Recaps, Rants, Raves: The 100, Season 2 Episode 3 – The Epitome of Craziness

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Disclaimer: Ahead are recaps, reactions, and rants about the CW show The 100. If you haven’t watched the episode or the series, and you plan to do so, it is advised not to proceed due to inevitable spoilers. Otherwise, enjoy!

My 2nd The 100 recap this week! I’m so behind on this show and I want to catch up as soon as I can before the season resumes next week, and thus, the double feature. All I know is Season 2 started really strong and is steadily becoming stronger after every episode, surprising me and punching me in the guts where the feels hurt the most. I remember going back to the first episodes of Season 1 and simply laughing at how ridiculous they were. This show has gone a long, long, LONG way from that shitty pilot and I for one am glad. I’m sticking through this series come low and high water!

The Episode in a Nutshell:

Is there something in air in this show because it feels like certain people have gone crazy or turned into… beings… I don’t recognize (Kane? FINN?!) BUT HEY! I ain’t complaining. Bring on the action! (and Clarke is love)

My Thoughts:

1.) YOU ARE PEOPLE. NOT ZOMBIES. I’ve always thought that Old Man Wallace was a creepy motherfucker whose smile gives the heebie jeebies to everyone below 60 years old. There’s just a sinister aura around him even when he tries to come across as charming and harmless (which, I guess, is a compliment to the actor playing as him? Some villains just feel cheesy and come across as funny than anything else). So I wasn’t really surprised that Clarke found out the secrets Old Man Wallace was trying to hide (maybe not that hard if Clarke was able to find out without breaking a sweat). Men and women being held in cages like animals, waiting to be slaughtered or drained of their blood?! That’s fucked-up beyond compare.

But… I have to say it was hella funny when the people in the cages were holding out their hands and groaning like zombies. It seriously looked cheesy and made me turn away in second-hand embarrassment. I kept thinking, “Isn’t there a better way to portray how ‘trapped’ they were other than groaning and reaching out their hands like some undead yearning for flesh?” I mean, they could’ve been drugged and weakened, but I don’t really think drugged people will still be doing what they did.

Zomboids? in cages: Groaaaaaaaaan Me: Er yeah okay

Despite my complaints, though, the atmosphere here was absolutely intense. I was at the edge of my seat the whole time, wishing that Clarke becomes successful this time around and that she finally outwits Old Man Wallace. The suspense is there, the urgency is there, especially since we know and feel that Clarke is racing against time. When that doctor woman was just about to notice the compromised lock, I was freaking out inside and screaming in my mind for her to turn her back around. I mean, Clarke is obviously the main character so she’ll get out of there eventually, but that doesn’t mean I won’t freak out at some of the hurdles she’ll be facing along the way!

And honestly, Season 2 is so badass. Can I please just emphasize that one more time? If Season 1 was about fighting against the odds and survival, Season 2 is more dystopic than anything else, with a bit of Fallout-ish vibe going on and what we’re facing is the lack of humanity in humans, which makes them indifferent to cruel acts such as what Clarke saw.

I want to see more of these interesting social issues that are supposedly rampant in dystopic societies, please.

2.) I kinda feel sorry for Jason. He’s so head over heels over Maya that it’s cute and, in the same breath, cringe-worthy to watch. He’s so all-over her like a puppy that he has even set aside Clarke’s bizarre absence and dismissed all the time they spent together surviving. Like, really, Jasper? Clarke saved your ass too many times to count and you dismiss possibly months of spending time together and friendship for a girl who doesn’t trust you enough to share the secrets of this shady institution?

But, hey, a first date in a basement looking at most likely decades-old paintings? Not bad, I guess. Although seriously, you also have to feel sorry for him…

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” Maya asks, staring at the painting.
“Yeah,” Jasper replies softly, looking at her. “It is.”
Maya glances to him, blushes. They find themselves leaning to each other’s lips, then…

BAM! They get interrupted.

Like, seriously, the dude keeps getting the short end of the stick. In season 1, he got impaled and nearly died. Then he became drunk and foiled the entire negotiation between the humans and the grounders at the bridge. Now, he found a girl and whenever something good’s about to happen, they keep getting  interrupted. Poor guy.

Better luck next time?


3.) YAY FOR GIRLPOWER! I mean, while it lasted, anyway. I seriously love Clarke and Anya teaming up with each other here. They are strong, independent, and reliable heroines who were unfortunately
at each other’s necks in Season 1. Now that they have a common enemy that’s keeping both their people hostage, they now have no choice but to set aside their differences to help each other out fix this damn mess. The only one missing in this awesome group is Raven. I can just imagine them three kicking Old Man Wallace’s and his minion’s butts. The girl power is crazy addictive and satisyfing. Alasit didn’t last, because of course Anya wanted them to go their separate ways and mayhaps even take Clarke’s head to offer her clan…


You and Clarke could’ve been a nice team, Anya. BUT NOOOO. OF COURSE PRIDE HAS TO GET IN THE WAY. Ugh.

4.) Kane is seriously complex that he’s making my head twirl. Wow, I don’t get Kane. Sometimes he gives me this aura of being power-hungry and being too rigid with rules and protocol and whatnot, making me fear for what he’ll potentially become. Then he surprises me by saying something that’s totally different from what I thought of him initially. When he said that Emily Griffin was only to be supervised after doing what she did (which the Major refuted were punishable offenses and should, thus, be given the appropriate punishment), Kane said that that was only applicable when they were in the Ark and it’s different now that they were on the ground, as they have the chance to start over. I’m like WOW KANE I DON’T KNOW WHERE THIS KINDNESS IS COMING FROM BUT THAT’S GREAT! BUT TRULY, I DON’T REALLY KNOW WHAT YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO BE. There are times his character feels all over the place… But I approve of what he said at this point of the episode, don’t get me wrong. Meeting everything with senseless violence is NOT the way to go. But with the way things are going on, and with the crowd reaction with the captured Grounder, I can understand (to an extent) the conflicting emotions in him on what is needed to do and what he wants to do.

So that’s why I really felt for him when he finally decided to go through with Emily’s supposed punishment. I think he didn’t really want to do it and you could even see the pain in his face, but he was only forced to do so when chaos happened during a Grounder’s public walk of shame to the cells. I guess that point made him want to flip-flop between the tactics of ruling and it was messing with his mind, which I really appreciate seeing here because being a leader is fucking hard. It’s hard, okay? You have so many factors to consider. It’s trial and error until you can get the perfect system to implement.

It was even harder for me to watch when he realized he couldn’t keep the group together like this, especially when they now were in a different environment (not enclosed in a hunk of metal in the deepness of space), facing new enemies that were using unfamiliar guerilla tactics (and not some bitchy backstabber in the Council). That’s why when he said he wanted to make Emily Griffin the new Chancellor, I couldn’t help but give a mini standing ovation BECAUSE WOW I DIDN’T EXPECT THAT, BUT AT THE SAME TIME IT WAS THE ONLY THING THAT MADE SENSE FOR HIM. 

And I admit, I was wrong about him, okay? He’s not a dipshit. He’s not a douchecanoe. He really, truly wants the best for his people.

4.) But seriously, the make-up and costume can be a wee bit too much sometimes. There was this scene where Clarke was running away from a bunch of reapers but unfortunately found herself surrounded by them instead. The scene was so intense that my heart was running and my mind was screaming obscenities that I’d rather not disclose.


And just when I was about to bite my nails in anticipation… this make-up monstrosity with his cheesy head flip appears:

um what

Me then: … … *stifled laughter*… oh, dear… I mean… *stifles laughter some more* … this is *escaped giggle* awkward…

I MEAN SERIOUSLY WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT. LOOK AT THAT ABOMINATION AND TELL ME THAT DOESN’T MAKE YOU LAUGH. And really. That head flip or whatever that is. It was enough to send me rolling on my bed laughing to kingdom come. I assure you that it totally killed what suspense and thrill was left in this scene. Now I can’t get that head gesture out of my head.


5.) WHO IS THIS FINN?!?!?! LOL WHAT THE FUCK WHAT HAPPENED TO FINN’S PERSONALITY?! In Season 1, he was so goody-goody and even hesitant to inflict pain onanybody and always wanted to resort to peaceful means when it came to negotiations and now he’s like an eager beaver waiting for a reason to hack someone’s head off. Okay, maybe it’s because emotions are high, but hell, tension in season 1 was pretty off the roof, too, and he didn’t act like a psycho. Seriously, he’s seriously out-of-character in this scene… is it because of Clarke? Does he still love her and it makes him on the edge to think she could be hurt somewhere? I don’t know, but I think I want my previous Finn back even if he annoyed the hell out of me. This new one is just STRANGE. I’m not used to him like this! THIS IS NOT THE FINN I LOVED TO HATE!

As much as it pains me to admit it, I miss the old Finn…


I loved this one even more than episode 1 and 2 combined. There were so many stuff here that really made me want to hide in my blankets because there were so much suspense, dread, and anticipating building up inside me. I mean, there were a few “whoopsies” but overall? MOAR MOAR MOAR

Rating Report
Overall: 4.4


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    • FayeFaye says

      I’m sure you understand the struggle, kindlemom! You know that moment when you’re like “ughh why are you doing this stop it this is so unlike you stopppp” haha.

    • FayeFaye says

      Do you mean the first season? If so, I don’t blame you. The first few episodes of the first season suck. Like, seriously, they do. You should see our first recaps about it – we were dissing it to kingdom come. Haha.

  1. Laila BC says

    thanks for this recap Faye…and i chuckled when your intense mood got hilariously interrupted but that ummm…cannibal leader? i think and that face and head gesture was just plain weird! lol!
    i feel there were a lot of character development going on and despite some flaws about it…it still managed to get you hooked :) in a good way.

    • FayeFaye says

      You’re welcome! That cannibal-ish make-up-atrocity seriously killed the mood. You know when you’re just about to die of TV-stress and then BOOM! that happens and you’re like, “Seriously? SERIOUSLY?!” ugh. But it was still a great episode despite that!