PLAYLIST BOOK TAG! (aka Awkwardly Dancing with Books)

So, today, Jeann @ Happy Indulgence tagged me on her PLAYLIST BOOK TAG video (check out her channel to see the cutie XP ), so now here I am with my very… non-funny… and pathetic… attemps… of lip singing… :| DO NOT JUDGE ME!!! APPARENTLY I ALSO FORGOT TO EDIT OUT SOME THINGS IN THIS […]

Random Things in Motion #22: Tagalized/Translated Books ARE a Good Thing! No, Really!

So this discussion is mainly about Tagalized books (or books that have been translated to Filipino/Tagalog, the Philippines’ official language). When you’re from another country with an absolutely different language, people usually relish the idea of having translated books, because not everyone can speak or is good in English. By putting a story in a […]