Discussion: 4 Pathetic Arguments Against Diversity In Fiction

Despite the leaps and bounds the industry have made towards the publication of diverse books – I still occasionally hear or read things that raises my heckle a little. Here’s why I think these arguments are rubbish. 1. Diverse Characters Do Not Fit Into This Setting This is one I most commonly encounter in works […]

Leave It In 2015: Bookish & Blogging Edition

#LeaveItIn2015 is a hashtag I saw trending on twitter over the Christmas break. I had lots of fun reading the responses and wanted to make a list of my own, specifically focusing on bookish/blogging things. In 2016, I want to leave these bad habits and negativity behind: #LeaveItIn2015: ARC Envy I started blogging around the […]

Discussion: Diversity in Fantasy Recommendation

No one’s ever surprised when I say that fantasy is my favourite genre, especially if they’ve ever asked me for a recommendation or glimpsed at my Kindle purchase history. However, I am always left a little bit unfulfilled with epic fantasy, which is predominated with monotonous straight, white males who stumble upon their Destiny. Luckily, gems are […]

Why Romance?

I adore reading romance yet the general reaction to it (at least in my experience) seems to be, “you’re reading it for the sex, aren’t you?” That romance is not taken seriously frustrates me. Romance novels tend to be labelled ‘trashy’, ‘smut’, etc. and people don’t consider them to be ‘real literature’ (what does that […]