Must Follow Bookstagrammers #2


As y’all know, I am OBSESSED with bookstagram. I mean, who doesn’t love staring at all those gorgeous bookish aesthetics? And discovering so much booknerdy talent!? So I’m back with more super fab accounts for you to follow–you can find part one right here!

In no particular order, here’s round two!

IMG_0596 IMG_0595 IMG_0597

  • Sally ( has so many elements in her photos and instead of looking cluttered and messy, they look absolutely cohesive, clean, and oh-so gorgeous! Bonus points: this lady’s an absolute sweetheart!
  • Hira (@readers.nook) should be your go-to girl for bright lights, kick-ass technique, GORGEOUS depth-of-field and overall holy-shit aesthetics.
  • Aparna (@aparnasingh27) has an absolutely gorgeous, themed feed where you can find subtle, elegant, minimalist bookish photography with slight pops of color–love it!

IMG_0599 IMG_0598 IMG_0601

  • Josie (@josiethebookworm) is an absolutely lovely friend of mine, and if there’s one thing I can say about her photos, it’s that hey have this gorgeously moody lighting that’s totally tasteful and elegant. Her photo quality also gets an A+!
  • Fiderly (@readsleepfangirl) is someone you should know if you’re active in the bookstagram community. She has these kick-ass, stare-worthy photos and asdfghjkl the colors! <3
  • Shannelle (@aeoletters) is another awesome friend of mine, and if you like variety in your bookish feed, then she’s the girl for you. She occasionally shares some of her AMAZING lettering together with her bookish shots. <3

IMG_0600 IMG_0603

  • Alexandra (@twirlingpages) is another community favorite! Her theme is just so lovely and bright and totally addictive. Her room is adorable, SHE is adorable… You guys will want to frame her photos, trust me.
  • Laura (@berry_bookish) is another sweetheart. She has a lot of variety in her feed, and it’s amazing how the books are ALWAYS the star of the show. (And I’m super in love with her sidewalk aesthetics!)

IMG_0606 IMG_0602

  • Ella (@fictionandfae) has a feed with such cohesiveness and unity. Like with Laura’s, the books are always the star of the show. The coloring is subtle and refined. And her feed has also been blessed with A+ angling!
  • Loren (@lorenreads) is a fellow Filipina with her bookish photography game going strong. Those angles. Those colors. Those textures. Those props! Much love for this bookish account!

You can also find me on Instagram right here! I’m getting back in the game, I promise. ;)




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