Random Things in Motion #13: If a beloved book character is suffering and asks for “mercy killing”, would you be okay with it?

I know what you’re thinking – “Oh rat’s balls, Faye’s here again with her hard questions. I’ll need a cup of coffee for this.” And yes! I definitely am here to ask you about this particular question, because it has been bugging me for ages now on what the general consensus is.

Random Things in Motion #12: If you had the power to save the world, would you take that responsibility?

What was it that Uncle Ben used to say to Peter Parker? Many times I’ve seen this in the books I read, particularly the fantasy ones. The world is in disarray with evil and oppression seeping into every corner. Darkness fills the skies and the people have ceased hoping for a change to happen, and instead […]

Random Things in Motion #9: Bad Boys

If you know me, you’ll also know that I am not a fan of bad boys. Particularly in YA. Especially those kind of bad boys who have sad back stories that’s supposed to be a justification as to why they act like assholes and also the kind of bad boys who usually have their heads stuck up their […]

Random Things in Motion #8: Why I’m OK with Major Characters Dying

Imagine this: you’re reading a really good book. You love the story, you love the setting, you love the main characters, and you love the secondary characters. Then something happens. A twist. A fight erupts. A sword swings from out of nowhere, and your beloved, favorite character dies in the arms of the MC. What […]

Random Things in Motion #7: Would you be selfish… in a post-apocalyptic situation?

I’m sure the post-apocalyptic or dystopic junkies can very well relate with me with regards to this subject. Imagine it’s the end of the world. The sky is painted dark red, the color of war tainting the horizon, and our MC and his band of friends are down to their very last resources: a loaf of bread, a […]

Random Things in Motion #6: Would you hold important information from someone… if it’s for their own good?

If you’re thinking this premise sounds familiar, it probably is. How many times have we seen in the books we read important information being held secret by the main character? Instead of telling their comrades whatever they have learned, they rather keep it to themselves, and they usually have the lamest reasons for doing so: 1.) “It’s probably […]