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Hello everybody! Welcome to the second day in our week long blogoversary! For the next couple of days, we’re going to be interviewing some of our favorite authors and maybe there will even be a couple more giveaways along the way! So without further ado, I’d like to welcome Jenn Bennett on to the blog! She’s one of my favorite authors and I know that I’ll always be taken care of in her hands. Plus, you all know what a die-hard fan I am of the Arcadia Bell series… I will continue to push that one at you!  GO shoo… but not yet because it’s time for you to get to know this fabulously friendly and talented author better!

What’s your favorite thing about being an author?

The joy of discovery.  Each day that I write, I uncover something new about a character or unravel a plot twist I hadn’t realized was possible. That is enormously exciting and satisfying.

If you had to choose, what do you think your favorite genre would be?

I hope I never do have to choose, because my reading varies from literary to mystery to low fantasy, and that’s just in one week. But my favorite element in everything I read is romance. What can I say? I like to read about love. Proud romance lover, right here.

So, a birdy told me you have a new YA book coming out next fall, can you tell us more about it?

It’s called THE ANATOMICAL SHAPE OF A HEART, and it’s a contemporary romance (surprise!) about two artists: a girl who’s an aspiring medical illustrator, sneaking into a Willed Body lab to draw cadavers, and a boy who leads a secret double life as an anonymous street artist, defacing San Francisco monuments. It’s probably my personal favorite of all the books I’ve written, and it comes out in hardcover next November. I’M THIS EXCITED ABOUT IT. (A lot.)

Now that you’ve written both Adult and Young Adult books, do you have any plans to write New Adult ones?

I’ve considered it, yes. But I think it’s a genre that’s mostly been successful for indie writers, and as someone who’s only been doing the NYC publishing thing,  I’m a little hesitant to break away from my agent and hire my own editing team, cover artist, publicist, etc.  My hat goes off to all the writers that take that plunge.

This is going to be a tough question, what’s the book that affected/inspired you the most?

Ahh! I can’t choose!  How about three? 1) McELLIGOT’S POOL by Dr. Seuss, which is all about the allure of escapism and believing that anything’s possible. 2) OUTLANDER by Diana Gabaldon, which is full of kilts and swordfights and swoon-worthy romance. 3) HIS DARK MATERIALS, by Philip Pullman—which is cheating, because it’s three books. But it’s a subversive children’s adventure with terrific world-building and a great heroine, and there’s even a bit of romance toward the end.

Time for a round of THIS OR THAT

Vanilla or chocolate?


Netflix or Hulu?


Music or no Music?

Half silence, half Spotify.

Coffee or tea?

As long as it’s iced, either.

YA or Adult?

Lately, YA. Sorry, Adult books!

Jenn Bennett

JENN BENNETT is an artist and author who writes books for adults and teens, including the Roaring Twenties series (Bitter Spirits, Berkley Sensation) and the Arcadia Bell UF series (Kindling the Moon, Pocket Books). Her first YA contemporary romance, The Anatomical Shape of a Heart, will be released in 2015 (Feiwel & Friends). She lives near Atlanta with one husband and two evil pugs.

 Find her on:

Twitter | Website | Facebook | Goodreads

Jenn has also very graciously offered up one of her books (reader’s choice) to our readers! Find a list of her works here… 

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  1. says

    I always want to read that series but somehow I can never get past the blurb. NEVER. But whatever, I’d go with Vanilla myself. And the YA book sounds kinda awesome, maybe Graffiti Moon like and I loooooooooooobbbbbbbbe that book. :)
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  2. says

    I love Jenn Bennett and her books SO much. She is one of my favorites. So.. how excited am I for The Anatomical Shape of My Heart – UMMMMMMMMMM> SO FREAKING MUCH. I can’t believe I have to wait until next November. D:

    I love that her answer to favorite genre is romance! Me too, Jenn, me too. :)
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  3. voguishgeek says

    You guys are awesome bloggers! I wish I, too, have time for having an alive blog. I’m too busy with school right now so I’m just hanging out on goodreads once in a while, rating books and giving some reviews. :)