Recaps, Rants, Raves: The 100, Season 2 Episode 10 – “An Episode of Faith”

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Disclaimer: Ahead are recaps, reactions, and rants about the CW show The 100. If you haven’t watched the episode or the series, and you plan to do so, it is advised not to proceed due to inevitable spoilers. Otherwise, enjoy!

Time for the newest episode (well, for me, anyway. I know this show has had its season finale already… haha) of The 100! I wrote notes while watching and I ended up writing 3 pages of thoughts. WOW! I don’t know about you guys, but this show forces me to think somehow. I swear it has some subtle magic thingy going on!

The Episode in a Nutshell:

An episode of faiths, of taking leaps of faiths, and wanting others to have faith in them while they not having faith in others. HAH! L

My Thoughts:

1.) Lincoln x Bellamy moment right there. It gave me bromance feels.

Remember the time when Bellamy was so hell-bent against Lincoln for his sister, Octavia? Yeah, me neither. These two, like many others, have come a long way from their initial hostile relationship, and have become eventual allies and comrades as they both experienced similar tragedies and hardships. It was so sweet when Bellamy finally recognized Lincoln as someone worthy of his sister, and he seemed mighty sincere about it, too! It feels like they finally realized that under the surface and the tension and everything, they’re not all that different.

2.) Jaha confuses me in this episode. He feels like an oxymoron. o_O

Okay, first of all, WHY THE HELL IS JAHA SO PESSIMISTIC?!?! He keeps going against Marcus’s and Abby’s plans like there’s no tomorrow, seeing every worst case scenario in every problem they encounter. I mean, I get that he’s a realist and everything, but I wish he had some faith in their plans a little, especially in Clarke! Dude, give her some credit! She’s been here far longer than you have, and have seen worse horrors; even though she’s younger than many of them, she has the wisdom they need and haven’t earned yet.

And you know what’s worse? That he would be so pessimistic and not have faith in others in one moment, thinking there’s neither benefit nor reward from having an alliance with the Grounders, only later to say while many teenagers and children died as a result of being sent down to Earth, it was worth it because otherwise they would all died in the Arc and they wouldn’t know that Earth was survivable. He took a leap of faith and decided on something, even if it was still uncertain. Isn’t it the same then with the alliance? They took a risk with the 100 delinquents (and they were lucky it turned out the way it did), it’s the same here, too. He should know about taking risks and having faith even if it seemed so impossible more than anybody else, but here he’s just like a really sad sack of pessimism. I mean, come on, dude! You have people in Mount Weather, too! You can’t just abandon them!

AND HOW DARE YOU MURPHY FOR GOING WITH HIM BY THE END OF THE EPISODE! Then again, I wouldn’t blame him for wanting so… he’s already disliked by the Grounders, and his own people are hostile, too, but they kinda have a reason for treating you so because you truly were a douchecanoe back then, Murphy… @[email protected]

Why does it feel like Jaha will become a “mellow” villain later on? Especially when he readily did something behind the other people’s backs. IT’S JUST A FEELING. IS THERE ANYONE ELSE FEELING THIS WAY?!

It would be an interesting scenario if we later find out he’s only acting this way and is forcing “another menthod/opinion” because he doesn’t want to actually lose his authority… if you’re not seen as the leader right now in a community you used to lead, what’s the easiest way to take the power back? Why, by taking some of the people from there (especially the unhappy ones) and making another community for yourself. It has happened in history countless times; I wouldn’t be surprised if this were the case later on!

I am hoping that wouldn’t be the case, of course.

3.) Seriously, why is everyone so adamant on sabotaging this alliance?!

Everyone has seen Lexa’s wrath when she brutally punished a second-man for framing the Sky People for an attempted murder, so why the hell would another dude try to kill Clarke?! I mean, seriously. They should know the punishment for mutiny more than anybody else. And, not surprisingly, Lexa found out what he was up to and was about to punish him when BOOM, the monster happened… which led to a fricking déjà vu of a The Walking Dead scene. (Let me know if you get my reference!!)

4.) Finally, we got some radioactive, mutated monsters in a post-nuclear world!

Fine, it’s an intact gorilla who may got itself whacked in the head, BUT YAY! It’s so refreshing to finally see this show dishing out more dangers than the usual dangerous-wannabe-pseudo-scientists. Of course I’m all for team humans, but come on now, admit that you also got excited when that big lump of gorilla muscle went down on them with a bloody vengeance. The action was awesome, the suspense was there, and I love how it led to beautiful Clarke x Lexa moments that gave us an intimate peek into what kind of Lexa was when it came to saving and sacrificing.

Remember that moment when she was about to punish Quinn for attempting to murder Clarke?! Then she sacrificed him to serve as a distraction so the rest of them can get a headstart? And remember that scene when she and Clarke was just ABOUT to escape, the gorilla got a hold of her and she was like, “RUN!” even if it meant getting eaten first?! It’s like she doesn’t care who dies first. If someone is a liability, down they go, even her. The fact that this kind of mentality extends to her, the leader, amazes me a lot, because it only goes to show just what kind of leader she is… she may be tough and brutal and at times, extreme, but she is fair, because she doesn’t give herself special treatment. It makes it hard to hate what she did when she made Quinn a Gorille Happy Meal, because she would do the same for herself if she was bringing others down.

And man, it was kinda fulfilling to see the surprise on her face when Clarke saved her instead of simply leaving her there. It feels like Lexa is hardening Clarke somehow while Clarke is softening her, teaching her what it means to be merciful and to have compassion. They both compliment each other. @[email protected]

5.) Octavia is bloody rocking my socks right now.

Remember the time when she was insufferable and immature? Yeah, me neither, because the Octavia we now is such a far cry from when she and her friends first crash-landed on Earth. Like many others, she faced the same horrors, the same enemies, the same problems, and all of these molded her into the strong-willed and independent woman she has become. I loved that she fought with the Grounder to prove her worth as a warrior in spirit, even if it meant there was a large gap between their strength, and I loved how Indra saw that and eventually offered to train her to keep nourishing that spirit. 

The females in this show are bloody awesome.



Rating Report
Overall: 4.5
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  1. says

    Octavia is the best. End of discussion. But no, the females in this show ARE amazing. Also, I named the Gorilla Greg, just so you know ;) Greg is featured in a lot of my posts, because, wow, random Gorilla!

    I am just going to not say anything about Lexa at this point. I just can’t. As for the sabotage, I think the Grounders are just so distrustful in general, you know? They’ve kind of spent their whole lives fighting, so to them, it makes sense to keep on fighting. I guess?

    I love how Bellamy and Lincoln have reached a level of respect. Especially for Octavia’s sake! And JAHA. MY GOODNESS do not get me started on THAT piece of work. I think your theory is pretty on point- he knew he was out of options at the camp, so he figured he’d find this “new land” and then everyone would be fawning all over him again. So ridiculous. And as for the Clarke thing- he is such a freaking hypocrite. Because HE sends Clarke and company to Earth, where he assumed they’d die. HE leaves them to fend for themselves, and form relations with the Grounders and such. But then he walks and thinks HE knows best!? NOPE. Sorry, doesn’t work that way! If you wanted to be in control on Earth, you should have come with the 100!

    This is the episode where Murphy says “Camp You is that way” to Jaha? Hahahha best line! Murphy really starts to grow on me this episode, if only for comic relief!
    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight recently posted…This Week At Midnight (53)My Profile

    • FayeFaye says

      Haha! Greg Gorilla actually sounds very fitting for this random Gorilla ;) But hey, I’m all for aggressive 3rd party enemies! Haha! Spice things up with some mammal muscle!

      THANK GOODNESS THAT SOMEONE AGREES WITH ME ABOUT JAHA. good lord, I loved him in season 1 but now I can’t stand the sight of him! He’s like a ticking time bomb! I was like, “WHERE DID THAT CALM LEADER GO?! THIS IS A MADMAN IN THE MAKING!” I don’t like him, Shannon. I don’t like him!!

      And yes, I’m loving Murphy too. So happy he’ll be a regular.

  2. Laila BC says

    more gorillas pls hehehe…but Jaha is maybe afraid he is losing his purpose in the group? but whatever glad to know the girls are rocking badassery hard! thanks for this recap Faye as always :)

  3. says

    I absolutely love Octavia right now, she’s tough and probably the most adaptable of the original 100. And it wasn’t Lincoln that pushed her, she did it for herself and to take control of her own power. LOVE. IT!

    Jaha is a complete wanker and this cult like shit he’s pushing to the other wankers that are on the outer? I can feel something coming too. He’s a pacifist villain in waiting. Couldn’t agree more Faye.

    Awesome recap, I’m waiting for you to catch up so I can watch the series finale with you <3
    Kelly recently posted…Diva By Design #1: Blogger Design… Free Design ProgramsMy Profile

  4. Heather B says

    That’s it? This is your last review of the 100?? I just found the show on Netflix last week and found your recaps this week – I love them!

    I’m getting ready to watch Season 2, episode 11 and no more recaps from you? What happened?!