ARC Review: Banished by Kimberley Griffiths Little

I am now officially calling 2016 the year of the meh books because I have yet to read a book that has truly blown my mind and makes me want to roll around in the mud with joy. Banished is by no means a bad book, I would actually say that on the whole, it […]

ARC Review: Forbidden by Kimberley Griffiths Little

I think this book should be renamed to All The Bad Things That Can Happen to Jayden Over the Course of the Book. I AM NOT EVEN KIDDING. Jayden has the worst luck in the entire world. From the beginning of the novel to the end, tragedy seems to follow her around and she can […]

V-Day Special: Letters to our Valentines

First off, HAPPY VALENTINES, EVERYBODY! Once upon a time, well before I got myself some puppy love boyfriend, I used to dread this day every year. I would see my friends and classmates get flowers, chocolates, teddy bears and other Valentine-y what-have-you, and I’d look down to my hands and see nada. The 14th of […]