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Maybe it’s because I am a natural born awkward turtle, but I was so nervous the first time I met a blogger friend in real life. Despite chatting with them for many hours through the magic of the Internet – there’s the inevitable worry on whether your personality will mesh in person. What if their online persona is different to the one they present online? What if you run out of things to chat about? How do you even pronounce their name, anyway? Well, don’t worry too much – with two meetups under my belt (I know, what a veteran ;P) I am here to help you proceed.

1. Safety is Key!

Before you run off any meet your bestest blogger friend, please remember that it’s important to stay safe – especially when the real world and the internet world collide. There’s plenty of horror stories floating around, so I am sure I don’t need to elaborate. Please only meet up with people you are certain you can absolutely trust. Even better if they have had a track record of meeting up with other bloggers in the past. Perhaps meeting first through a larger blogger or bookshop organised event will help facilitate this process and ensure your safety.

Preferably, you should meet in a crowded space. You should let your parents or family know exactly your whereabouts and what you are doing, as well as the time frame they should expect. Communication is key!

2. Food Fosters Friendship

The saying goes: ‘the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’ – but it’s the way to a woman’s heart as well. The presence of a delicious drink and meal always make a conversation flow. Even better, you get some pretty Instagram material before hand. Besides, what better way to showcase the local flavours if you are entertaining blogger friends from afar?

In fact, I spent much of my meetup with Jeann and Jenna eating. No regrets.

3. Bonding Through Books

Remember why you became friends in the first place. Nothing brings two bookworms up to the same level quicker than a discussion about your latest read or recommendations. Trawl through all your favourite local indie bookstores together. Splurge out or exercise your immense restraints together. This is the funnest bit because no one in your real life will give you the great bookish conversation your blogger friends can provide.

I didn’t buy any books during my excursion to 3 different bookstores with Jenna today – a book ban success! We are obviously good for each other.

4. Relax and Be Your Best Self

You know what, don’t worry about it too much – if you like each other online, you’ll at least be able to tolerate one another in real life (kidding, you’ll get along fine) ;) Just relax and have fun like you would with any of your other friends. Chances are, the other person is just as nervous as you are – so don’t work yourself up over it.

5. Share Other Passions

Books are the best, obviously – but remember you might share other common interests too. I dragged Jenna into a clothing store with me, where she had a deeply unsettling glimpse into my shopping addiction. Other places I can recommend are stationery shops, the movies, karaoke, yes – anything that you might spend doing with ‘regular’ folks, too ;)


So, have you met fellow bloggers before? How was your experience? Share your tips for the bestest time?

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I'm Aentee, a 20-something lover of books and shiny things. By day, I attempt to prescribe books to all the patients in my optometry clinic. By night, I read books, watch TV, and spend way too much time on twitter.


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  1. says

    Oh Aentee, you are so right about THE worry that you mentioned at the beginning of your post. Before my first author event I was so stressed how meeting with my blogger/bookish online friends would go. All I could thing about was whether we would get on in person or not. It went 50/50. Some people were even more awesome in real. Others not so much and our meeting/conversations were awkward and it shifted our online friendship to the worse or zero afterwards. But that is life, right? Next time I will be wiser and take it as it comes!
    Lucia @Reading Is My Breathing recently posted…NO MORE WAITING #7: THE WINNER’S TRILOGYMy Profile

  2. says

    Whenever I meet up with internet people (most of my IRL friends are actually people that I started speaking to online so I know that it’s nothing to be terrified of but) I always get nervous that we aren’t going to get along. It can be difficult, especially if there is somewhat of a language or accent barrier, to get the conversation flowing at first but after the first ten awkward minutes (maybe more, it all depends) it’s like you’ve always been friends! My advice to anyone is just to be yourself and don’t worry if you aren’t exactly harry, ron and hermione from the moment you meet.
    Natalie @ Flowers in my Books recently posted…Lets Talk: Sex EducationMy Profile

  3. says

    I remember being a complete nervous wreck too when I was meeting a blogger in read life for the first time, I think I felt the pressure even more as I was travelling to London for the first time on the train by myself, so of course I had over-prepared to getting around and of course I was meeting my co-blogger for the first time. After getting over the initial mouse voice that I had the day went by pretty well we hung out in the bookstore and did the touristy thing around London. Now after having met a few bloggers in real life I am a lot more confident and like you said being yourself is the best thing, as I like how I can always goof around with these friends whenever we get together! Great post Aentee!
    Jasprit recently posted…Review: Paper Hearts (Hearts #2) by Claire ContrerasMy Profile

  4. says

    Aentee, I’m so glad that you wrote up this post based off your own experiences! <3 Meeting up with bloggers sounds like a fun thing to do, but yeah I always have some doubt that we might both find it boring! Glad you addressed it, so that I now know for the future when I do meet a blogger friend! <3
    Geraldine @ Corralling Books recently posted…The Get To Know Me TagMy Profile

  5. says

    I have been talking with several bloggers online for months now but I haven’t met any of them yet. I know some who lives just within my vicinity but I’m just too awkward to meet them. But gaah, I envy your lunch/dinner dates with Jean and Jenna. It sounds super cool! :D

  6. says

    I love this post, Aentee! (and a bit jealous that you get to meet so many awesome bloggers, hehe.) I always wish I could meet up with people, but my location is just so far off sometimes! My fingers are crossed that this summer will have loadss more opportunities – especially with me going to ALA 2016! Ahh these tips would be so useful during that time. :D

  7. says

    Hahahha when I first met my blogger friends in real life, I had no idea what to expect. Especially when at first I just kept talking and talking just to make it less awkward, and my blogger friend was incredibly tired. I think my most awkward meeting was with RASHIKA at BEA. Where I found her in a line, and we just STOOD THERE staring at each other. Didn’t even get a picture or anything. #fail.

    I will do better next time :D :D
    Valerie recently posted…ARC Review: The Way I Used To BeMy Profile

  8. says

    I was lucky enough to meet several of my blogger friends at RT in Dallas last year! And I was even sharing a room with one of them. We were both quite nervous before we met up, but once we hugged each other, we knew we’d have even more fun in real life than online :D
    And you’re right, having someone you can truly discuss all the books with is made of awesome – I don’t have that here at home, so being able to chat, laugh, cry and fangirl together was truly something special.
    In five weeks time, I’ll do it again, at BEA in Chicago, and I can hardly wait!
    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews recently posted…Review: Right – Jana AstonMy Profile