Say It With Bubbles: Vampire Academy Movie Review

So, I just watched the movie version of Vampire Academy and it is easily the worse book-to-film adaptation I have ever seen. I can’t believe I was even able to finish it… although I do admit my brain my brain felt like it turned to the goo in the end. Thankfully, Bubbles is here once more to review this in my stead! Like me, she didn’t like it, so don’t be surprised if you’ll find her raging like a bull here.
















So what do you think? Have you watched this movie? Did you like it or do you share Bubbles’ sentiments? Do you want Bubbles to review more films?

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    • FayeFaye says

      Ugh, I actually hate myself because I rewatched the scenes with Dimitri just to reinforce the idea that yes, DIMITRI IN THE MOVIE SUCKS and I keep regretting it but I keep watching it anyway. Someone brick me.

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    I simply agree with everything! Seriously. It looks like a Chick Lit Vampire movie when it’s supposed to be DARK & WICKED. The movie poster just says it all. Good thing I watched it online instead in Cinemas. I’m really disappointed. SMH. I didn’t love the cast as much as I wanted to. Rose isn’t badass enough. Dimitri.. Oh Dimitri. I can’t even! UGGH! No wonder there is no Frostbite movie. BOOK >>>>> MOVIE

    Review more Book to Movie Adaptations! I highly recommend The Perks of Being a Wallflower and Flipped. :)
    Beatrice @ Confessions of a Pinay Bookaholic recently posted…P.S. I Still Love You by Jenny HanMy Profile

    • FayeFaye says

      Yeah… the atmosphere in hte movie is completely different than that of the book’s, which is a damn shame considering I actually loved the dark and grittiness of it and the movie made a mockery of that with its pathetic jokes and annoying Rose that kept saying said pathetic jokes D:

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    Definitely want to hear more of What Bubbles has to say! Soooo my answer is a definite YES! I’ve never read the books because I was kind of hesitant about reading them but GOSH I think literally everyone has read them. Like everyone. I feel so left out so I’m going to read them so Bubbles and I can sit in a corner and totally fan girl about them.
    [email protected] Hearts Books recently posted…Comment on Discussion #6^^ Put a Lil’ Love in Your ♥ by Keionda Lei LewisMy Profile

    • FayeFaye says

      Looks like Bubbles is extra popular, so she’ll definitely be stopping by the blog omre often :D I can’t wait for you to start it! I already bought like books 2-4 HAHA.

    • FayeFaye says

      Yerp, compared to Dimitri, Rose was bearable… the supposedly hot Russian dude was such a pathetic mess. Total miscast from head to freaking toe.

    • FayeFaye says

      Thanks, Mari! I appreciate it so much, knowing that you liked it :D And yes, if I didn’t read the book before I watched the movie, I would have stayed far, far, far away from it. It’s better to be left alone now because the movie tainted it a little >_<

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    Oh Faye. i’m dying of laughter. i lasted fifteen minutes watching this movie. it was terrible. I coudln’t stomach it. The writing was terrible. The acting was awkard (but that may have been the scripts fault), and the overall movie felt off. It felt like a parody. It was trying to be way too funny and it just ended up being NOT funny. I litrally cringed in my seat when i saw it. And of course, i left the theatre because hellow …AWKWARD MOVIE.
    lily recently posted…Hidden Huntress (The Malediction Trilogy #2)My Profile

    • FayeFaye says

      YUP, THE FIRST FIFTEEN MINUTES PRETTY MUCH SETS THE TONE AND ATMOSPHERE OF THE MOVIE ALREADY – just bad and migraine-inducing. there was this air that everything was a joke when in the book shit should have been more serious >_<

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    Haha! OMG! That is pretty much point on! I was disappointed with this movie as well. It’s cute in a way…but a terrible book to film adaptation! LOL! This was a great way to write a review though!! ;)
    Jessica @ a GREAT read recently posted…Follow FridayMy Profile

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    This accurately sums up my thoughts on the movie. I tried watching it and I got maybe 10 minutes into it and couldn’t do it. I hated how they made it into a comedy. Maybe if the jokes were better it would have been okay but honestly it was horrible. And Dimitri oh my god. Like no offense to the actor but very poor casting choice. Not attractive at all which made the whole Rose – Dimitri relationship so AWKWARD.
    Annie recently posted…Latest Obsessions: June 2015My Profile

    • FayeFaye says

      Ugh, the first 10 minutes will already tell you what kind of movie it will be – a pathetic attempt to put humor in a book-to-film adaptation that didn’t need it. The dude is attractive in some of his photos I googled, but yes, his gaining weight in this film made him look really, really, really old… which is very uncomfortable to consider considering Rose is so young and isn’t even eighteen yet.

    • FayeFaye says

      Yup, outside he actually looks very, very attractive. Not sure why he gained so many pounds for his role here…

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    I distinctly remember you being so unhappy about this movie on Twitter. :D Now you’re scarred for life. I heard other people loved the VA books, though, so hopefully you enjoy the rest!
    Shannelle recently posted…Bigger and BetterMy Profile

    • FayeFaye says

      I’ll definitely be enjoying the books! As for the film… well, let’s just say I’m grateful a sequel is NOT in the works.

  7. says

    BUBBLES IS GREAT!! And Bubbles #3 is creepy, lol. O_O I won’t be atching this. I don’t want to read the book; I want even less to watch this… and now, less because of this Bubbles review.

    P.S.: Have I said how much I love these kind of reviews?
    Vane recently posted…Review: A DeathMy Profile

    • FayeFaye says

      Haha, I had so much fun drawing that panel! And yes, Bubbles love it whenever she gets to come by, too :D

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    OMG I LOVE HOW YOU DID THIS REVIEW. Your drawings are aaaamazing. TALENT MUCH?! HECK YEAH. Ahem. Anyway. I haven’t seen the movie or read the book and to be honest, I think I’m going to stay faaaar away from the movie. XD I hate it when they cast guys that are far too old. I feel that happens a LOT these days, and yeah sure maye they wanted a qualified actor or something, but NO. You can’t pair teen girls with older guys, it’s just creepy. (As much as I think Theo James is kind of epic, I think he looked too old to be paired with Tris. And don’t get me started on Alec in The City of Bones movie. ERGH. NO. I’m so glad they have a better cast for the Shadowhunter TV series. xDXD)
    Cait @ Paper Fury recently posted…Denton Little’s Deathdate // I died (har, har) laughingMy Profile

    • FayeFaye says

      Thank you, girlie! My heart is all a bundle of joy right now knowing you loved this review style :D Theo did look very old as Four, too :/ This is one of the main reasons I don’t get his hype XDD

    • FayeFaye says

      Yeah… I knew people didn’t like it beforehand, but I kept thinking, “Mayhaps they’re just exaggerating?” Apparently, I underestimated the movie.. it is as bad as they say it is…

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    I haven’t watched Vampire Academy, but I wanted to but after your review I’m kind of scared to now. I loved the first book (I’ve only read the first two books in the series so far) but ugh, I don’t like it when book-to-film adaptions turn out to be more of a parody than an actual film. Loved your illustrations though– this was such a fun review to read! :D
    Rabiah recently posted…My Family and Other Freaks by Carol MidgleyMy Profile

    • FayeFaye says

      YUP. THE FILM TOTALLY SEEMED LIKE A SPOOF. I kept thinking, “This has to be a joke, right? Will the real movie come out now, please?” And thanks! Glad you loved the illustrations!

    • FayeFaye says

      Ugh, that’s only one of his many cringe-worthy screenshots. But because I love you all, I’ll only show y’all one ;) It IS the worst, though…

  10. says


    I watched this late last year . . . and I finished it, and thought to myself, “Was this movie FOR REAL?” Like, REALLY?! I didn’t like much about it. Parts of it were fun, I guess . . . but saying even that is a bit of a stretch. The sad thing is that I think it could have been good but this? No. Just no. I totally agree with what you said about Dimitri. Urghh. It was just CREEPY.

    • FayeFaye says

      THANK YOU, KARA <3 <3 <3

      Yup, the movie was just so amazingly bad. I gave it the benefit of the doubt, thinking the feedback were all exaggeration... but yup. It was as bad as people said it was.

  11. says

    Oh my God, the third frame! Dying of laughter right here. ;) This entire movie felt like a huge spoof for me too, and most of the time I was laughing my ass off at how horrid the whole thing was.

    “And don’t even get me started on Dimitri.” MY CHEEKS AND CHEST HURT. Give me a break from laughing, Faye! Good Lord, this review was spot-on.

    But PLEASE continue this series. I will love you forever, then we can buddy read Bloodlines #4-6. <3
    Aimee @ Deadly Darlings recently posted…Review: The Devil You Know by Trish DollerMy Profile

    • FayeFaye says

      THANK YOU, AIMEE! Happy to know that I made you laugh somewhat XDDD

      I’ll definitely start with Frostbite soon!

  12. Marga says

    OMG HAHAHA this review is everything. I agree, Dimitri was not how I envisioned him to be. I was lucky enough to read the whole series before watching the movie. Dimitri IN THE BOOKS was one of my favorite fictional crushes and I was just so disappointed. The movie did not do him justice.

    More reviews like this please! Loved it! <3

    • FayeFaye says

      Thank you Margaaaa <3 <3 I know! Now I fear I would root for Adrian just because I want to forget about Dimitri due to movie-Dimitry. *shudder*

  13. says

    I am happy I never planned to watch the movies. I love the books and didn’t want anythign to change that. I also am not a big fan of who they cast as the characters. Dimitri looks way too old compared to Rose.

    Also I like your Bubbles style reviews, those facial expressions, her stance and such really convey how you felt and with less words. I think you did a great job with the art! And it’s a fun way to read your review in a different style.

    Definitely continue with the books though, the books are awesome!
    Lola recently posted…My To-Be Read List #10: pollMy Profile

    • FayeFaye says

      Yup, I’m definitely continuing with the books, and am happy the sequel film is never seeing the light of day!

    • FayeFaye says

      The guy who played Christian was pretty cool! He’s one of the few saving graces…

      The first VA book, especially its atmosphere, is WAAAY different compared to the film!

  14. says

    I am laughing so hard, I cannot even type! BWHAHAH. The picture with Bubbles IN the Dimitri picture.. I can’t, I am dying over here! Now I am looking this movie up, because you are so right, that guy DOES look old, and not in an appropriate way! Yeah, he is 10 years older than her, and if I am being honest, looks even more than that. If I do read the books one day, I will be sure to skip this movie, because… no. Just no. Thanks for giving me a laugh, Bubbles :D
    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight recently posted…Review & Giveaway: The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly by Stephanie OakesMy Profile

    • FayeFaye says

      I think Rose is supposed to be 17 and Dimitri is supposed to be 24. Which is an okay age difference but in the film… he looks like he’s 30 years older than her D: NO JOKE

    • FayeFaye says

      I KNOW :( I didn’t give the book 5 stars, but I enjoyed it and I think it deserved a better movie than this… atrocity.

    • FayeFaye says

      Thank you, Eugenia! I appreciate the warm feedback <3 And yup, save yourself. It's not worth the need to bleach your eyes O.O

    • FayeFaye says

      Thank you, Jillian! Do read the books, though, because the book’s better than what the film portrays it to be.

  15. says

    I honestly can’t stop laughing. This is by far the funniest review for ANYTHING I’ve ever seen. But as funny as Bubbles is, she’s absolutely spot on. The movie was horrid. It was like a piss take of what the movie should have been. Rose wasn’t too bad, but she needed much more snark but Dimitri was far too old considering how fresh faced Rose was. Really, if that was on, someone at the Academy clearly should have called the authorities. This is the Best. Thing. Ever. I’m going to be laughing all day long at your post Faye. Absolutely LOVE IT!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3
    Kelly recently posted…Finding Audrey by Sophie KinsellaMy Profile

    • FayeFaye says

      Thank you so, so, so much Kelly! I say the day’s all made now that I made you laugh ;) And yes, i wish they casted someone else for Dimitri… someone who didn’t look like a 45 year old guy hitting on minor aged girls.

  16. says

    Bubbles, you little precious cinnamon bun <3 The review was perf from the first… bubble! You are my hero.
    I haven't watched this movie. I decided to nicely stay away the moment I saw the casting (same as Beautiful Creatures), because all I could think about was… WHO ARE THESE GUYS? They are not the characters I read of! WTF?
    I only hope that the Shadowhunters series will open up an avenue for these books to return to the small screen instead. They deserve a proper adaptation (preferably one that actually allows for 80% of the details in the book, as opposed to the 30% movies tend to include…)
    Nitzan Schwarz recently posted…Thursday Oldie: Grave Mercy by Robin LaFeversMy Profile

    • FayeFaye says

      Haha, love your play with words, Nitzan! That made me crack a smile ;)

      I heard that the main guy from the Shadowhunters film was pretty bad, too O.O Maja even said that it’s even worse than the VA film. I just hope the TV show will finally give it the justice it deserves…

  17. says

    Aw Faye! Sorry this was such a disappointment for you (and Bubbles! I thought it was great that she came back to review the film, after doing the books!), especially since the first book wasn’t quite stellar as it was. It’d have been fantastic if the movie really blew you away, but… well, clearly not. I haven’t been drawn to the series myself, but the film definitely doesn’t look like my kind of film. It can really ruin a film for you, too, when the actors aren’t how you imagine the character or they don’t define certain characteristics.
    Great review, nonetheless! xx