Series Talk: The Addicted Trilogy

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That, my friends, is the full Addicted trilogy (minus the novellas and spin-off series). You can click on the covers to check them out on Goodreads!

So today I wanted to talk about my favorite new adult series. For those of you who’ve read and loved it, please do fangirl along with me! If you haven’t, I hope this post’ll give you the push you need to finally read these amazing books.

Without further ado, here are the things I absolutely loved about this series:

All those real problems we’re uncomfortable talking about? This series will change your views on them. For the better.

Our main character, Lily, is a sex addict. Believe me, I was slightly baffled at this idea when I started this series. As the books went on, I slowly realized that this sickness is real, and that there are people suffering it, who are being judged every day for something that wasn’t their fault.

There is also, of course, the issue of sexism. One book (I can’t remember which one, or if it’s in the novellas) mentioned that men sex addicts can be considered heroes, while females with sex addiction are shunned. That sucks, you know? But it’s true as well, and this book will make you realize that it shouldn’t be a universal truth.

Lo, the hero, is experiencing alcoholism. I love how this aspect is handled in the books. Again, no spoilers, so I’ll have to leave you guys hanging.

I kinda love angst, and the Addicted series has it. Lots of it.

Yeah, I’m so an angst girl, believe it or not. These books have the perfect amount of angst that will make you sympathize with the characters and feel for them. I’m not even sure I can count how many times this series made me cry. Yes, I do reread these books and yes, I still end up tearing up even after the 3948420348324th time.

The love is real. For them and for us.

Now you’re probably thinking, What the hell are you talking about, Aimee? For US? Why yes, that wasn’t a typo. What I mean is, all the characters in this series love each other so immensely, which is why we’ll all end up loving them, too. It’s really easy to get into this circle of friends and family and to be so intensely attached to their stories.

So much character development…

In the first book, there were a few moments where I kind of wanted to push Lily off a cliff. But throughout the books, she tries to stay strong for the people around her (and for herself), and I’ve come to respect both her and Lo for trying so hard. Hell, if I were in any of their situations, I would probably just give up and lock myself in my room for a billion years.

Even the secondary characters… I can’t even call them secondary characters anymore! Everyone becomes their own person (I do have a particular favorite person in mind… Connor Cobalt, anyone?), and you’re going to be so attached to each and every one of them.

So, there.

If you remember how I rated the books individually on Goodreads, you’ll know that I didn’t give any from the trilogy (not counting the spin-off series) higher than 4 stars, but really, the more I reread them, the more I get addicted to them. And because of that, here’s my overall rating for this wonderful series:

Rating Report
Overall: 4.5

(Whoa. Have I ever given a rating this high on The Social Potato before? XD)

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  1. says

    Okay, I do not read these types of books, but after reading your reviews… hmmm… if I can get past the covers (those kinds of cover images really annoy me), maybe I can try one. Romance with a message? Wow. I am always jabbing my sister about reading Romances. I wonder if I can get her to read one with a social statment? You know, I never have asked her why she reads them. I should do that. She made me promise to read one Contemporary Romance last summer, so I picked a free Kindle ebook and I just couldn’t finish it. It was really awful. Maybe I should try it again with a higher grade book. I must admit, when I was in my 20s, I used to read this series of paperback novels about naughty airline stewardesses. Lol. They helped me fall asleep at night.
    La La in the Library recently posted…TELL ME TUESDAY #26My Profile

  2. says


    Things I learned from this series :
    From Lily : Things aren’t always black and white, there are dozen layers of greys and neutrals
    From Loren : Love can overcome fear of any kind
    From Rose : You are loved for who you are and what you are.
    From Connor : Sometimes dreams change, and you should never compromise happiness
    From Ryke : An act of selflessness proves a great love
    From Daisy : Do not change for anyone, love who you are and be free

    I am so sorry for being so cheesy but this book is just too much feels. huhuhu I love love love love this series, everything from Krista and Becca is awesome. <3

    And Connor. I am here. Always. *wink*

  3. says

    Aimee I am crying right now. Oh my god. And I applied such good make up today, too. DAMN IT!
    Okay, I’ve calmed down a bit. Whoa. I just got hit with the feels. I love this series so much and i’m so glad you do too! You pretty much perfectly articulated all my sentiments on this series. Lily & Lo, their addictions and the society issues this series faces without throwing them in your face. The side characters not being side characters anymore LOL. Aimee this post is perfect.
    Lily recently posted…The Law of Moses: ReviewMy Profile

  4. says

    Hey I expected this post to be posted by Rashika! Bah I’ve got rusty for not being around that much lately. Anyhow I do agree with you, but my problem is that sometimes there is just too much angst. I can take some of it, but I have that problem with NA that I just start rolling my eyes at some point. Still I hope you’ll get more books from the sisters soon. Great post, Aimee :)
    Tanja recently posted…Top 10 Books Glass Is Looking Forward the Most in 2015My Profile

  5. says

    I’ve only read the first book, but it was definitely one of the best NA books I’ve ever read! Couldn’t have expected less from bloggers-slash-writers, though. ;) It’s a relief to know that the rest of the books in the series were just as great. And I know what you mean about Lily! When I first heard read the blurb, I was like… okayyy — more excuses to add in sex scenes, huh? But I read it anyway because the authors were bloggers I knew, and after I finished it, I was blown away. I just love how Krista and Becca touched on “tabooed” topics that others wouldn’t have explored at all.

    OKAY, so I can’t really remember much about the characters other than Lily and Lo and Cobalt (I have no idea why I remembered him, of all people xD), but I felt warm and fuzzy when you mentioned them, so they must have been good. I remember the cast of characters being very well developed, too, even if I can’t remember their individual names… Oops!

    Hoping to get to the rest of the series soon, Aimee! This was such an awesome post :D
    Megan recently posted…A Series You *Have* to Read Before You DieMy Profile

  6. says

    Whoa Aimee, this sounds heavy and I never thought you read books like these lol. I think I read a review, from you, before about a character who was a sex addict too, though I’m not sure if this was the same book or maybe it was just similar to this one. This looks like a good series but I promised to read a lot of fantasy books this year so maybe I’ll read this after I’ve crossed off some books in my tbr list.

    And seeing Jules obsessing over this? I’m convinced, I’ll read this soon. :p
    Ella recently posted…Hello 2015!My Profile

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    YAY thank you for writing this Aimee, this series is absolutely amazing and I just loved how it banished those sorts of stereotypes you know? I think it talked about sex addict men hailed as heroes and women as sluts in the 2nd book which I just read. It’s sad but true and yes, it is a sickness in our society and I’m glad that this series raises awareness about it.
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  8. says

    A few of my friends have been pushing me to read this series for a while now and I definitely plan to binge some time this year. I keep hearing amazing things. I am NOT an angst girl, but I think the kind in these books I’ll be okay with. Thank you for sharing! I can’t wait to meet these couples. :)
    Danielle @ Love at First Page recently posted…Series Review: Article 5My Profile