ARC Review: Book Scavenger by Jennifer Chambliss Bertman

This book is basically everything past Rashika would have wanted from a book and one present Rashika adores. The past couple of middle grade novels that I had read were great but there seemed to be something missing. I figured that could have been the result of me not being the intended audience but this  book […]

ARC Review: Don’t Stay Up Late by R.L. Stine

This was my first foray into R.L. Stine’s works and unfortunately, it wasn’t a very successful one. I feel like ‘it’s so bad it’s good’ would be applicable here but at the same time, my biggest problem with the book was not the story itself but the writing style.

ARC Review: The Arctic Code by Matthew J. Kirby

The Arctic Code was an interesting book to say the least but I liked the idea of it more than I liked the actual book. This is a book kid me would have loved but it pains me to say this, especially since I am just starting to get back into middle grade, but this book […]

ARC Review: Anyone but Ivy Pocket by Caleb Krisp

I am not sure whether this book is absolutely brilliant or a pain in the ass. Ivy Pocket reads a little like Amelia Bedelia (who just happens to be one of my favorite characters ever) and that brings up the question of whether this book was supposed to be a satirical or if we’re actually […]

ARC Review: Echo by Pam Munoz Ryan

This book. Oh my god this book. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t know what I was getting into before I started reading the book but knowing how many emotions you will be bombarded with doesn’t really prepare you for them. Nothing does until you’ll sitting there yelling at the book for giving […]

ARC Review: The Imaginary by A.F. Harrold

This is such a heartfelt book that is bound to make you feel all mushy and warm inside. If you, like me, were an avid watcher for Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, I think this book will be right up your alley and will probably have you flipping through the pages as fast as I […]

ARC Review: The Inquisitor’s Mark by Dianne K. Salerni

Series: Eighth Day #2 Genres: Fantasy, Sci Fic, Middle GradeRelease Date: January 27st, 2015Publisher:  HarperCollinsSource:  eARC from EdelweissCheck out on GOODREADS After the all-out Eighth Day war in Mexico, Jax, Riley, and Evangeline have gone into hiding. There are still rogue Transitioners and evil Kin lords who want to use Riley, a descendant of King Arthur, and Evangeline, a powerful wizard with […]

ARC Review: The Chosen Prince by Diane Stanley

Genres: Fantasy, Mythology, Middle GradeRelease Date: January 27st, 2015Publisher:  HarperCollinsSource:  eARC from EdelweissCheck out on GOODREADS On the day of his birth, Prince Alexos is revealed to be the long-awaited champion of Athene. He grows up lonely, conscious of all that is expected of him. But Alexos discovers that being a champion isn’t about fame and glory–it’s about sacrifice and courage. […]

ARC Review: The Thickety – The Whispering Trees by J.A. White

When it comes to dark books, this is dark as dark can be in a supernatural sense, which is quite surprising given how this is a bloody MIDDLE GRADE BOOK. Like seriously, it has a twelve year old and a seven year old, experiencing so many things that would have made me run for the […]