ARC Review: Banished by Kimberley Griffiths Little

ARC Review: Banished by Kimberley Griffiths Little
Forbidden #2
by Kimberley Griffiths Little

Genres: Fantasy, Historical, Young Adult
Publication date: February 2nd, 2016
by Harpercollins

Format: ARC


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She thought she’d lost everything…

After spending months traveling the harsh, unforgiving Mesopotamian desert, Jayden reunites with a broken, injured Kadesh. Although everyone was convinced the violent and unpredictable Horeb, Jayden’s betrothed, killed the handsome prince, Jayden knew in her heart that her love was alive and safe. But their reunion is short-lived, as they learn Horeb is on their trail and determined to take back the girl he has claimed. Soon, the two star-crossed lovers are on the run toward Sariba, Kadesh’s homeland, where, as heir to the kingdom, he plans to make Jayden his princess.

But the trek to Sariba comes with heartache and danger. After narrowly escaping being stoned to death for a crime she didn’t commit, and learning that her sister has disappeared, Jayden’s only solace is her love for Kadesh. But even he is keeping secrets from her…secrets that will change everything.

This gorgeous and enchanting sequel to Forbidden is fraught with love, danger, and heated passion that will leave readers breathless.

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

I am now officially calling 2016 the year of the meh books because I have yet to read a book that has truly blown my mind and makes me want to roll around in the mud with joy. Banished is by no means a bad book, I would actually say that on the whole, it was a lot better than its predecessor but my problem with the book and what prevented me from loving it was the shit ton of romantic drama.

Romantic drama is the bane of my existence. Why cannot two people love each other and that be it? Why is it that there has to be 50000000 complications before my otp can be together? UGH. I am okay with *some* drama as long as I get groveling but when the main couple basically faces a new hurdle every couple of pages, I cannot. I want my couples to be able to work together as a team and trust each other. Trust is IMPORTANT and my rant is starting to get out of hand so let me pull myself together. Give me a second. I am alive. Okay. So within the context of this book (can you tell that the drama frustrated me?), I just wanted Jayden and Kadesh’s reunion to be a sweet one rather than them forming another fragile relationship after everything they had been through in Forbidden.

Now that I have that major rant out of the way I can calm the fuck down (to some extent) and talk about everything else in the book. WE GO ON A JOURNEY. And I like journeys so I really liked that aspect of the book. The stakes were super high and it was so so fun (I am a closet thrill-junkee…. SHHHHH.)

Jayden has also come so far since Forbidden. Her strength was admirable in Forbidden but it always seemed a little naive. In Banished; however, Jayden has matured so much that I just wanted to hug her and tell her I was proud. What? All characters are secretly my children. Kadesh on the other hand did not fair as well. He was still swoony but the fact that he chose to keep things a secret because he wasn’t ready to deal with issues was not a good thing. I realize he kept them a secret not because he didn’t think Jayden was ready because he wasn’t ready (which is better than nothing) but I was not satisfied. I am going to stop right here because otherwise, I will go on another long rant about romance stuff since that seriously disappointed me.

The setting also continues to be amazing. This time we got to see even more of the world and that made me happy since world building is always really important. I did notice that religion became a part of this story in a way it wasn’t in Forbidden. Or maybe I just noticed it more? It wasn’t like shoved down our throats which is nice but I also felt like the way religion was done wasn’t necessarily accurate given the era? I don’t want to say more because again, things get out of hand when I go on and on about something completely off topic. I am just really bad, aren’t I? You should all treat yourselves to chocolate if you are still here and reading my review. YOU HAVE EARNED IT.

So what else can I talk about? The ending? YOU MEAN THAT THING THAT HAD ME BITTING MY NAILS AND MAKES ME WANT TO BEG THE AUTHOR FOR BOOK 3? yeah that thing. it was okay I guess. *flips hair and walks out*

But on a serious note, if you are looking for a book set in a completely different time period, this is it. You have come to the right place, the Mesopotamian setting of the series is what appealed to me in the first place and now here I still am because the characters and the great plots keep me coming back for more.

Rating Report
Overall: 3.5
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  1. says

    Ooh, it’s interesting because I enjoy hardcore couples who always have each other’s backs but I also love romantic drama that ends with a breakup. I would liked religion in more books but it’s sad that this is inaccurately represented. Basically this sounds like it could have been a fabulous book but kinda fell a little short of expectations? The setting is so unique I might add the entire series to my TBR though!
    Alyssa @ The Devil Orders Takeout recently posted…Chinese Culture: Our Funerals and Mourning TraditionsMy Profile

    • Rashika says

      The thing is that whenever religion comes up in books–at least in my experience–it tends to be in the form of Christianity and is presented in such a way that excludes other religions.

      This book doesn’t necessarily do that but also during the era that this book is set in, I would imagine religion doesn’t look the same way it does today so I wanted something different.

      ALSO GLAD To hear that you are adding it to the TBR because it is a very unique book and I am enjoying the series for the most part!

  2. says

    I haven’t read the first book in this series but I’ve seen that readers seem torn on the pros and cons of this novel. Clearly there’s a lot of growth and the overwhelming reaction to this has been positive but I’ve read similar qualms with the romance so I’m probably going to wait till the final book is released before diving into this. Thanks for such a comprehensive review, Rashika!
    Keertana @ Ivy Book Bindings recently posted…Review: Their Fractured Light by Amie Kaufman and Meagan SpoonerMy Profile

    • Rashika says

      This would be a great series to binge-read, to be honest because then you don’t have to wait a REALLY long time trying to figure out if the OTP will be okay. It’s nerve-wrecking sometimes.

      Thank you, Keertana <3

  3. says

    I still have to read Forbidden and I know you loved that one Rashika! I know what you mean about romantic drama and how it gets so frustrating at times. I mean why can’t they just work things out? I’m glad that Jayden got more mature, even though KAdesh was pretty annoying. That sounds really disappointing Rashika. But at least there was more world building here!
    Jeann @ Happy Indulgence recently posted…Indulgence Designs #2: Series Finales of Early 2016My Profile

    • Rashika says

      I WISH THEY WOULD. It isn’t even that they are miscommunicating. It’s that they refuse to TALK to each other about important things. UGH. so frustrating.

  4. says

    I didn’t know there was gonna be a book 3, I thought it was just two books. I really liked book one but Nick didn’t really like this one so I’m not sure if I want to continue. And I’m with you, I like forbidden romance, but get so annoyed when the reasons they can’t be together are silly.
    Nereyda @Nick & Nereyda’s Infinite Booklist recently posted…6 Reasons Why Riders by Veronica Rossi Is a Must-ReadMy Profile

    • Rashika says

      Omg, in this book it isn’t even that there are reasons. They just refuse to talk to each other and there are like two pseudo love triangles which is bullshit. Can you tell I am mad?

      I’d suggest waiting for book 3 to come out because that’s probably when things will get exciting.

  5. says

    I liked this one a lot, though not quite as much as Forbidden. I saw some of the dramatic stuff coming, and that was definitely my least favorite part too. But on the whole, I really enjoyed this one. Jayden is just SO freaking amazing, and I love the love she has for her family. And her grandmother, I adore her. And I love how vivid the world is too! But I totally see where you are coming from with the romance angle. I feel like the author was almost in a no-win situation, because she couldn’t really have some big HEA in book 2… but then she definitely didn’t want to turn it into a love triangle (thank goodness!) so.. it’s tough. I think that’s why I was more lenient maybe hahah. Book 3 needs to be freaking EPIC though!
    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight recently posted…How Book Boyfriends Win Valentine’s DayMy Profile

    • Rashika says

      Her relationship with her grandmother IS SO AMAZING and makes me SO HAPPY. Jayden made me so proud in this instalment and I loved seeing her take charge and just be awesome in general.

      I bet book 3 will be epic because the note this book ended on… it better be. I AM EXCITE. Hai…

  6. says

    The romantic drama drove me insane in this one. I really hate it when couples don’t seem to work together either in a sequel. I mean it’s realistic to have obstacles, but these two had so many issues, I lost some of my love for them as a couple. I had really high expectations for this one, but I don’t know, I really struggled with it. I didn’t like the writing either because it felt so awkward to me. Anyways, I’m sorry you struggled with this one. I hope book 3 is better for the 2 of us.
    Great review, Rashika!
    Nick @ Nick & Nereyda’s Infinite Booklist recently posted…A Beginner’s Guide to RomanceMy Profile

    • Rashika says

      I KNOW RIGHT?!?!?! I DID TOO. I couldn’t get over how many fucking obstacles there were. They had to deal with a bunch of shit in book 1 and then had to deal with more shit in book 2. Why cannot they just be a chill couple who have each other’s backs instead of one that refuses to acknowledge the need to communicate.


      I hope book 3 is better for all of us.

      Thank you, Nick <3

  7. says

    Oh, sorry to hear about a row of meh books, Rashika. I hope your next read would blow you away by its awesomeness. Glad to hear you enjoyed it overall despite your dislike of romantic drama. As for me I plan to wait when all installments would be released.
    Ksenia @ Something Delicate recently posted…Blog vs. GRMy Profile