(VIDEO) Random Things in Motion #21: 5 Books You Should Add To Your Summer Reading List

random things in motion

So, today’s RTiM is quite special. As you all know, I have a couple of videos on Youtube and I’m planning to post videos regularly soon, and it starts today with a list of books I think you should read this summer. I know what you’re thinking, “WHAT’S THAT? A VIDEO?! OF FAYE?!” And I say, YES! So, no judging, okay? Haha.

In any case, please forgive me for the crappy laptop quality! My new camera is coming in next week and I can’t wait to use it and churn out better-looking videos. But hey, the quality may not be as subpar, but I definitely make up for it in personality (trust me, there are so many bloopers in this video that I could not not put!). SO MAKE SURE TO WATCH IT TO THE END FOR LAUGHS, OKAY?!

Have you read any of these books? discuss with me!

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    The Others series by Anne Bishop is freaking fantastic. I don’t think I can recommend it enough. I really need to read A Monster Calls. However, I’m feeling a little scared because I did hear how heart-wrenching that book is.

    Great reccs, Faye!
    Joy // Joyousreads recently posted…Bad DayMy Profile

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    I love how even in that world were humans aren’t the biggest predator in the land, not by a looong stretch, we still continue to be selfish and stupid and think we deserve the moon! This series has a lot of potential for philosophical discussions I think!

    Also, big kudos for doing this videos Faye, I don’t think I could!!
    Pili @ In Love With Handmade recently posted…Summer Queen by Amber Argyle Rockstar Tours Blog Tour: Review & Giveaway!!My Profile

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    Fantastic video, Faye! You’ve got an awesome camera presence. I can’t wait for more of your videos to start popping up, and I’m totally going to read The Rithmatist (even though I share your seasonal time) as my first Sanderson. I’ll just read it for Winter instead of Summer!
    Oh, and Faye? I call for a blooper video.
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    YEAH! So excited to add these to my summer reading list Faye! I haven’t read The Rithmatist because I’m always a little weary on fantasy for some reason (the long, unpronounceable names and unexplainable magic just aren’t my thing) but I know how much you like Sanderson so I’ll definitely have to give it a try. And Written In Red and Blood Song sound fantastic too!

    And OMG…isn’t A Monster Calls the saddest book ever? *cries*

    Thanks for sharing – loved the video! ♥
    Zoe @ Stories on Stage recently posted…Rounding: Up or Down?My Profile

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    Aaaahhhh, YOU’RE SO CUTE AND AWESOME, FAYE!!! Loved the video so much! I can’t wait to see more videos from you!

    1. The School for Good and Evil: I didn’t feel as hesitant about it as you did (MG isn’t really my thing, but I was willing to read it just for the cover itself, lol), but it definitely wasn’t that high on my to-read list until I watched your video! I’ve heard some pretty good things about it, but OKAY, that map/illustration thing you showed at the beginning is making me drool. I have such a soft spot for these things. xD

    2. A Monster Calls: Even after telling everyone in the blogosphere that I will read Patrick Ness soon… I STILL HAVEN’T. I’ve heard so much about A Monster Calls, too, plus the hardback edition has illustrations and that’s always a plus in my book! But omg, I didn’t know it was MG too. I always thought it was YA since it was dealing with such a serious topic. And gave you so much feels you cried. Okay, wow, that’s one powerful MG book, and it sounds like it really impacted you. Hah, wanna bet that I’ll cry? I’ve only cried three times in my entire reading life. >:)

    3. The Rithmatist: Oh man. OH MAN. I have this book, and I tried reading it about two years ago. IT DIDN’T WORK. I don’t know what it was about it, but I couldn’t even get through half of the book because it was so boring and overly complicated. I also tried Steelheart, but I couldn’t get used to the writing style. These are the reasons why I’m so hesitant to try other Brandon Sanderson books even though everyone seems to love them.

    P.S. THAT INTRO WAS SO COOL. How did you do it!?!?
    Megan (ง︡’-‘︠)ง recently posted…Allegiant Broke MeMy Profile

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    Hahaha! OMG I love this video :D I loved THE SCHOOL FOR GOOD AND EVIL–I seriously need to pick up the second book soon (it’s waiting for me! ON MY TABLE!). I really need to read A MONSTER CALLS because I loved MORE THAN THIS, as well as THE RITHMATIST, which I have on my shelf. Great recommendations :D

    BTW answering your comment on my blog (thanks for stopping by btw): YES! I lived in Manila for 3 years and haven’t been back since I left for Canada and Singapore–It’s been 7/8 years and that’s WAY too long. Hopefully I can visit soon but ugh, it doesn’t look like it this summer :( Hopefully one day! Would totally love to meet you and other Pinoy bloggers :D
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    Nice recommendations Faye, especially A Monster Calls. I’ve got the same edition sitting on my bookshelf and that’s just the motivation I needed to pick it up. I didn’t think it would be an emotional read, now I’m even more excited. Love the video, you definitely need to do a lot more You’re so incredibly animated. LOVE. IT.

    Poor Rashika! $100 for a cab fare is ridiculous!
    Kelly recently posted…How To Be Bad… ROAD TRIP!My Profile

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    Totally agree with A Monster Calls. Or you know, absolutely any words that Patrick Ness writes, including but not limited to his grocery lists or an angry email to his cell phone provider. Seriously, I am in.

    Also, I have to tell you- you are the ONLY person whose videos I actually watch. I get bored with all the other videos, but never yours, Faye! You make me smile and chuckle every time! Ever since you read 50 Shades of Grey like, what seems like forever ago, I have been hooked :)
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