Review: Boomerang by Noelle August

Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance
Release Date:  June 10th 2014
Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks
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Welcome to, the dating site for the millennial gen, with no-fuss, no-commitment matchups and where the action on the job is steamier than any random hookup

Mia Galliano is an aspiring filmmaker. Ethan Vance has just played his last game as a collegiate soccer star. They’re sharp, hungry for success, and they share a secret.

Last night, Ethan and Mia met at a bar, and, well . . . one thing led to another, which led to them waking up the next morning—together. Things turned awkward in a hurry when they found themselves sharing a post-hookup taxi . . . to the same place: Boomerang headquarters.

What began as a powerful connection between them is treated to a cold shower, courtesy of two major complications. First, Boomerang has a strict policy against coworkers dating. And second, they’re now competing for the same job opening in the fall.

As their internships come to an end, will they manage to keep their eyes on the future and their hands off each other, or will the pull of attraction put them right back where they started?


“If you want to get somewhere, you accept it. Successful people live their lives in a damn hurry.”

After seeing all the positive reviews for this one on my various feeds, I just had to try it out for myself. Now that I’m done reading it… I can see what all the fuss is about, but personally, it wasn’t my cup of tea. Fans of the new adult genre (and maybe even cheesy romantic films) will clearly enjoy this one more than I did, since I’m not a fan of either.

If there was one thing I appreciated about this book, it was the fact that both Mia and Ethan acted and talked the way people their age would. There are so many immature characters (and even characters who are too mature!) who we bookworms rant about, but these two had real and raw voices.

Boomerang could have been a real hit with me. Realistic-sounding main characters make it so much easier for me to relate to the characters, to laugh along with their jokes and to be frustrated and tired when they are. While I did find it very easy to chuckle whenever someone cracked a joke, it was hard for me to get into the characters’ minds, maybe because they were thinking too much about each other. Really, I should have counted how many times I wanted to duct tape these people’s mouths or fry their brains so that they’d stop thinking. It could also be due to the fact that, let’s face it, I’m a young teen, and this book is meant for new adults.

The characters were all pretty likable, actually. Mia was a very laid-back and down-to-earth heroine, which is pretty uncommon in the few NA novels I’ve read. I think she’d be a fun friend to have in real life, but since we got a look into her thoughts (of Ethan!), I was definitely rolling my eyes a lot. Ethan was, well, not an ass. He was competitive, but he was still nice and respectful to his competition.

See, the story revolved around these two and how they were competing for a position at Boomerang. They had a one-night stand on the night before the first day of their internships. Everything was definitely way too convenient for them, and how they suddenly realized they would be working at the same company… It was a bit bothersome. I wished there was at least some parts of the novel that wasn’t centered around just the romance.

Again, the main thing that got my eyes twitching was how often both characters thought about how gorgeous the other was and how attracted they were to each other. Too much monologues about each other! I got it the first few times, okay? No need to mention it every chapter.

I didn’t get the point of the story. What’s the lesson? The essence of the book? Is there even one? There probably is, but I personally can’t figure it out. This was basically a book about two almost-adults who pined for each other throughout the entire book, but not wanting to risk other things for their possible relationship. Very cliche, and definitely like a corny romantic movie.

Fans of the new adult age group will definitely be able to enjoy this one more than I did. If you’re looking for a book with depth, then this isn’t it. If you’re okay with a shallow but fun story, give this a shot!

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Rating Report
Overall: 2.2
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Aimee is a sixteen year old bookworm from the Phillipines! She reads any book that catches her attention, but she mostly reads YA. She's into graphic design, writing and sleeping. You can find her at Deadly Darlings, The Book Geek, Goodreads and on Twitter.

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  1. says

    Bleh, I know. It was a bummer for me too for those exact reasons- they’re all so peter pan and twinkle fairy and crap pretty all the fucking time and it’s all so superficial. MAkes me wonder why I even finished it. Thank god someone agrees with me. =)
    Stuti recently posted…I’M ALIVE. AND I WILL FIGHT!My Profile

  2. says

    Oh I’m sorry it wasn’t for you. I was curious about this one because the cover is pretty cute (yes I’m that superficial lol). I hope your next read will be better.

  3. says

    I totally get why this book didn’t work for you Aimee, I’m not typically a fan of the cheesy romantic movies, my cousin is a huge fan, so we normally have to watch a bunch of them back to back when we go down. However I was more interested in giving this book a go, as I wanted to see how well this author did in crossing over to the NA genre, I really haven’t given this genre a chance, I’ve read a few book, mostly which were misses for me, but I think this could be the sort of book that I could enjoy when I need a nice fluffy read. Thank you for your honest review!
    Jasprit recently posted…Review: Bully by Penelope DouglasMy Profile

  4. says

    I think this would be more appealing for me if it’s a movie. This isn’t my cup of tea either but if it’s a movie or Korean drama, I will be on it!

    I suddenly remember that the plot reminds me of the movie: That Awkward Moment (starring Zac Efron). They had a one-night stand, he thought the girl was a prostitute then left without saying “goodbye, thanks for the great sex”. Then next day, they met at the office. The girl is his new partner or something.

    PS: I LOL’ed at the graphic/art you used on the header. I thought it was the book cover!
    Irish recently posted…2014 Series Challenge: PureMy Profile

  5. says

    Ouch. I remember seeing this one and thinking it’d be interesting, but…not my style. I definitely own’t be picking it up now. (But dang it, I really need to find a cute and fluffy contemporary. I’ve only found like 5 I like!) Fantastic review!
    Nikki Wang recently posted…GYDO: Lori M. LeeMy Profile

  6. says

    I find this kind of funny because a boomerang is a weapon in Australia. XD Which just strikes me as an amusing thing to name a dating site?! *coughs* OKAY. Anyway! I’m not a fan of NA as a whole. I’ve read a few and all of them I’ve just felt meh towards. And frustrated. I’m not a chick flick fan either! I like action sort of things…and plots that aren’t centered completely on romance. Probably won’t be going for this one ;) Thought it is cool it got some laughs out of you!
    Cait @ Notebook Sisters recently posted…Beautiful People Linkup #3: August EditionMy Profile

  7. says

    I totally became reluctant about this book when I saw your Goodreads rating, Aimee. Haha. But I love cheesy romantic films, as well as books that seem like it. Books like these are totally my comfort zone. :P I’m quite afraid about the part where they mostly just pine for each other throughout the book though, especially if they’re long monologues. So that worries me. But it seems the characters are good and this made you laugh so I will definitely try this one out. I might even like it better than you do. I’m not really sure. I’ll have to see when I grab my copy. I will probably sample it first before buying it though. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. :D
    Francine Soleil recently posted…I was kicked out of the house for a few hours so I went to my…My Profile

  8. says

    LOL I’m just imaging you jumping into fictional worlds, armed with duct tape, stalking book characters. It’s all very ninja.

    Ohhhh, is this a ‘HE’S SO GORGEOUS I MUST HAVE HIM’ novels, where looks seem to be the main focus? Because I can’t deal with those books. I want to punch those books in the face and then spill my coffee on them. I FEEL THAT STRONGLY.
    Allie @ Little Birdie recently posted…Last Week In Goodreads {Spoiler: there’s both fangirling and eyerolling}My Profile

  9. says

    Crap, now you got me reconsidering reading this one. At first I wanted it so bad since i read a lot of amazing reviews for it and i do appreciate the fact that the characters sound and talk their age but all the superficial stuff has me worried. I don’t know if this is my cup of tea anymore *sigh*
    Lily recently posted…The Warrior(Dante Walker#3):ReviewMy Profile

  10. says

    Aww sorry you didn’t enjoy this one! It’s been on my list for awhile, it sounds like a good one. Sometimes I’m in the mood for something deep and sometimes I just want a light-hearted “fluffy” read. I’ll save this one for when I need a “fluffy” read! Thanks for sharing! Great review!
    Tricia P recently posted…After The End (After The End #1) by Amy PlumMy Profile

  11. says

    I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t really like this book, Aimee… but at least you felt the characters were genuine and real.
    Since I’m not a very big fan contemporaries/New Adult/romantic comedies… I’ll probably be skipping this one.
    Pili recently posted…Waiting On Wednesday #54!!My Profile

  12. says

    The lesson is that love conquers all!! ;)
    But really, I’m sorry this wasn’t your cup of tea! I am not at all a big reader of NA, but this is one of my favorites. Probably because it read more as a romantic comedy than anything. Ethan and Mia did have a tendency to always be thinking about each other, but I liked it haha. I’m such a hopeless sap. :P
    I hope your next read is better, Aimee. :)
    Danielle @ Love at First Page recently posted…Review: Silver ShadowsMy Profile

  13. says

    Well now I’m torn. But I do feel you Aimee. Especially the part where they repetitively tell how hot that one is, or this one is and it’s just so tiring!

    Now, about that discussion question.. the answer is, yes! Hahahaha. I love movies (Chick-flicks to be exact) So imagine my love for books with those kind of vibe.

    I’m sorry you did not like this that much, Aimee! Fun review though! <3
    Paula M. @ Her Book Thoughts! recently posted…REVIEW: Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover a.k.a unpopular opinion hereMy Profile

  14. says

    Oh, no! I quite loved it. Not a 4 star worthy read as it was for many others, but a decent 3 star read. I’m galad you enjoyed Mia and Ethan’s characters. Idk I felt like there were some parts tat didn’t concentrate on the romance.. like the grandmother stuff? I liked the bond between Mia and her grandmother :) and the soccer team kids were so adorable! But yes, they were a tad too obsessed with each other. Mia and Ethan, that is. Sorry it wasn’t for you, little one.

    Siiri @ Little Pieces of Imagination
    Siiri recently posted…Review: All Lined Up by Cora CarmackMy Profile

  15. says

    Awww, Faye I am so excited to see what you think of this one and I am quite sad you didn’t like it as much. I’m not a fan of the NA genre but I do like rom-com so I really think this book is screaming for me to pick it up.

    HAHA, you seemed pretty frustrated about these characters despite them being realistic. *hands duct tape* I could get really pissed about HE/SHE-IS-GORGEOUS-DUMPING but I can tolerate it if the characters are good. Thanks for the honest review, Faye.
    Sarah P. recently posted…Review: The Moment Collector by Jodi Lynn AndersonMy Profile

  16. says

    I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy this, Aimee! I used to be super against NA, but I’ve warmed to a few books in this category since then. I liked this one, but then I kind of knew to expect a romance going in, so it delivered exactly what I thought it would: fun, brain candy kind of read.

    There are more substantial New Adult books out there, but you’re right–this one probably is better for those who read more in this category.
    Wendy Darling recently posted…If I Stay film + book giveawayMy Profile

  17. says

    Aww this one sounded really cute and fluffy, especially when you talked about characters that sounded their age!But the lack of depth kinda makes me want to stay far away from this book at the same time. I would be rolling my eyes left and right as well at their incessant drooling over one another. Might give this a go on a day when I feel like just reading fluff haha. Great review Aimee! x
    Joy @ Thoughts By J recently posted…ARC Review: Sand by Hugh HoweyMy Profile