Why I Have Been Gone For Months

HI POTATO MINIONS. I’m back, alive and kicking after… 5? 6 months? Anyway, I’ve been super invested in my personal life recently that I haven’t been reading, or blogging, or being part of this community (which is the saddest part, really). So today I’m going to try to justify my absence and make up for […]

7 Reasons Why The Star-Touched Queen Needs to be on your TBR

Before I say anything else about the book, I want to mention that this book is not inspired by Indian Mythology but rather Hindu Mythology. Many might assume that the two are the same thing but they are not as India is not comprised of one religion.   1. It’s amazing. Of course it is. […]

Why You Should Read the Rebel Belle Series

I might have had a somewhat rocky start with the Rebel Belle series (I didn’t fall in love with it right away) but I have come to love it. Seeing it end absolutely sucks but I don’t think Hawkins could have written a better finale. It gave me everything I wanted (except for perhaps more […]

Must Follow Bookstagrammers #2

As y’all know, I am OBSESSED with bookstagram. I mean, who doesn’t love staring at all those gorgeous bookish aesthetics? And discovering so much booknerdy talent!? So I’m back with more super fab accounts for you to follow–you can find part one right here!

A Guide to Historical Romance: Brought to You By Rashika

A while ago, I did a Why Romance? post and talked about some of the stigmas surrounding the romance genre. This isn’t necessarily a follow up but I felt like doing a post that showcased some of the awesome historical romances I have read. For this recommendation post, there are 3 categories. There could be […]

Read-Alikes Recommendations: Adult Fiction for Young Adult Lovers!

  Hi guys! This post was inspired by something I saw on a twitter chat yesterday – I saw a few people mentioning they found it difficult to get into adult books and didn’t know where to start branching out.  Most of the bloggers I know (including myself) primarily read young adult novels, so I […]

Review: Legacy of Kings by Eleanor Herman

Given that Legacy of Kings was one of my most anticipated releases this year, I am so sad to say the book did not work for me.  As someone who loves classical history and mythology, this book should have blown me away – but I found the book a chore to finish.  Here’s are some […]