Why I Have Been Gone For Months

aimee HIATUS OVERHI POTATO MINIONS. I’m back, alive and kicking after… 5? 6 months? Anyway, I’ve been super invested in my personal life recently that I haven’t been reading, or blogging, or being part of this community (which is the saddest part, really).

So today I’m going to try to justify my absence and make up for it by sharing a few tidbits of what’s been going on in my life. Please bear with me here. XD


The main reason for my absence was the Xiamen study tour that took place from March to June. After years of pushing me, my best friend finally got me to agree to go with her, and it was one of the most enjoyable Summers in my (almost-) 17 years of existence thus far!

The first few weeks were awkward as heck, but about a month (out of two) in, I’d pretty much settled in and was loving the freedom. A few of the things I loved from the tour:

  1. FREEDOM. It’s hard to find that as a Chinese kid in the Philippines, but there you could literally just walk over to the night market and eat all the food!
  2. I got to know my batchmates and schoolmates a LOT more, which is making this school year a whole lot more enjoyable for me!
  3. TOUR CRUSH. Who is also my schoolmate. Wew.
  4. Friends from other schools! <3


So this year, I told myself to study less and focus more on extracurriculars.

  1. Again, I joined the cheering squad for our batch. Practice has already started and MY MUSCLES ARE ON FIRE! Our routine (the 20 seconds we’ve done so far) is pretty kick-ass though.
  2. I am surprisingly also a batch officer and club officer. This feels weird after years of zero involvement…
  3. I plan on joining a few student council committees as well!


I’ve been trying a lot of new things lately, and when I try new things, I tend to get sort of obsessed with them for a while…

  1. Rubik’s cube. One of my batchmates taught me how to solve it back in Xiamen and I’ve been addicted thus far. I’m currently trying to speed up my solving using the F2L method.
  2. Bullet journalling. The OCD in me is so satisfied with all the charts, lists and calendars–asdfghjkl SO IN LOVE WITH THIS.


I hope you guys didn’t miss me too much. ;) I’ll try to be around more because I MISS Y’ALL SO MUCH. Let me know how YOU’VE been these past few months so we can catch up. :)

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Aimee is a sixteen year old bookworm from the Phillipines! She reads any book that catches her attention, but she mostly reads YA. She's into graphic design, writing and sleeping. You can find her at Deadly Darlings, The Book Geek, Goodreads and on Twitter.

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  1. says

    Whoa. That trip sounds cool. And crushes hurt. But are awesome. (I’m the type of person who shouts their crush to the world. Or at least to my friends. Haha.) Best of luck!
    And Bujo is awesome! I used to do it before I had nothing to do at school. (Yay end of school!) But yeah!
    But you sound like you were busy. Truly understandable.

  2. Charlie @ Girl of 1000 Wonders says

    Sounds like a wonderful summer! Sometimes it is hard gravitating outside of your norm to try new things. It’s exciting and (mostly) rewarding when you do.

  3. says

    Awww I’m glad you checked in and updated us on your goings on! WE MISSED YOU FOR SURE!! ♥ Sounds like you’ve been having a super memorable school year. Don’t feel too bad about the blog and reading though – sometimes real life needs to take priority! I know I never could have maintained a blog and reading when I was in school and uni! In fact, I only got back into reading for fun once I was DONE uni :O

    Take care girl and keep enjoying life! xx
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