Recaps, Rants, Raves: The 100, Season 2 Episode 4 – “I… like Murphy?”

Recaps, Rants, Raves is a sporadic feature here at The Social Potato where we’ll share our thoughts of a TV show every Saturday! For now, we have the second season of The 100!

Disclaimer: Ahead are recaps, reactions, and rants about the CW show The 100. If you haven’t watched the episode or the series, and you plan to do so, it is advised not to proceed due to inevitable spoilers. Otherwise, enjoy!

Had a one week break before continuing with this show, but never fear, for I am here… wait, what? Sometimes I just spout nonsense, so don’t mind me here… move along now… the epicness of #The100 awaits!

The Episode in a Nutshell:

I simply love where this series is going, and I just can’t wait for more. Luckily for me, I have a lot more episode

My Thoughts:

1.)Jaha and the nomad-looking people. Clutches your heart and rips it to pieces. I just love that Jaha gets some more screentime here. I had thought that he crashed into a region that was nearer to where our delinquents were, but it seems that he was ways off, and it was interesting to see him interact with a new kind of people who were a;sp left at the mercy of the brutal post-nuclear Earth, but in a different way. It was such a refreshing scenery to see him stranded in a deserted landscape, and to meet individuals who had a different life and different culture than the Grounders, who are more like guerilla rebels than anything else.

But it doesn’t mean that just because these new individuals don’t live in the forest and deal with rival clans, they don’t face problems of their own. Imagine having to kill your child if they are born with abnormalities… anyone would run away and live by themselves in the middle of nowhere, eating bugs, if that’s the only option (unless you’re a heartless asshole). When Jaha was playing with the mutated kid later on, I swear my heart warmed a little because that may have been one of the little kindness the child has ever received from anyone aside from his mom and dad. So when they sold him out to the “City of Lights” (was that it? I watched this a week ago and can’t remember that well) because “Sky people were wanted”, I was crushed. MY HEART WAS CRUSHED DAMNIT. THE CHILD DIDN’T WANT TO LET HIM GO!

But Jaha understood. He understood that by selling him out, he would be pushing the family away from the line of danger. This is why I love The 100 right now – it’s not merely about a strict right or a strict wrong, a strict good and evil… it’s about the greys in between, and about the different perspectives there are in a situation. And believe me, this show portrays all of that beautifully through its characters.

So… where in the US is there an actual desert? Would be nice if he was actually in an African desert (because, hey, the world doesn’t just consist of the United States, y’know!) but that means never being able to meet Clarke et al. ever again.

2.) I… I like Murply?!? I really, really do. He seems decent here for once, and I feel like he genuinely wants to atone and make himself useful to Bellamy. I was afraid he was going to be a venomous snake again, but when he tried to pull Bellamy up after Bellamy tried to rescue the stranded girl, it was seriously heart-warming. Plus, you can see that Bellamy trusted him after that, even throwing a gun at him so that he is armed. Heck, he’s tolerable right now than Finn, who has become an explosive nutcracker (and trust me, he is quite unpleasant to watch right now. If he was unpleasant in Season 1, in Season 2 he is downright horrible!).

And now that we are on the subject of Finn, what is up with him?! In the previous season, he would be the first one to go “let’s save one another!”, “let’s be friends!”, “we can’t leave each other!” And right now? He is anything but that. I can’t believe he even had the gall to say to leave the girl alone, a girl who’s basically just moments away from Death’s arms! I really don’t understand the sudden 180 degree personality change here… it really felt like it happened in a blink of an eye, and I for one, am uncomfortable with that.

Poor Charlie… guys, the rope was flimsy and weak! You could’ve prevented that :(

3.) Raven warms my heart. Can I marry her, please? 

Raven is seriously kick-ass here. As we all know, her left leg has become numb. That means she has difficulty walking, climbing, among many other things – and if there’s one thing that Raven hates being, it’s being a liability. My heart was seriously weeping for her when she struggled to do stuff for her community, like repairing a beacon (or was it?) but that meant climbing up to get to it, which she, unfortunately, cannot do anymore. I was like, “It’s okay, Raven! You don’t have to do this! It’s okay to be weak! Please don’t push yourself too hard!” and I know that probably sounds like heresy right now because DUDES THIS IS RAVEN SHE IS NOT WEAK EVEN IF SHE LOST HER LEG but the struggle and pain in her face were real, and it was so depressing to watch.

That’s why when she finally accepted the help of others and used an artificial leg made by a friend of hers (hmmm, do I smell a romance here? ;D I SHIP IT!) it made me weep of joy. It was seriously a touching moment, because it felt like she finally opened herself to other people again.


4.) Anya x Clarke fight = epic. I have nothing else to say. That fight was made up of awesome.


LOVE IT. Was there any doubt at all?!

Rating Report
Overall: 4.1


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    • FayeFaye says

      Right? I’m only in episode 4 but I have a grand feeling he’ll be evolving into an awesome character. Amazing how our perspectives on certain characters change within a few episodes…

  1. Laila BC says

    great review Faye! thanks for your unfailing entertaining recap…and to think i still haven’t watched a single episode of this one. TBH my life is filled with books to read. I barely even watch the news! terrible of me. Sometimes i wouldn’t even know if a typhoon is coming. lol!