Recaps, Rants, Raves: The 100, Season 2 Episode 1 – MIXED BUT MAINLY POSITIVE EMOTIONS

Recaps, Rants, Raves is a sporadic feature here at The Social Potato where we’ll share our thoughts of a TV show every Saturday! For now, we have the second season of The 100!

Disclaimer: Ahead are recaps, reactions, and rants about the CW show The 100. If you haven’t watched the episode or the series, and you plan to do so, it is advised not to proceed due to inevitable spoilers. Otherwise, enjoy!

Oh, my goodness. HI AGAIN, GUYS. Faye here! I know I promised the last time we had a RRR on the blog (The 100, Season 1 Episode 13) that we would feature the second season as soon as it aired, but it was during that time that I had a lot of things going on in real life, and thus, I have failed to fulfill my promise. So here I am, a few months too late, but we’ll be catching up to the latest episode of this series soon as we’ll be featuring TWO RRRs a week until The 100 Season 2 ends. YAY! (Assuming, of course, it doesn’t end before we’re halfway there…)

I’m so excited to start the second season. I haven’t watched a single episode yet, because I want to write my recap as I go along. That means, I would be “live-recapping”. I watch the episode, and if I get a strong reaction, I will write my take/opinion/rant/rave here. That would mean my feelings may change as I write and watch further, so take note! ENJOY!

The Episode in a Nutshell:


My Thoughts:

1.) Hazmat Suit Guy Is Fucking Creepy + First Sign of Blood = Me Feeling Nauseous. Okay, I’m looking at this scene where Clarke wakes up in this brightly-lit white room, looks outside from her door window, only to be surprised by a hazmat suit guy staring at her complete with a booming sound effect that I’m positive was created to make your heart jump out of your mouth. Aside from that, I’m only a minute and a few seconds in, and I’m already creeped out by this new setting… it really gives off that sense of dystopia where your every move is recorded and monitored by a thousand eyes, and I don’t know guys, but I’m feeling a sense of 1984 Orwell-style here. I’m really wondering how the hell there’s a facility out here that is this advanced within seeing radius of the delinquents’ camp. I mean, come on now, to be able to notice the presence of these teenagers, you’d have to be reasonably nearby to be able to know you can finally snatch them during their weakest point (fighting off the “natives). We’ve had a panoramic view of where they are and their surroundings in season 1 and we didn’t really see any institution that stood out. But then again, Finn, Clarke, and Wells were able to find a bunker that was stuck really deep in the soil… so it may be possible.

And also, geez, Clarke, can’t you please be careful?! The wound she got from the broken glass door window made me want to look away. Give the make-up artist or the CGI artist a pat on the back for a job well done… or a gore well done, more like it.

Make no mistake, I actually love the blood.


2.) Holy shit, there are survivors who are having a bloody tacky tea party?! Okay, I’m not sure if Clarke’s actually dreaming of this, or this situation is actually real and that even after a hundred years have passed THERE ARE ACTUALLY PEOPLE WHO SURVIVED AND ARE HAVING PANCAKES IN THE FUCKING POST-APOCALYPSE. I’m torn between shaking my head and laughing at the hilarity of this scene. Seriously, I’m even more convinced now that this is an underground facility, because I have no idea how someone can wear a formal dress, pick up a teacup with their pinky finger out, sip some tea, look out the window, and stare at a two-headed deer while casually commenting about the weather.

“Fine weather today, have we?”
“Oh, we surely! Just a bit of radioactivity here and there and mayhaps some acid rain or two. I bet a mutation is happening as we speak!”

Seriously, the only way these people can live like this in a dying world is if they’re ignorant of the world outside. And are being kept ignorant by powers-that-be.

You can’t fool the queen.

3.) Slit throats make one dizzy Faye.  First of all, YAY BELLAMY!!! I remember hating so much at the start of this series. Mainly because I already had some bias beforehand as he was such a douchecanoe in the book version (which is seriously not a good version IN ANY WAY), but as I continued to watch, he became more and more endearing and now I cannot get enough of him. I’m so happy to finally see him again, covered in blood and all. I can’t really say the same for Finn because I started disliking to full-on hating him by the end of Season 1. I have a kinder heart now (it’s a part of my 2015 resolution) so I won’t be ranting about him for a while… hopefully he redeems in my eyes, but I seriously hope he won’t get in the way of my Bellarke shipping or else…

But yeah, the Grounder slitting that delinquent’s throat really surprised me. Such indifference! You’d have to be surrounded by death and be numbed by it all to be able to kill someone without batting an eye…

And seriously, is it me or is this TV show not afraid to show cringe-worthy scenes anymore? That scene with Octavia’s beau pulling something from her leg and putting hot steel on it made me want to cover my eyes with rainbows and butterflies. How else to numb the mental pain?

Also, RAVEN YOU SO KICKASS. Only you could pretend to be unconscious/dead and incapacitate an enemy with the grace of a warrior princess. Yup.

I’m looking forward to seeing more of Raven’s kickassery in the coming episodes. She’s my favorite female character next to Clarke, and just thinking about the butts she’ll be kicking to the curb makes me dance in excitement

4.) I love grandpas but Old Man Wallace just screams RED ALERT DO NOT TRUST. I’m not sure how his name is spelled, but first impressions of this “leader”… I don’t know how to say it but the actor acting the part effectively made me want to shower myself ten times over. You know how in post-apocalyptic series like The Walking Dead there is always that community where it seems like it’s too perfect to be true, only to find out that it is too perfect to be true and there are secrets hiding within? I’m 99.4% sure Wallace has something shady up his blue sleeves and I’m so proud of Clarke for not falling for his charms and his talks of “rescuing” her. That moment where she cut the stiletto’s heel was so fucking kickass I was flailing inside. Go, Clarke! Go, Clarke!

(Okay, watched more and apparently Old Man Wallace noticed the heel… hmph… can’t blame Clarke for trying!)

I really like it that this show portrayed Jasper and Morty being very reluctant to leave this underground community. For a long, long while they’ve been trying their best and risking their lives just to survive. And even before that, they were imprisoned in the Ark for various “crimes”, if you can even call it that as it was shown in Season 1 that sentences were unfairly given. I think anyone in that situation would embrace a chance to be in a secure and safe community, to be able to live without having to watch behind your back and to finally live a normally – eat good food, cake included, and seek companionship that isn’t defined by guns and constant fighting. Hopefully Clarke will eventually convince them and they’ll see the dirt behind the glamour of this place (assuming of course I am right that this community isn’t what it seems).

(But, Jasper, why did you stop her from escaping… whyyyyyyyy. She was going to go out and find herself in Bellamy’s arms! After finding and rescuing him first, of course…)


5.) OMFG KANE KANE KANE KANE!!! Kane to the bloody rescue, bitches. OMG, that scene where he kills the Grounder made me want to skip all the way to happyland! I am so happy to finally see the rest of the Ark people finally meeting our precious delinquents… because one, happy reunion! and two, they can finally make a community of their own complete with resources and weapons and grown-ups. Reliable grown-ups. Not that Clarke and co. aren’t reliable, but at least they can take a backseat for a while, right?

6.) Okay, I take that back. Nevermind. I thought I would start liking Kane, but arresting Bellamy? SACRILEGE! Obviously, I’m kidding, but he worries me somehow. I understand the need for there to be rules, and since he’s older and more… accustomed… to being in charge, he’d be the ones enforcing that, but dude, is there seriously a need to be so harsh and pushy? He has to remember that these teenagers have been on Earth far longer than he and lackeys have and they have more experience with regards to its dangers. I wish later on that he’ll be far more cooperative and willing to work with them rather than making him work for him.


7.) Camp Jaha. Well, that sure stirred something inside me… you know, that fragile thing that pulls your heartstrings and makes your tearducts ultra-sensitive? Even though I’m starting this season with a rather mild dislike for Kane (mostly because I fear of what he’ll become if he becomes too power-hungry), I really appreciate them paying tribute to their former leader who sacrificed his life so they can have theirs on Earth.

8.) OH FRACK PERHAPS WE WON’T BE SAYING GOODBYE TO JAHA JUST YET. Jesus Christ, this series seriously keeps surprising me. You know that feeling when you’re SO ready to say goodbye to such a precious person, only to be revived later on when a flicker of hope appears in front of you? That ending scene with Jaha trying to call out to the people on Earth, heeding them to take care of each other, gave me a sense of defeat because it was like he was giving his dying message. He was ready to die, and I was ready for him to die (of course unwillingly), and then boom! A BABY’S CRY RESONATES IN THE ARC! You know what that means?

It means Good Guy Jaha will now try to find a way to save the baby, because that is simply how a real leader is, which would eventually result to him possibly surviving, too! This makes me so, so, so happy. I love Jaha. He’s one of the best characters in this show, and one of the very few who you know truly has a pure heart of gold. I’m glad to see that even though this show is full of sketchy characters, the good ones won’t be reducing their numbers any time soon!

I’m seriously crossing my fingers we’ll see more of him in the second season!


I love this episode so, so much. There are already so many surprises and I love how they’re all separated now and have storylines of their own. It would be interesting to see how they’ll be acting from now on since they truly only have themselves to trust and how they will find each other again along the way. Season 2 is looking to be very bright, indeed.

Rating Report
Overall: 4.3

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  1. says

    I have no idea what you’re talking about here, I don’t watch the show, but this is funny>>Hazmat Suit Guy Is Fucking Creepy + First Sign of Blood = Me Feeling Nauseous. I hope you’re doing better now, Faye! Happy 2015!

  2. Laila BC says

    i forgot how i missed your 100 recap…still haven’t seen a single episode…but i’m kinda in a know about what’s going on thru your fab recap Faye. Perhaps is about time i should see this Raven badass girl and the brave leader Jaha. I am getting hopeful that this tv series is getting better…your first recap was far from glowing.

  3. says

    GORE GALORE. Maybe I should watch the TV series. I consider it every time it comes on the telly but then I remember how much everyone hates the book, including you I think? and then I stop. Whaddaya say? Also happy new year!
    Stuti recently posted…HAPPY NEW YEAR!My Profile

  4. says

    YES! I can finally participate in The 100 posts now, since I’m up to date with all the episodes. Wallace just reminds me of The Governor in TWD, just an old version. He has that same sinister passive aggressive demeanor about him that keeps you on edge. I was waiting for him to strike. One thing I’ve found with season two, is that it’s far more intense than season one as well. I think you’ve been the first book blogger to publicly support the show as well, now it’s practically got a cult following.

    Looking forward to season two recaps, you’ve still got a few more to catch up on.
    Brilliant Faye, really enjoyed it <3
    Kelly recently posted…Soulprint by Megan MirandaMy Profile