    • Rashika says

      Thanks Joy!!! :D YAYYYY. I AM GLAD YOU DID! You were gone so longgg :( I know right? It does seem quite natural.. and I kind of associate the two together and tend to be a little surprised when I hear that not everyone does commenting back.

      BAHAHAHA. Larissa’s comments are definitely meaningful.. they always make me smile.. while I simultaneously wonder how she manages to leave such long comments!!

      YES. We are oneeeee..

      We hope so too. Our voices deserve to be heard
      (definitely not being cocky.. nope.. not at all!)