Potato Strip #1: Blog Name

Hi, guys! Welcome to another awesome feature here on The Social Potato! This time we will be featuring weekly “comic strips”, drawn and told by yours truly. Right now, I’ve decided to draw about how The Social Potato came to be, right from the very beginning! This is something I decided on a whim, also to practice my drawing skills since I’m terribly rusty for years of nonexistent use. Once this “volume” finishes, we’ll try out different other stories! In any case, I really hope you like it!

Potato Strip #1: BLOG NAME


Click the strip to see larger resolution

Believe or not, I really, really had a hard time thinking of a good blog name. I wanted it to unique, to stand out, to be something someone can overhear and they go, “Hey! Isn’t that that awesome book blog?!” (Hahahaha… TSP have not achieved this level of fame, just for your information. I CAN DREAM, THOUGH!) I was toying with the possibilities but since there were so many blogs with the words “book”, “novel”, “reading”, “reader” in them, I wanted to use something else. So I searched out a couple of movie names, and one of them was The Social Network and just decided to replace the last word with Potato.

Because potatoes rock.

What about you? How did you come up with your blog name? Did you have a hard time deciding?

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A 21 years old Filipina who loves books, games, languages, and most especially, food. Secretly wishes to be an astronaut so she can explore the stars. Has a love-hate relationship with Philippine politics. To get in her good graces, offer her Foie Gras, Or shrimp. Or a JRPG. A YA sci-fi book works, too. You can follow her on twitter here: @kawaiileena


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  1. says

    Ah, Faye I love this new feature! You’re so talented, my friend! :o It was so difficult to come up with a blog name that I liked and would stay forever. I went through two changes. When I began A Thousand Lives Lived in March 2013, its original name was That Girl With Her Nose in A Book. It was cheesy, yes, and it was there temporarily for a few months until A Thousand Lives Lived popped up into my mind. Tee hee. I kind of also like the fact how ATLL has a different URL than its name lol. Fabulous post, lovely!
    Michelle recently posted…Isla and the Happily Ever After by Stephanie Perkins Review: Devouring BrillianceMy Profile

    • FayeFaye says

      Thank you so much, Michelle :) Haha, “That Girl with her Nose in a Book” doesn’t sound too bad! It’s kinda long, though =P I like A Thousand Lives Lived much better. :)

  2. says

    I really like the blog name and it is catchy! I actually thought that you love potatoes thus the blog name. I’m not really creative with thinking of blog names but I’m addicted on changing them every few years. Ever since I started blogging, I have used 5 domain names for my personal blog. Hopefully, this won’t be a case with my book blog. So far, I’m happy with it and it really defines my reading habit.
    Irish recently posted…Across the Universe + Devil’s KissMy Profile

    • FayeFaye says

      I agree, it’s catchy! And you immediately know what blog we’re talking about when you hear the name “Social Potato” :P At least that’s how I take it :) I’ve had a couple of blogs in the past, too! From livejournal… to … whatever was popular in the past… thankfully, I’ve finally found a single subject to talk about and I’m happy with that!

    • FayeFaye says

      Haha, The Social Sweet Potato?! Well, not bad :P I eat sweet potatoes all the time, mainly for snacks or merienda in the afternoon. They’re awesome if you dip it with sugar!

    • FayeFaye says

      I agree with you! I think I got lucky with mine. I really was trying to come up with something for days on end. Good thing my mind was functioning correctly that time as I got a hold of a great one. Your name isn’t too bad! It’s okay ;) I definitely think of you when I come upon it.

  3. says

    Ohh, Lisa and I struggled with The Nocturnal Library for days! I think it was close to a week by the time I came up with it, accidentally, I might add. We wanted nocturnal something, since we both read at night while our kids sleep, but we wanted it to stand out a bit and be memorable. I don’t know how successful we were, but it’s been three years and I still like it. I guess that counts for something.
    Maja (The Nocturnal Library) recently posted…Guest Post: Naomi Clark, Author of UndertowMy Profile

    • FayeFaye says

      The Nocturnal Library is pretty good, and goes really well with the design you have. And plus, I’m nocturnal too so that’s another plus point to that :D It definitely stands out. Way before I started blogging. I already knew of you guys!

  4. says

    You are fucking awesome. My blog’s name initially matched the url but one day I got tired, and was like, damn son, this is fucking boring. I need another one and then I went off on a tangent, thinking of all the books I had yet to read; it felt a tsunami minus all the death and destruction of other sentinel beings. A wave and I needed a dam! And lo! A damn! I knowwwwwwww I’m stupid. XD I didn’t spend more than a second on deciding the name, honestly, and I don’t think I regret it, with emphasis on think.
    Stuti recently posted…Heroic MeasuresMy Profile

    • FayeFaye says

      I like your blog name now, if it helps :P I still remember your blog name and the website design you had back then. The one you have now is fitting :)

  5. says

    First, I can’t believe you drew that strip! You are friggin’ awesome Faye and talented!!! ♥ That’s the one talent I wish I had (besides singing), drawing.

    I couldn’t for the life of me come up with a blog name. Oh the stress! I saw so many clever blog names and I tried to imitate that but failed. I was so over picking a name that I settled on Cristina’s Book Reviews, talk about a real snoozefest! *snickers* I’d like to come up with something a bit catchier, eventually. I love the folks at Book Riot and was like, GAH…so simple and yet unique! WHYEEEEEEEEEEE couldn’t I come up with that! ;) Cristina’s Book Reviews will have to do for now…
    Cristina recently posted…Voyager (Outlander #3) by Diana GabaldonMy Profile

    • FayeFaye says

      Awww, thanks, Cristina! Haha, I’m slowly getting back to drawing. Thank Amir for re-igniting that flame in my heart again :P

      Oh, I feel you, girl. The struggle to find something catchy and that will stick is surely a hard one. I just hope that mine is clever in its own way, despite it not really having anything remotely connected to books at all. Hahaha.

  6. says

    Faye, you probably know this already, but you are awesome with everything and thank you for rubbing it in. I totally said that in an endearing way, just to be clear. Hee. Oddly, my blog name came to me before I decided to start a blog. I was like WTH I already have a blog name, why not start a book blog? This is how I process thoughts every freaking time. It’s not in the least helpful but whatever. Love the new feature, Faye-patatas! ;)
    Sarah P. recently posted…Review: The Case of the Stolen Sixpence by Holly Webb, Marion LindsayMy Profile

    • FayeFaye says

      Hahaha, I am SOOO not rubbing it in :P But I’ll take that as a compliment, as I’m sure you were adoring me in disguise. Haha, just kidding. Smitten over Books is very nice, and sounds even elegant to hear. Fits you so well :)

    • FayeFaye says

      Haha, yeah, a lot of blogs seem to have that word or anything close to it in their blog names. And that’s fine, I get that… I wanted to put something like that too, but The Social Potato Reads was already too long :P Plus, the shortcut version, TSP, is kinda… cool too. Haha.

    • FayeFaye says

      Oooh, I don’t think I am aware of what your blog name was like before. Can you comment me what it was before? I’m curious! The Absent Historian is pretty good, too. I like the change, whatever it was before :p

  7. says

    Your comic skills are awesome! This post piqued my interest since I named my blog and started it less than a month ago, so the memories are fresh! For some reason, Quest Reviews just stuck, despite it not being very catchy. I’ve been anxious my entire life, so I did all of my adventuring through reading. Hence… Quest!
    Ellen B recently posted…Comment Drive — Free Books!My Profile

  8. says

    Great comic :) My blog name started out with my blogging pen name and the overarching theme of my blog at the time (Finley Jayne’s Going to the Library), but I recently shortened it to Finley Jayne, because I want to start making my blog about more than just book related topics. My web address was already finleyjayne.com, so it works well to have it shortened I think :)
    Finley Jayne recently posted…I’ll See You Back Here in a Few Weeks!My Profile

    • FayeFaye says

      Thanks, Finley! I didn’t know it was your pen name! I had thought it was your real name actually XD The shortened version is nice. It’s not a mouthful so it works, I think :)

  9. says

    Coming up with my blog name was so hard! I spent days thinking but only came up with sad, miserable options. They just weren’t original. My friend ended up giving me the name “A Perfection Called Books.” It was between that or “Books: My (Mostly) Legal Addiction.” ;) I’m a bit of a perfectionist so that’s where she came up with perfection I guess. I like the name, it’s just a bit long. APCB makes it easier ;) Such a creative idea with the comic strips. Great post, Faye!
    Rachel @ A Perfection Called Books recently posted…ARC Review ~ Trial by Fire by Josephine Angelini + GiveawayMy Profile

    • FayeFaye says

      It’s so hard in general, isn’t it? My previous blog names were so dull and unoriginal so I think I got lucky with this one, especially since there’s no other blog with this name yet. Wahaha! APCB is pretty catchy in itself, too. Thanks, Rachel!

  10. says

    So incredibly talented Faye, just incredible <3
    I think when starting a blog, a name and blog design are probably the hardest step you'll take. Too common and you'll be lost in the blog masses, too obscure and it would be hard to find an audience. And who doesn't love potatoes :) Mine was simple really, I'm overly dramatic, hence the Diva and the Booknerd is pretty self explanatory. Mine is pretty boring really. Looking forward to seeing the next comic strip <3
    Kelly recently posted…The Summer of Kicks by Dave HackettMy Profile

    • FayeFaye says

      Thank you so much, Kelly! You’re so freaking sweet!

      Oh, I know what you mean. When I started on Blogger, getting a good blog design was so, so hard. I ended up just changing the header and the rest were pretty dull, lol. I’m glad I moved to WordPress and personalized it a little bit. I agree, too common names also make it hard to remember because it’s more likely you’ll be mixed up with somebody else. Hopefully mine doesn’t mix up with any other blog name out there. I love your blog name! It radiates with awesomeness ;D

    • FayeFaye says

      Thank you very much, love! It’s not that great :P But hopefully it delivered!

      Turtles in my Soup is cute <3 It's cute and bizarre in a good way, and I can just imagine a turtle having a bath tub ish experience in a soup haha.

    • FayeFaye says

      Thank you so much, Pili! I hope this is the birth of a new and popular feature :P I really want to continue my drawing. :) And potatoes are awesome!

  11. says

    This is so cool! I wish I could art :) you’re so awesome at it, Faye.

    I LOVE your blog name!! Mine had a weird origin. I was an admin for a HP Facebook page, and my admin name was Tuney, short for Petunia (Harry’s aunt). Another admin was Loony. So I made @theloonytuney my Twitter name, and The Loony Teen Writer felt like a natural extension of that – voila! :P
    Emily @ The Loony Teen Writer recently posted…Book Blurbs From Titles – Part Two!My Profile

    • FayeFaye says

      Thank you so much, Emily! I hope I continue to improve. There’s no other way to go but up or forward, as they say.

      Ooooh ^^ That’s a really cool origin story. The name Looney is really cool, actually. I wouldn’t mind having that as a pen name at all – it’s cute, creative, and even crazy in a really good way. Haha.

  12. says

    Woah Faye you are sure talented my girl! I couldn’t draw like that if I wanted to! Coming up with a blog name came naturally to me, as I had a good reason to start my blog back then, to let people know about the things I indulge in that make me happy. I’m just glad it was unique and sort of evolved into into mostly a book blog after then.
    Jeann @ Happy Indulgence recently posted…Isla and the Happily Ever After by Stephanie Perkins Review: Devouring BrillianceMy Profile

    • FayeFaye says

      Thanks, Jeann! It’s not that much, but all I can say is that practice makes perfect. Haha. Happy Indulgence is a pretty good blog name, and it’s not something that limits your subjects to books only, so you can even talk about games and it wouldn’t even sound weird at all XD

  13. says

    <3_<3! I didn't know that you're so talented at drawing, Faye! Is it possible to absorb your drawing skills? XD The story behind my blog name is not really that fascinating. When I first created an account on blogger, I just did it without a lot of thinking. It was like I am trying a new game without planning to play it for a long time. So when blogger asked me for my blog name, I just said to myself "Screw this! Because this is all about thinking and writing, why not just thoughts and pens?" Had I known that I'll go this far, I would have chosen a more unique name. Hahahaha.
    Charlotte @ Thoughts and Pens recently posted…Book Tropes That I HateMy Profile

    • FayeFaye says

      Haha, you can start practicing now! It’s never too late to try something new! Thoughts and Pens is actually perfect for a book blog – it doesn’t sound common, and it even sounds very classy.

  14. says

    I wish I could draw as well as you Faye! Seriously…even my stick figures come out looking like….okay, let’s not even go there. ;)

    But I absolutely love your blog name! :D It’s so original and it really stands out. :) I had a difficult time choosing my name as well, so you’re definitely not alone! Thanks for sharing, and WONDERFUL post! <3
    Zoe @ The Infinite To-Read Shelf recently posted…The Islands at the End of the WorldMy Profile

    • FayeFaye says

      Haha, I don’t thinkg anyone can go wrong with stick figures, Zoe! But surely if you plan to branch out, the only way to improve is to keep on practicing :P Haha! thank you so much! I love our blog name too ^__^

  15. says

    Awww omg I adore this feature.

    I’m a bit of a comic book aficionado so seeing any form of comics makes me so happy. It also makes me insanely jealous that some (like you) have the ability to actually be quite talented at art and create awesome things. Even if you consider your skills “rusty” I still think they’re 4938904380948302 times better than anything I could personally accomplish. My drawing skills are stuck with mindless doodles (swirls, hearts, flowers- the norm) one my science notes and stick figures. Because drawing actual people would require me to be able to draw faces, hands and making the body proportionate. Yeah, not my thing :p

    Your blog name is boss and super unique. Own the potato ladies! Potatoes are actually one of my favorite foods okay. They can be made into so many other yummy things (fries, hashbrowns, chips, etc.) but are also amazing just as potatoes. Okay, I’m going to stop discussing potatoes in order for me to feel like I still have some sort of sense of normalcy with this comment.
    Larissa recently posted…Review: Isla and The Happily Ever After by Stephanie PerkinsMy Profile

    • FayeFaye says

      Thank you so much, Larissa! I love seeing comics in blogs, too, that’s why I decided to put one up. Plus, it’s pretty unique, I think :P Would definitely give the blog so much more dimension. Hey now! I started with swirls and hearts too :P it all needs dedication and I guess practice. Practice makes perfect as what my dude keeps on instilling in my head.

      Thank you so much <3 I love that it's unique! I mean, in a way it is... when I google it, I still keep getting hits about the SOCIAL USES of a potato... hahaha!

  16. says

    Hey Faye, did you draw this on your computer or did you draw it by hand and then scanned it into your computer? I’m asking this for my little sister who loves drawing mangas and she draws awesome ones at that! Will you let me know if there’s a specific software that you use to do these?

    Anyways, that’s crazy and awesome that you really researched to find a blog name. As you can probably tell, I didn’t even bother doing any research. My blog name goes to show how uncreative and lazy I am! :P
    Looking forward to more of these comic strips! :D
    Nick @ Nick’s Book Blog recently posted…Review : Make it Right by Megan EricksonMy Profile

    • FayeFaye says

      I already told you about this on Twitter, but I drew them on the computer :D It takes too long for me to do it by hand, and drawing onto the computer doesn’t really diminish my abilities so far XD I do have a good tablet so that helps, too!

  17. says

    Gosh, every time you pull some new feature here I get reminded how talented you are! So amazing. I love the post and honestly The Social Potato is really unusual and interesting. I love it! :) Especially after meeting Rashika better, I think it really fits her :D (nothing bad girl, you’re awesome ;)) There is no story behind ours, we just were like smart and used our language! :D The title itself means – I’m a reader, are you? . It’s not rocket science, but still it’s unusual for most. Great post, Faye :)
    Tanja recently posted…Cover Reveal: The Artisans by Julie ReeceMy Profile

    • FayeFaye says

      Aww, thank you so much, Tanja! Being complimented by you is such a nice feeling. I agree, I love how The Social Potato is unusual in a sense. You wouldn’t think it was a book blog at first XD

  18. says

    I really like the idea of this feature Faye. Also how awesome are your drawings? They don’t look rusty at all. I totally felt the same way when I was thinking of my blog name, I remember brainstorming names with family and friends until my friend came up with the name for the blog. I do love the name that you went with, its definitely different from the thousands of blogs out there!
    Jasprit recently posted…Movie recap: If I Stay.My Profile

    • FayeFaye says

      Thank you very much, Jasprit! I’m not sure how awesome they are, but I hope they are acceptable ^_^ The Reader’s Den is awesome! Cute and fantastic at the same time, plus your header is absolutely dashing.

  19. says

    Oh I love this story behind the name! I find your blog name to be amusing and totally one of a kind, and it makes me smile to think of- learning it was inspired by The Social Network is really funny. I haven’t seen the film, but if I ever do I’ll just imagine everyone as being a potato, the best vegetable in my books.

    • FayeFaye says

      Awww, thanks so much, Romi! I love the amusing aspect of this one, too. It’s the kind that if given the right pun or circumstances, can be funny :P

    • FayeFaye says

      Thank you so much, Giselle! I hope I will keep on improving myself as I go further along. Haha, I forgot about that slogan – “Haters gonna hate, but potatoes gonna potate” Wheeeeee

  20. says

    Ah it’s a difficult one. You know at first I did a blog with 2 girls and a friend of mine found the name. But it didn’t last because I wanted to do English and they didn’t. So I found an amazing girl Vanessa and we tried one again together and she had actually a blog but didn’t take care of it anymore so we kept the name because I liked it too and it was perfect for English/French blog.
    Melliane recently posted…Interview – Mandy Baxter + Giveaway/ConcoursMy Profile

    • FayeFaye says

      Awww, it sucks they didn’t want to do it in English! I’m different… I want my blog to be in English and not in Filipino because I truly suck in my “mother language”. haha. My communication skills there is very… conversational, at best.

    • FayeFaye says

      Haha, why not! Braine Talk Supe sounds cool as well, although at first I thought it was something more of a trivia blog :P Haha, but it suits you I think!

  21. says

    Freyr (LOL), I’m about to tell you something that I HAVE NEVER TOLD ANYONE.

    I USED YOUR BLOG FOR MOTIVATION to make my own one, back in December 2013, back when you had that previous design. And I thought your blog was so cool (it still is), and that you were so popular (I think you’re a popular blog), and I just thought to myself “Wow, look at this blog, I wish to achieve this level of grandness one day.”

    And here we are. (No I don’t think I have achieved that level yet), but NOW I TALK TO YOU EVERYDAY AND WE’RE BUDDIES (we are friends right LOL), and I’m just really glad you created The Social Potato.

    LOL I don’t know why this turned all sappy and sentimental. BUT YES KEEP DOING MORE COMICS! I’m still going to steal your art talents though. By eating your brain.
    Valerie recently posted…ARC Review: The Winter People (DNF’ed)My Profile

    • FayeFaye says

      Haha, please don’t actually call me Freyr outside the comic feature :)) PLZPLZ

      Awwww, that’s so nice! I feel so honored that I was your inspiration. That fattens my heart so very much (and it’s not because of the oil or grease I eat or whatever… it’s a Filipino expression “nakakataba ng puso” meaning you’re very moved and overwhelmed haha) I don’t think we’re that grand yet, but I do feel grand with your saying that! ^_^

      We’re absolutely friends! So glad I invited you to Hangouts :P It wouldn’t be the same without you!

  22. says

    Oooh, this is so awesome, and your comic skills are brilliant Faye! Rusty? Pssscht! I always wondered how you came up with your blog name – I found it so unique and funny. Hehehe I love potatoes too…mashed potato, baked potato, potato salad….mmmmm *drools*

    Please, please do more of these comics, they are so amazing. Can I steal some of your artistic skills please?!
    Joy @ Thoughts By J recently posted…ARC Review: Heir of Fire (Throne of Glass #3) by Sarah J. MaasMy Profile

    • FayeFaye says

      Aww, thanks! Now you need to wonder no more ^_^ Potatoes are so good, too! I prefer it second to the rice, of course. Rice still rocks for me, but there’s bias there cause I’m Asian XD

  23. Melanie (YA Midnight Reads) says

    Hah! I love this!

    My blog name wasn’t originally YA Midnight Reads, it was actually something really horrifying that even now I cringe whenever I think about it. I changed it about 2 months after, because it was just so terrible, and I don’t really wanna change my blog name ever now because YMR has just kinda stuck xD

    Awesome post, Faye <33

    • FayeFaye says

      Haha, oh goodness, I really want to know what name it was before Melanie! :D I’m sure it’s not as bad as you make it seem haha! YA Midnight Reads is like a trademark of its own now so agree, no need to change it ;)

  24. says

    You’re so talented, Faye! Great strip!

    I had a really hard time coming up with a blog name. I wanted Joy Reads but that was the name of my old blog and due to some circumstances, I couldn’t use it again. I like my blog name now… but I can’t take credit for it. That’s my boyfriend’s idea and I just couldn’t think of anything else so I said, why not?
    Joy @ The Bookshelf Intruder recently posted…Interview + Giveaway: Tour Stop for The Girl He Knows by Kristi RoseMy Profile

    • FayeFaye says

      Thank you so much, Joy! The Bookshelf Itnruder sounds really good, and you’re the first one I’ve seen use it so that’s a good sign too :)

  25. says

    Nice comic strip! :) I’d say to try to improve drawing the character’s nose. Somehow, in my perspective (since I also had an Anatomy class) it looks a bit like the bone of the nose with the cartilage also gone.

    But still this is a nice addition to your great blog :)

    Regarding the question, I would think that most blog owners have the same problem. I also had a hard time in coming up with the name for my blog. But it will always depend on how creative or serious the blogger will treat his/her blog. ^_^
    Kevin Cortes recently posted…Events: Fully Booked and Comic Odyssey’s Paint The Town Red Sale 2014My Profile

    • FayeFaye says

      Thank you so much, Kevin!

      Yeah, everyone wants to have that catchy name. I think I was very lucky I was first to think of this! I can talk about anything I want and don’t need to limit it to books at all.

    • FayeFaye says

      Haha, yes! I’d still love to look at your stick figures, Christy ;)

      Awww, I’m sorry you hate it :( What did you intend your blog to be at first? :O

    • FayeFaye says

      Awww, thank you so much, Mel! I love it that you love it!

      Oh, that’s a really good origin story! I wish I had thought of that, it sounds very catching. The Daily Prophecy is already a trademark, so a job well done I say in marketing yourself! Plus, I love the fairy tale theme you have going there ^_^

  26. says

    I agree potatoes rock and I actually love your blog name and the first time I came across your blog I thought your blog name was so original and funny and that definitely helped my descision to follow your blog.
    Your drawing is pretty good, I am looking forward to see more strips!
    Lola recently posted…About Me: Which reviews do you read?My Profile

    • FayeFaye says

      Awww, that’s so sweet of you, Lola! Thank you so much for the sweet words. I appreciate that you decided to follow us because of it. Only goes to show that it’s important to have a memorable blog name, yes? :)

  27. says

    I have had some god awful blog names! It took me ages to come up with The Shelf Diaries. My tumblr which I started blogging about books on first is titty-bookgoose. Which I think it hysterical because titty. I think the process of choosing a name is a little excruciating. You need to get it right for you :’)

    I love this new feature! You are such a good artist and I look forward to more strips from you! :)

    Alex @ The Shelf Diaries
    Alex :) recently posted…Review: Cursed by Jennifer L. ArmentroutMy Profile

    • FayeFaye says

      Haha, I’m really curious to know what those were, Alex! The Shelf Diaries is very good! It reminds of the “The Vampire Diaries” to be completely honest haha.

  28. says

    LOL! I love this feature. You are a great artist! The name of my blog is well.. crazy. It has nothing to do with books. My blog was originally going to be a blog about my life and then .. well that was kind of boring. I kept seeing all these book blogs and knew that was more of the direction I wanted to take my blog in!
    Angie @Angela’s Anxious Life recently posted…Sunday PostMy Profile

    • FayeFaye says

      My previous blogs before this one was mainly about my life, too :P Then I humbly realized nobody wanted to know about it except my friends and family, so I decided to go for a book blog this time around knowing it’s something I can share with everyone XD

  29. says

    Oh, you drew this? HOOOW? It looks so cool! Definitely looking more of this :) And LOL! Your blog name story is way more fun than mine which happened like this: I wanted the word fantasy to be used in my own language and since fantasy is in translation also imagination in English, then at first my blog name was in Estonian, but then I wanted it to be in English so I translated it and yep, that’s how my blog name came to be :D I love your name though :) And you’re right! Finding a blog name IS bloody difficult ;)
    Siiri recently posted…Review: Come Back to Me by Mila GrayMy Profile

    • FayeFaye says

      WHOA. Your blog name sure had a very complicated origin O_O I like your blog name, though. “Imagination” has always been one of my favorite English words.

  30. says

    HA, yeah…hum I was thinking about it of course but, I don’t know, it just came all of the sudden. I often read books that I either love or hate and I often say in my review that oh, this is a hit or miss book so it was like a sign, LOL. Of course, of course, patatoes rock. ;)
    Lola recently posted…The Seven Deadly Sins TagMy Profile

    • FayeFaye says

      Haha, very true. I’ve had my fair share of “hit or miss” books so I can definitely understand where you’re coming from!

  31. says

    I’m loving your new feature! :)

    Honestly, I didn’t give my blog name much thought. I never, ever thought I would actually have followers, or that “strangers” would want to read what I have to say. I started a blog because my friend and I love to read, she had one, and I thought it would be fun. Lost in Literature popped in my head, I liked it, and I just went with it. :) I’m amazed every day at how many people stop by my blog every day. It’s so humbling and makes my heart smile. :)
    Lisa @ Lost in Literature recently posted…Release Day Launch: In Her Wake by K.A. Tucker ~ Review, Excerpt & Giveaway!My Profile

    • FayeFaye says

      Thank you so much, Lisa! I love that you love it! ^_^

      Definitely gives the experience a whole new dimension when people regularly go to your blog to read your posts, huh? I don’t pay that much special attention to stats anymore, but when I heck every now and then, it warms the heart to know people visited because they cared.

  32. says

    First, that graphic is amazing. YOU are amazing. =)

    I love this topic because picking my blog name was SUPER important to me. I wanted something unique that would also fit me. So… we all know how big of a romantic I am, and there’s the phrase “love at first sight” – how could I resist a name that combined my love of books with my love of love?! Thus, Love at First Page was born. :D

    • FayeFaye says

      Aww, thanks, love! I appreciate it. I think more thinking should be done with blog names. That’s basically your BRAND name and something you say when people ask about your blog. It’s what you identify with as the writer and blogger, and if it’s a name you love, the better moticated you become ^_^

  33. says

    ‘Because potatoes rock’

    Agreed! To be honest, I’ve thought of putting a potato on my blog name too. But then I saw you on GR……. so that’ll be a little awkward :P Then I got ‘It’s A Book Thing!’ from a library in New York, I think, and I thought it was cool. But authors and bloggers keeps getting it wrong because my Blog name and URL is different. So I just decided to change it to ‘Her Book Thoughts’. :D

    Love the new feature! Huuhuhuhu I wish I could do that drawing stuff.
    Paula M. @ Her Book Thoughts! recently posted…THE To-Be-Read TAG!My Profile

    • FayeFaye says

      Haha, glad to see that you agree with me, Paola! Although, to be completely honest, they’re second to steamed/fried rice :P I’ll pick the latter any day!

      WHAT?! You thought of putting a potato?! HAHAHA! That’s hilarious! You should have gone ahead, though ;) The world can’t have too many potatoes, seriously!