I AM BACK, MINIONS!!!! (plus giveaway)


Okay. You guys might have been wondering, “Where is Faye? Is she going back? DOES SHE EVEN REMEMBER US?” I’ve been on a hiatus for so long some of you probably don’t even remember me anymore (cue sad music from the smallest violin, please).

“Faye? Who IS that?!”

In any case, as you all already know, I’ve gotten so busy the past few months. I even got myself a job as a French teacher! Imagine that – no more spending hours on end playing video games and creating content and reading books for you all… (cue the smallest violin music again, please!)

But hear it from me: I actually missed blogging. I think I needed that break. I got burned out so much, to be completely honest with you. From trying to catch up to all the new titles, to thinking of something new to make my blog stand out, to making certain that my writing voice is still as awesome and creative and sassy as ever so your loyalty will stay FIRM AND SOLID AND TRUE to the Potato Queen… well, let’s just say it came to the point that it did overwhelm me that when a reason came to take a break, I took it, and man, did I take advantage of it.

But alas, after a long hard while, I’ve come to realize that I missed it… A LOT. Like, a lot-lot. It started with lazily browsing Edelweiss and looking at all these new titles that were going out Winter next year, and lo and behold, I found myself SALIVATING like the greedy book-hoarding monster I was.

Is it happening? Is the potato queen finally unearthing herself again from her deep, precious slumber?


Well, virtual flesh.



Because if you don’t…


Or if you don’t know me…


Cause there’s only one Potato Book-hoarding Queen in this block of the internet AND THAT IS ME.

And she’s back.

Like a madafucking typhoon.

So watch out, reviews are a-coming.

/tips fedora hat


To commemorate my *cough* reviving, I’m giving away awesome goodies!! 2 Filipino friends will be receiving Young Adult mystery books, and 1 Non-Filipino friend will be getting a $25 whatever-you-want-book from Book Depository. All you need to do is fill out these forms:

For Filipino Friends

a Rafflecopter giveaway

For My International Friends

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And that’s a wrap. Look out for whatever post I have in store for you lovely, lovely people.

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A 21 years old Filipina who loves books, games, languages, and most especially, food. Secretly wishes to be an astronaut so she can explore the stars. Has a love-hate relationship with Philippine politics. To get in her good graces, offer her Foie Gras, Or shrimp. Or a JRPG. A YA sci-fi book works, too. You can follow her on twitter here: @kawaiileena


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  1. says

    WELCOME BACK FAYE. OF COURSE WE REMEMBER YOU. Have a welcome-back waffle. I’ve been on a hiatus myself and missed blogging so much too — cannot wait to relaunch once my exams are done :D It seems like you’re super on top of everything, and I cannot wait to see your epic posts. *happydance*
    Alyssa Carlier recently posted…Snazzy Snippets: I HATH RETURNEDMy Profile

  2. says

    WELL THIS IS A VOICE FROM THE PAST. I THOUGHT YOU’D FALLEN OFF THE PLANET. I’m so glad you’re back!! I’ve really missed the Potato Queen and all your fabulous reviews and posts!! 🎉

  3. says

    Welcome back Faye <33 I missed you a whole bunch. I totally understand the need for a break, ahah I truly believe me and consistent posting is just a pairing not meant to be. I cannot wait to see more of you and your posts though, it seems you've come back and now are really refreshed and truly ready to start blogging again (:
    Larissa recently posted…Discussion: Is book blogging falling out of trend?My Profile

  4. says

    Miiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssed you! Twitter has been humorless without your cheeky tweets! How is Tux? I am so happy you missed blogging and decided to come back. 😀

  5. says

    Welcome back, Faye! It’s been a while and I’m looking forward on your upcoming posts and reviews (I miss your sassy reviews — especially when it’s a rant haha!). By the way, Outlast, Outlast, Outlast!

  6. says

    FAYE! I think… I might be magical? See, you MIGHT call this a coincidence, but when I posted my Blogoversary post I said the following: “Maybe Faye will come back if she sees how loved she is?” AND YOU DID. So I mean, SURE you could have had this planned, but I think it’s probably more likely that I am actual magic. Let’s go with that.

    In seriousness? When your email popped into my inbox, I was so giddy I might have squealed. I am SO HAPPY you are back. I have missed youuuuu! 😘😘😘
    Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight recently posted…It Starts at Midnight is THREE!My Profile

  7. says

    Wow who is this Faye you speak of? Oh hey look there’s Tux!

    Just kidding! I am so excited you are FINALLY back. I feel like it’s been years. I cannot wait for your posts BECAUSE IT’S BEEN SO FREAKING LONG

  8. says

    I REMEMBER YOUUUUUUU. I’ve been on hiatus on and off as well because uni is sucking me dryyyyy. But I do miss it as well. Funny how that happens.


  9. says

    Yay the queen is back amongst us, I await your order! I have been so terrible at blogging both here and on my own platform as well *cries* But I hope your return will also spark my motivation. You have been terribly missed, your sense of humour and fun reviews brighten up the community and I can’t wait to see you return in full force <3

  10. says

    I actually really missed you and your writing! My favorite book blogger-reviewer is back and I can’t be happier. I missed reading your beautifully written contents and am really happy to hear about your “reviving” haha. Welcome back potato queen!

  11. says

    I’m not going to lie: I’m new here ♥ I can’t wait to get to know this blog a little bit more, and you, and the rules of the Potato Kingdom! I’ve already checked some posts, and loved them :D Plus, I’m always looking for fellows around to world to share this big passion for books and bookish stuff!
    Welcome back, Faye, and a huge thank you for this giveaway ^^ I entered the international one – say hello to this reader from Argentina!!

  12. Grace F. says

    Welcome back, Faye!!!! We all need a break sometimes :D
    Looking forward to reading new posts!!!
    Thanks for the giveaway :D :D

  13. says

    ERMAGERD I’VE MISSED YOOOOU!! I’ve been pretty MIA myself, but have been lurking around the socialwebz here and there. Sad to say that I have NOT been keeping up with blogging / the community, so I’m pretty darn slow to realise that you’re back and sassier than ever! Woohoo! Missed your face, can’t wait to hear what you’ve been up to since you got married lovely! xx

  14. says

    Hi Faye! I hope you been well, I missed your blog posts – i been MIA since a year now LOOL so yours isnt that bad at all. Glad youre back though!