5 Contemporary Novels That Scream Summer

Summer is in full swing now (unless you live in the southern hemisphere in which case you are probably bundled up in blankets and I am sorry for teasing you with summer-y books) so I thought it would be approriate to do some summer recommendations. I have read all the books I’ll be featuring and […]

Discussion: Neverending Series – Can We Have Too Much Of A Good Thing?

As you can guess by the title of the post, I want to discuss about successful book series that have countless spin off, sequels, and a plethora of movie deals to boot. This seems particularly prevalent in the YA world, but it also happens a lot of Hollywood blockbusters (*cough Marvel*). As fans, are you […]

About ARCs and Why It Is Okay to Not Read All the Things

Here is the sad truth: ARCs make me anxious. I love having the opportunity to read them and I love getting to flail about books ahead of time but the thing is, as I become more invested in my college career, I don’t have much time to read. As a result I cannot read all […]