Discussion: 4 Pathetic Arguments Against Diversity In Fiction

Despite the leaps and bounds the industry have made towards the publication of diverse books – I still occasionally hear or read things that raises my heckle a little. Here’s why I think these arguments are rubbish. 1. Diverse Characters Do Not Fit Into This Setting This is one I most commonly encounter in works […]

Random Things in Motion #9: Bad Boys

If you know me, you’ll also know that I am not a fan of bad boys. Particularly in YA. Especially those kind of bad boys who have sad back stories that’s supposed to be a justification as to why they act like assholes and also the kind of bad boys who usually have their heads stuck up their […]

V-Day Special: Letters to our Valentines

First off, HAPPY VALENTINES, EVERYBODY! Once upon a time, well before I got myself some puppy love boyfriend, I used to dread this day every year. I would see my friends and classmates get flowers, chocolates, teddy bears and other Valentine-y what-have-you, and I’d look down to my hands and see nada. The 14th of […]