Top 5 Book Boyfriends of 2015 (So Far)


I know I’ve told again and again on the blog about my preference of not wanting romance in my books. However, even though that is the case, I’m not entirely immune to a well-written love story. I am capable of swooning, guys! This heart of mine beats, too! And this year has been amazing so far in giving me absolutely delicious boys for me to swoon over.

Here are my top 5:


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I don’t know what it is about Oliver, but he tugged my heartstrings like no other. He was just so likeable, so relatable, and I really felt for him – what are you to do when you were raised by your father for years only to later realize he actually kidnapped you and you’ve been deemed missing or even left for dead? I loved how he coped with his situation like a damn trooper, and how he was just so honest and so soulful. I mean, yes, he had his broody moments, but I understood why, and it was such a joy to see him warm up to others and embrace the life he lived and the life he was going to live. One of the realest characters, ever.

will kansas

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“AHHHHH! WILL KANSAS!” is what I internally shriek every time I see and am reminded of this book. Legit one of the best book boyfriends I’ve ever met, and he’s so amazing, I’m willing to share him with all of you so you can all see what a book boyfriend should be like (heehee ;D). He was sweet, laid-back, a pacifist, and he was so sensitive to the people around him. You feeling down? He’ll notice it and he’ll cheer you up. You feeling angry? Will Kansas is here to calm your nerves down. He was so, so amazing, and he felt so real. He was a genuine partner to Josh, and so complimentary to her aggressive, impulsive nature. Plus, he was an average joe who suddenly found himself thrust into a confusing and absolutely crazy world, and he handled it like a champ he was.


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Good lord, Amon is one of the most adorable fictional guys I’ve met so far. Yes, he’s an ancient Egyptian prince. Yes, he has been dead for a thousand years. Yes, he wakes up every millenia to do a ritual with his brothers in order to shoo a dark Egyptian crazy-ass god away. And yes, he is absolutely swoon-worthy. What are you to do when you wake up one day not in your tomb in Egypt but in a museum in New York and these golden chariots look so weird and don’t stop for you (P.S. they’re taxis, Amon. Not golden chariots!) when you call at them? His cluelessness was so hilarious and his determination to help the world the way he has always done amazed me. I loved how he put duty above his own wants and needs because the world had to come first (or else, bye-bye, guys. It was nice meeting ya.). AND THAT ROMANCE. THAT PERFECT AND ABSOLUTELY TRAGIC ROMANCE. You need to read it to see it. (Comes out next month! YOU MUST PRE-ORDER!)


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Okay, I’m cheating – I’m putting Tamlin and Rhysand in the top 2, but seriously, how could anyone not?! Can you really blame me for wanting these two in my arms, I mean, in Feyre’s arms (okay fine, I do want them in my arms)?! I don’t know about you but Tamlin literally made me melt in my seat whenever his presence dominated a scene. And Rhysand! RHYSAND! I don’t know how and I don’t know why but this man made me feel FEELINGS. I think this may be the first time I actually cheered for two guys in a book, and I’m at that point where I wouldn’t mind a threesome.

What about you? Who are your book boyfriends of 2015?
Let me know in the comments below!

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    I am ASHAMED to say I haven’t read even one of these books. Hey, I’m still catching up on books from last year ;) But oh my gosh I’ve heard SO SO MUCH about Tamlin and Rhysand (except don’t think I could find someone called Rhys hot, because I have a brother named Rhys… and that would just get WEIRD.) Ohh, Reawakened! So stoked for that. Looks fantastic.
    Kara @ Diary of a Teen Writer recently posted…What Should I Read Next? (1)My Profile

  2. says

    I haven’t met any of these yet! Oh, but I particularly interested in Kansas. Our time will come.

    I’d have to say Pike from Call on Me – River from Chasing River – Mark Watney from The Martian (lol!) – Evan from Bringing Home the Bad Boy.

    That’s all. I’m kind of picky. I may love a character, but it’s different when bestowing the boyfriend title. :D
    Christy recently posted…Chaos by Jamie ShawMy Profile

  3. says

    OH MY GOD IS THAT WHAT REAWAKENED IS ABOUT????? OMG I NEED IT. XD (How did I not know it was about Egyptian amazingness? Gah. Totally going to stalk goodreads about it now.) Ohh, and I want to read Emmy & Oliver SO SO BAD. Oliver sounds entirely adorable. Also I needs look up Dreamfire.
    My TBR hates but loves you, Faye. XD
    Cait @ Paper Fury recently posted…How Much Disagreement IS Welcome?My Profile

  4. says

    OHHH OLIVER. I literally read that entire book in a day (yesterday LOL) and OH HE IS SO PERFECT. Their chemistry was off the charts.

    Also: Tamlin <333 (totally judging you for Rhysand though :P)

  5. says

    I AM STILL KICKING MYSELF FOR NOT REQUESTING EMMY AND OLIVER ON NETGALLEY! Only two guys come to maind right now ( I wonder if that is because I have been reading a lot of MG). First my love Lenny the electric blanket wearing, stuttering, vampire Physics teacher from The Medium and The Mora. He isn’t in the second book, The Mora, all that much until the end, but I still got my Lenny fix. These are Adult Paranormal and really don’t have romance per say, but weird relationships. Second is Avan from The Infinite, the sequel to Gates of Thread and Stone. I lovvvvveeeee him. :)
    La La in the Library recently posted…TELL ME TUESDAY #53My Profile

  6. says

    Oh, I’ve had Emmy & Oliver in my e-reader for a while now, and your post definitely makes me wanna read it ASAP! I also can’t wait to read Reawakened. Thank you for listing these books! I think Sherlock from Locked by Eva Morgan would make a great book boyfriend too (plus, he’s Sherlock Holmes).
    Grace recently posted…Book Review: Ruthless by Carolyn Lee AdamsMy Profile

  7. says

    Aww I love Oliver!! Um, saying anyone other than Peeta as my book boyfriend feels like cheating but I’ll try ;)

    So as I am looking through my books, I realize I have NOT read a ton of books with swoon-worthy gentlemen thus far. Backstabbers, creeps, general jerks, or even okay/decent guys, but very few that I LOOOVED. Here’s what I have come up with:
    -Rene from Rook
    -Colin from Girl Underwater
    That’s it :( I also am firmly Team Chaol in ToG, since I only read that this year? Wow, I need to get some romance happening around here! This is such a fun post :)
    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight recently posted…Review: All We Have is Now by Lisa SchroederMy Profile