Beta Reading Services

Want Faye to beta read your book?

What is a Beta Reader?

Beta Readers look and analyze your finished manuscript and provide constructive criticism not as an editor or proofreader, but as a reader. They look at various elements such as the dialogue, plot, pacing, characterisation, plausibility and inconsistency, and give you objective feedback – what works, what doesn’t work, what needs improvement, etc.

Why should I hire you?

You should hire me because I consider myself, as many others do, a reader who can put myself in a reader’s hypothetical shoes. I am able to set aside my emotional feelings and see things in an objective way thanks to my 3 years of reviewing books on my blog and Goodreads. I give honest feedback and am not afraid to say it, especially since I aim to help you reach your intended audience more effectively. In addition, I have read many books since I was a child, and I’m conscious of what I like and what I dislike, and my being a blogger and being connected to many other readers have given me valuable information and observations about what others like and dislike in a book, too.

You can see my reviews on The Social Potato, Xpresso Reads, and NotSoLiterary.

What are your preferred demographic and genres?

I am mainly a Young Adult/New Adult reader, but I also read books under the Adult category depending on the genres. My preferred genres are fantasy, science fiction, paranormal, crime, mystery, magical realism, and suspense.

Are there books you don’t want to beta read?

I will decline non-fiction and memoirs, sadly. As much as I would love to beta read these books, I have not read enough of them to be objective enough.

What you should expect:

  • I will be objective
  • I will read and analyze your book as a reader, not as an editor/proofreader
  • I will provide honest-to-goodness feedback about your book and its various elements (characterisation, plot, pacing, atmosphere, consistencies, etc.)
  • I will provide a chapter-by-chapter constructive criticism to help you see what works and what doesn’t in small parts
  • I will provide a summary of my thoughts of the book as a whole
  • I will help you improve your manuscript by suggesting ideas (you do not need to take them, however)
  • I will finish beta reading your manuscript on time
  • I will not publicize any feedback or comments. This is between you and me alone.
  • I will not sugarcoat my words. I give honest feedback, however kind or brutal (don’t worry, I’m not ACTUALLY brutal) it may be
  • I will not proofread your work for you. You will need an editor/proofreader for that.
  • I will not take away your money and run. I have a reputation to maintain!

What are your rates?

$0.60 for every 250 words. If a regular manuscript had 75000 words, that would be $180. A 20000 word novella would be $48. It will take me at least two weeks to go through your manuscript. A rush fee of $60 would be needed if you need it in a week, and $100 for the extra fast option (3 days max).

Okay, I’m sold! I want to hire you!

If you are interested in hiring me, please e-mail me at [email protected] with your manuscript’s title, genres, blurb, and length. Put “Beta Reading Inquiry” as your title. Please give me at least 24 hours to respond to your e-mail. If I don’t reply within that time frame, you may send me a follow-up email.


I recently tried Faye’s beta reading service for the first time and was very impressed. Her feedback was specific, detailed, and thorough and just what I needed to bring my novel up to the next level. She told me when she would begin and finish and stuck to that timeline, even going above and beyond the job description. I highly recommend her services and will definitely be back for my next book!

– Tiffany Smith (V.B. Marlowe), author of Shadow, Shadow (Shadow Pines Trilogy)


“…her assessment was quite astonishing. Faye’s grasp of narrative and language and grammar took me in a brighter direction.”

– Dan Spicer, author of The Rabbit That Played Tetris

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