Saturday Excerpt: Marius and Cosette’s Wedding (Les misérables)

Cosette and Marius Pontmercy married 16 February 1833 in the Eglise St-Paul-St-Louis in the Marais, coincidentally where Victor Hugo’s favorite daughter, Léopoldine married Charles Vacquerie at the age of nineteen (Cosette was seventeen when she married Marius). So in honor of the occassion, here is an excerpt from their wedding night: Si, à cette heure suprême, […]

Thursday Blurbs #1: The Cosette Hate

Since I’ve seen the Les Misérables movie already, I might as well get this off my chest. I love Eponine. Seriously, I do. But I detest all the Cosette hate simply because she got the guy. Cosette suffered just as much as Eponine and she deserves her happy ending (which isn’t that happy of an […]

Les Misérables: The Paris of the Misérables

Volumes 3-5 of Les Misérables are heavily set in Paris and before my flight has landed in CDG-Roissy, I promised myself that with my one-and-a-half month, I would visit every, single setting of Les Misérables in Paris. My biggest problem was how great Paris has changed from Paris of the 1830s to Paris of today. The Paris of Les misérables was still […]

Chez Victor Hugo

Last spring, I gained the wonderful opportunity to intern in the Embassy of the Philippines in Paris and become une vraie parisienne for a month-and-a-half. Armed with this timeframe, a monthly metro card to anywhere in Paris and a student’s identity card that got me discounts and free entrance to almost everywhere, I got to indulge myself […]

Review: Le fantôme de l’opéra (The Phantome of the Opera)

“It is I who must ask you that, my friend. Are we so unfortunate when we love?” “Yes, Christine, when we love and when we are not sure of being loved.” (-C’est moi qui devrais vous le demander, mon ami. On est donc malheureux, quand on aime? -Oui, Christine, quand on aime et quand on […]

Review: Les misérables IV: L’idylle rue Plumet et l’épopée rue St-Denis

L’amour n’a point de moyen terme; ou il perd, ou il sauve. Toute la destinée humaine est ce dilemme-là. Ce dilemme, perte ou salut, aucune fatalité ne le pose plus inexorablement que l’amour. L’amour est la vie, s’il n’est pas la mort. Berceau; cercueil aussi. Le même sentiment dit oui ou non dans le coeur humain. De toute les […]