Random Things in Motion #24: Does Talking About A Twist… Take Away The Twist?

Once upon a time, I was looking at a Buzzfeed list-article. I vaguely remember what it was about specifically, but it was certainly some sort of “X (genre here) books you need to read this year!” that we all know Buzzfeed’s staff is fond of writing. Under each and every book they mentioned, they was […]

Random Things in Motion #23: A Love Triangle is Okay Except When…

I have a confession to make: I am not automatically repulsed by love triangles. To be honest with you, I oftentimes welcome them with open arms! I see them as one of many ways to portray relationship conflicts and character dynamics, and I always look forward to how they will build meaningful connections to one […]

Random Things in Motion #22: Tagalized/Translated Books ARE a Good Thing! No, Really!

So this discussion is mainly about Tagalized books (or books that have been translated to Filipino/Tagalog, the Philippines’ official language). When you’re from another country with an absolutely different language, people usually relish the idea of having translated books, because not everyone can speak or is good in English. By putting a story in a […]

(VIDEO) Random Things in Motion #21: 5 Books You Should Add To Your Summer Reading List

So, today’s RTiM is quite special. As you all know, I have a couple of videos on Youtube and I’m planning to post videos regularly soon, and it starts today with a list of books I think you should read this summer. I know what you’re thinking, “WHAT’S THAT? A VIDEO?! OF FAYE?!” And I say, […]

Random Things in Motion #20: Dear Generic Fantasy Books, Orcs/Dwarves/Elves Have Stories, Too!

Fantasy is one of my most beloved genres. I love reading fantasy books because we’re oftentimes given a whole new world to immerse ourselves in, new creatures and races to meet, new magic systems to try out, and new problems and hurdles to overcome. The possibilities are endless. Your imagination knows no limitation.  But, if you’re an […]

Random Things in Motion #19: My Book Ritual When I’m Angry

We all know that I’m a very picky reader. Being a very picker has its cons – I easily get angry when something happens in a book that I really, really don’t like or don’t condone. Like for example, in the latest book I read, there was this character who stumbled upon very important information […]

Random Things in Motion #18: Things That Changed Since I Started Blogging

Random Things in Motion is where we share all of our random thoughts at the moment. Let’s be honest: a lot of things changed about my lifestyle and personality since I started blogging. Here are some things that have changed about me:

Random Things in Motion #17: I’ve Had Enough… Give Me Ordinary Love Interests!!!

Let’s be serious here, ladies and gents. When a heroine meets the love interest for the first time, what are the things they usually notice or describe? No, it is not their clothes. No, it is not the fact that the person is doing something he loves at the time she saw him. Most of the time, we […]