Review: Legend: The Graphic Novel by Marie Lu


overview If you’ve already read and loved Legend, definitely pick up a copy of the graphic novel! It’ll be enough to bring back your feels and memories. If not, skip it. There isn’t enough details for you to get a complete Legend experience. No, seriously. I’m a HUGE fan of Legend, and I legitimately got […]

ARC Review: 5 to 1 by Holly Bodger


Today, Aimee and I will be reviewing this gem of a book together. To say we loved this is an understatement… we absolutely adored it to the moon and back. It’s amazing to finally find a dystopia that’s refreshing and original and new, springing from a society we haven’t read much of. Without further ado, […]

Say It With Bubbles: Fairest by Marissa Meyer


Say It With Bubbles is a feature on The Social Potato where Faye will review a book through the persona of Bubbles, an expressive bookworm who loves books just as we all do. Today, I will be reviewing Fairest by Marissa Meyer, but I won’t be doing it through the usual means. I’ll be reviewing […]

Review: Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard


Reading Red Queen was like receiving sour candy when you were expecting some glorious sugary sweets. I just felt so much disappointment after turning the last page, since I was expecting a fresh new story out of this one. This book had so much potential, but after a few chapters of reading, I got this sense […]