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Recaps, Rants, Raves is a sporadic feature here at The Social Potato where we’ll share our thoughts of a TV show every Saturday! For now, we have the second season of The 100!

Disclaimer: Ahead are recaps, reactions, and rants about the CW show The 100. If you haven’t watched the episode or the series, and you plan to do so, it is advised not to proceed due to inevitable spoilers. Otherwise, enjoy!

And we’re back for some more The 100 goodness. This is once again Faye as Aimee is too busy with schoolwork to watch Bellarke from happening (I am not guilt-tripping her, I swear! Heehee ;D), but hey, you all love me so that works out in the end, yeah? In any case, I have to admit that I may have just been a liiiiittle overexcited about Episode 1 that my review of it may have been a little too.. overenthusastic, writing it without the critical-ness that I should have. I mean, Clarke got a nasty wound which shows blood for only a second or two, and then she’s moving around like it doesn’t hurt and the blood conveniently “washed away” when it should be pouring like a waterfall… I dunno. Maybe. ISN’T THAT SUPPOSED TO BE PHYSICS OR SOMETHING. In any case, here’s episode 2. Enjoy!

The Episode in a Nutshell:


My Thoughts:

1.) OPENING MOVIE WHAAAAAT. Okay, first – breathe in, breathe out, inhale, exhale. If you think I’m overreacting about a movie intro that doesn’t even last more than two minutes, you may be right. You absolutely have the right to think I’ve gone batshit insane and I won’t fault you for it IN ANY WAY, but OH MY GOODNESS! It was just epic.

Have you watched The Hunger Games movie? What did you notice about the scenery and the atmosphere of the surroundings? It gives you that bleak feeling, right? That there’s an absence of civilization, and it gives this aura of defeatedness like we’re alone and we’re off to fend for ourselves in a planet that has gone ape-fracking-shit. The intro gave me that, which is probably really weird to hear, because I can just hear the people saying, “It’s just a normal intro, woman… >:(” I don’t give a fuck, though. It was awesome.

2.) THAT BABY. GAVE ME FEELS. AND THEN DESPAIR. Haha, I loved what they did with the baby. At first, after pondering about the first episode after I posted my recap, I realized in hindsight of the impossibility of Jaha finding a living and crying baby in a cramped, stuffy, closed container where oxygen should have been depleted considering that a significant amount of time has passed since his people landed on Earth. I mean, sure, I thought it was genius for the baby to symbolize hope and give Jaha a newfound purpose (otherwise, he would have been resigned to his fate to die forever in the vast emptiness of space… which is really bloody lonely…), but the inconsistency of their meeting just bugged the hell out of me. Take note, this is after I posted my review, in which the feels during the episode has subsided and my mind started working as usual…

BUT WHEN IT WAS FOUND OUT THERE WAS NO ACTUAL BABY AND IT WAS ALL HIS IMAGINATION I kinda just I dunno I was overjoyed at the brilliance of it (I may or may not be thinking of this later, but at this moment, my mind is just blown to smithereens) and kinda sad at the same time, too, because I really wanted there to be a living symbol of life in his hands.  But at the same time, this works, too, although I have to say, Wells suddenly appearing and cheering his dad on was a bit cheesy… I admit that I turned away in second-hand embarrassment at this one because it wasn’t something I expected The 100 to do.

3.) Someone give Raven an Oscar! The woman acting as her is seriously damn talented. I can even say she’s far more expressive and effective in portraying her emotions than Clarke, who has been sporting a rather stagnant poker face since Season 1. When she was in pain and was clutching Finn’s hand as she steeled herself for her spine operation, I was just mesmerized. She was simply so good that I felt for her every step of the way, feeling her cries and screams resonating in my very bones. And when she teared up during and after the operation as she lost the nerves in her left leg, I really thought she was truly Raven and she wasn’t acting a part because she just possessed the character somehow, you know? Made her feel real and genuine and not some fictional character we’re watching on the screen. God, #feels.

I seriously have a girl-crush on her right now.

4.) Finn, I kinda-ish forgive you-ish already. Maybe. Ahhh, Finn, you emotional manipulator cheating scumbag. Or at least, you were in Season 1. I remember hating this dude so much that I’ve become quite irrational about his very existence in the show. I just couldn’t accept how he would emotionally hurt Raven and Clarke and be all goody-goody with the Grounders later (“We have to be friends with them!” “Maybe there is another wya we can find peace!” among other things). Yes, I may have found… amusement… when he was tied up and dragged by a horse in the premiere episode of the second season, but when he stood by Raven here and comforted her and endured her screams and pain with her, I felt a newfound respect for him growing within me.

I’ve put a lot of trust in you, Finn… don’t disappoint me now O_O AND DON’T STEAL CLARKE FROM BELLAMY. YOU AND HERE ARE NOT MEANT TO BE.

I also swear I am not like this all the time. I am not a possessive fangirl. I just… really want Clarke and Bellamy together… *fidgets*

The ship that we deserve.

4.) But seriously, editing fail here… that punch did not happen. There was this scene where Octavia was going to punch a friend of Lincoln… and it was hilariously edited because a few frames, she’s throwing a punch, and then the next frames show the dude being “punched” except we never see the fist coming… in any way… I mean, It’s not a big deal, but it was just funny to watch (and rewind in order to watch over and over again haha).

But… where was the hand?! WHERE WAS IT?!


But seriously, this girl has grown a lot since this series started. She has become so strong, resilient, independent, and willing to take matters in her own hands, which I can’t really say the same for certain people (I am looking at you, Jasper… what, chocolate cake?! WHO CARES ABOUT CHOCOLATE CAKE! The power of friendship is more important!)

5.) CLARKE IS LOVE. Need I elaborate more? I think this reason is self-explanatory. Please continue being you, Clarke. Continue to see through their bullshit and unveil the truth and the lying bastards that they are. Old Man Wallance is NOT to be trusted!

6.) That. Ending. Can this show surprise me even more? Now we know where the Grounders have all suddenly disappeared, leaving only a small number of them left. Everyone is threatened by Old Man Wallace now!


A much better episode than the premiere in more ways than one. The pace of the story, the awesomeness and honest portrayal of the show’s characters, and the twists and turns it keeps throwing at us… there is a reason why this remains as popular as it is. I, for one, am impatient for episode 2.

Rating Report
Overall: 4.2


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  1. says

    Isn’t it funny how we can love something while we are watching or reading it because of the emotions of the moments but later when we look back on it and really “think” about it, we see so many faults we didn’t at first?

    Crazy how that works!

    Wonderful recap Faye! I hope you have a fabulous weekend!
    kindlemom1 recently posted…Review: The Bargaining by Carly Anne WestMy Profile

    • FayeFaye says

      I knooow! I only realized it when my boyfriend pointed out to me the inconsistencies and that’s when my brain started working from its overly enthusiastic state. I was like, “OH MY GOD you are right how could I overlook something so major like that?!”

      Oh, well. Only goes to show how awesome the series is, I guess? :P

    • FayeFaye says

      I won’t hurt you! The first five episodes of Season 1 were pretty shitty. Trust me that it gets better and better, and Season 2 pretty much exploded in epicness. I know my assurance is pretty thin in credibility, but trust meeee, do it for the Bellarke flag :P

    • FayeFaye says

      Good choice, Tabitha! You wouldn’t appreciate this much otherwise if you already know the twists and turns ;) Come back and discuss with me when you’ve read them!

  2. Laila BC says

    i might just be tempted to watch the S1 now with my sis and marathon it with her if S2 will be promising as this :) thanks for this exciting recaps Faye.

    • FayeFaye says

      Raven is totally bad-ass, not only in character but when she’s acting. I hope she becomes really big after this! I need to see more of her in mainstream movies.

  3. says

    The baby! That shocked me too. His escape was all too convenient. Why didn’t anyone else think of that before they broke away from the main ship? Come on. How did you even notice that the hand was no where near making contact? LOL. That’s too funny. At least have her hand somewhere near his face. That was a pretty dramatic concussion though. Loving these recaps Faye. I’m waiting for the second half of the season to air now, so love reliving these all over again. Great job <3
    Kelly recently posted…The Vanishing by Kate Kae MyersMy Profile

    • FayeFaye says

      Haha, probably because it’s not viable since you’ll need spacesuits to go there, I’m guessing. I’m just happy he found a way to get to land because I was seriously not that ready to let him go just yet. He’s such a good charater! But yes, that punch really was badly edited/directed. Meh.

  4. says

    I really need to start season 2, Faye!! <3 Maybe during the long break when the Pope comes? ;) Anyway, BELLARKE. It must happen. And I'm definitely happy that Raven and Octavia are both stepping up. I respected them in season one, but apparently now they're complete badasses!

    Fabulous recap, Faye. Love the title. Feeladelphia. xD
    Aimee @ Deadly Darlings recently posted…Review: Perfect Couple by Jennifer EcholsMy Profile

    • FayeFaye says

      I know, 5 day holiday, dude. You totally need to get all the downloads as soon as possible and come flail your arms with us. Raven and Otavia are becoming really good heroines to emulate. They’re strong and capable and go after what they want at all costs. It’s seriously endearing.